Life Lately Vol. 11

After what felt like the craziest summer we have ever had, it feels really good to be entering this new season of slowing down and embracing new routines and opportunities.


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we’ve been making some strides towards figuring out what our interior design style is and adding in items that we love as we decorate / furnish the rooms. I had been eyeing snake plants for awhile (I’ve been really into plants lately) and came across some while we were at Home Depot the other weekend. Theirs were on the small size and didn’t look as vibrant as what I had in mind so I decided to hold off on them for now. Well, the following weekend Fletcher and I went to IKEA to purchase a highchair and lo and behold, they had both large and small snake plants so we scooped up two minis and one mama one!

They’re the perfect addition to our home and I love that they not only look edgy and unique, but they also filter the air from toxins — win-win.


Driving home in a crazy rainstorm with three potted plants in the car was a bit of a challenge but we managed with no spills!


Speaking of the IKEA highchair, we love it! It’s very minimalistic and its simple design allows it to fit seamlessly in our dining room without it being a big, bright, eyesore. Fletcher is a big fan of it as well — especially when smoothies are involved!


I’ve been on an acai bowl kick again after picking some more of these frozen organic acai packets from Trader Joe’s! I just toss a packet in the blender with a frozen banana and a splash of apple juice. Once its all whirled up, I top it with strawberries, banana slices, granola, honey, and unsweetened coconut. Once in awhile I’ll add a swirl of peanut butter, too!


It’s been a bit cooler these days so it’s been fun to dress Fletcher in some of the clothes that he doesn’t get to wear very often. These army pants are my absolute favorite! I’m hoping to snag another pair in a larger size for fall and maybe even find a pair of cameo skinnies for me as well! Also, Fletcher has a full head of hair now (most of it fell out in the first few months of his life) and it’s so light! We love styling it into a mini mohawk each morning!


I’ve been loving this new hair serum that I found at TJ’s! It not only smells like a vacation, but it keeps my fine-textured hair from becoming too staticky. Would highly recommend it!

What’s something you’ve been enjoying lately?
Are you ready for fall or on team summer forever?

Fletcher James: Six Months

Our little Gus Gus is half of a year old!


Height + Weight:
26.5 inches and 14.5 pounds — I’m starting to really feel the weight of him getting bigger! I find that I have to keep switching which arm I hold him with after awhile.


Clothes + Diapers:
Fletcher is sporting size 3-6 months and size 6 months clothes most days! He’s also still in size 2 diapers


We started sleep training this month — it was hard at first since he would cry, but each night got a little easier. Once the evenings started going more smoothly, we started using this technique at nap time as well. Our sleep training technique goes something like this: bottle, read a book, say prayers, listen to his wind-up lambie lullaby song, lay down in crib while sleepy but still awake and say “it’s night night time, I love you”. We let him cry for 5 minutes, then go in and reassure him if necessary (say “it’s night night time, I love you” and rub his back to let him know we are still there). He usually fusses for a few more minutes and then he’s out! Once in awhile it takes two rounds of the reassurance but we don’t let him cry longer than 2 rounds of 5 minutes.


Still on the same routine of sleep, eat, play, etc. I’m going to really be more intentional about his sleep routines this fall since we have a lot more going on with work, school, etc.

Sitting in his new highchair while I’m cooking / doing dishes. I think he enjoys this because he is at counter-height, making it easier for him to feel included on what is happening in the kitchen. He’s also really been enjoying people — I hosted a dinner party this month and he was LOVING being around all the guests! Still super into books and toys as well!


Crawling! He is so fast and is scooting all over the place! We also started introducing foods — mainly organic fruit and veggie purees that we make at home. He also sat in the baby seat of the cart at Trader Joe’s and loved being able to watch all of the customers around us shop!


He has also been trying to hold his own bottle — this is hit or miss, depending on how full /heavy it is at the time. :)

Fletcher is really noticing when one of us leaves the room now and usually protests until we reappear.


Special Memories:
Sitting in the front seat of the cart was a fun experience! I also showed him a little talking / animated bunny at Barnes & Noble and he went crazy over it! The little bunny said “hello baby! peek-a-boo is fun with you!” while flapping its ears and he about lost his mind with excitement! It was the cutest thing ever.


He visited the dentist to get his teeth checked! We just love Dr. Amy!

We also went to his cousin Becca’s first dance recital — Fletcher enjoyed the music and watching Becca and her classmates in their performance.


His jeans finally fit him and it was so cute to see him wearing them with a long-sleeved pocket tee the other day!


Another trip to IKEA and MOA, lots of Costco trips, his book club each week, church, etc.


He continues to enjoy going on stroller rides to the local sports field to watch kids play lacrosse, soccer, and football in the evenings!

Life Lately Vol. 10

July was such a busy month for us — it felt like it flew by so quickly, but at the same time, the 4th of July feels like forever ago!


We are still attending Fletcher’s book club on the regular and he is loving it so much!


It’s hard to tell what he enjoys more — the actual storytime / music or just watching the other kids that attend with him. Either way, it is so cute to see him experience this event each time we attend!


Speaking of Fletcher, we started him on a few foods — so far he has had cherries, applesauce, bananas, spinach, and grapes. I picked up some sweet potatoes and avocados for him to try this week as well! So far, he has enjoyed everything!


The other day, BLTs sounded so good so I picked up the ingredients and we made some with turkey bacon for dinner! They hit the spot and although they aren’t really something we think to make often, I think they will be in our regular rotation for the rest of the summer!


Lately, Andy and I have been meeting at Starbucks once a week for a little midday break while we are at work since our offices are so close to one another. It’s a quick break but I swear, getting away from the computer for even just ten minutes helps so much with my creativity and productivity!


My sister and I recently attended the local library book sale, which is where we snag the majority of our kids’ books! You can usually walk out with a big stack for less than $10, which is awesome. This year, we stopped by a local bakery afterwards for a little treat before parting ways.


Last weekend, Andy and I swung by a local coffee shop for a little date after church since Fletcher was contently sleeping in his carseat.


We sat outside and Fletcher snoozed on the porch next to us. Sometimes the most simple and impromptu dates are the very best!


We’ve also enjoyed playing our favorite card game at our dining room table on Friday evenings after dinner — Fletcher always likes to be held while we play and it’s so funny to watch him study and grab the cards in our hands.

What have you been up to lately?

Weekending Vol. 1

What a great weekend it has been! I feel like we accomplished a lot in the last couple days, which always feels really nice before starting another busy week!


Andy and I met up for a super quick lunch break on Friday and it was fun to break away from work for a bit to enjoy some froyo from our favorite shop!

After work, we hung out with Fletcher for a bit and then he ended up going to bed earlier than usual due to his recent nap strike. I did a quick workout and then Andy and I had great plans to make homemade popcorn and watch a movie in our loft. However, we both ended up falling asleep ten minutes into it — we were both so exhausted from the week!


On Saturday morning, I headed out to meet a friend for coffee — we met in the neighborhood where we used to live and it was crazy to see how much had changed since we lived there last summer.

Once I got home, I made lunch, hung out with the boys, and folded a ton of laundry. Laundry is one of those chores that always makes me feel super productive once it is done! Ideally, we do a load every other day or so, but this week has been so crazy, so we ended up having three loads worth on Saturday.

I had a pedicure appointment later that afternoon and it was scheduled with my favorite nail tech, which is always a treat. It was fun to catch up with her and it always feels so great to walk out with fresh toes! I went with my usual light pink!


Afterwards, I swung by the co-op for a few things and then picked up Chick-Fil-A for dinner before heading home to see Andy and Fletcher.


Later that evening, we made an ice cream run — Fletcher was eyeing our treats the whole time.


We also swung by HomeGoods, but didn’t find anything that we were looking for — our new office furniture was delivered while I was at my pedicure appointment, so we were searching for a lamp, some plants, and some decor items.


We also made a quick stop at Home Depot so that we could purchase the necessary hardware for hanging some artwork.

While Andy was looking for the parts he needed, Fletcher and I breezed through the outdoor garden center and took pictures of plants that I want to add to our landscaping next year.


The next morning we were up bright and early for the first service at church. Fletcher ended up falling asleep on Andy during the service which was the complete opposite of last week when he was climbing all over us the entire time, ha ha. We ate breakfast at church (they have an awesome spread each week and we both ordered fresh-made waffles with fruit and whipped cream) — it really hit the spot! We ran into a couple of Andy’s friends on our way out, and then headed to Costco to grab our groceries for the week.


Fletcher always loves visiting Costco because there is so much to look at — people, lights, toys, books, etc.


Here’s our haul for the week! The rest of Sunday was spent meal prepping, baking banana bread, cleaning, and working out!

Favorite part of your weekend?
What colors of nail polish do you usually gravitate towards?

73 Questions

I’ve seen this little survey floating around online and thought it’d be fun to join in!

1.  What’s the best thing that happened to you this month? 
Celebrating the 4th with Fletcher! We took him to the mall and he loved it so much!

2. What’s your favorite game? 
I love games so much! Clue, Backgammon, Monopoly Deal, Cribbage, and Scattergories are my favorites. Now that we have our new dining chairs, I want to plan a board game night, stat!

3. When are you most inspired? 
While working out — I swear, it’s when my best ideas come to me.

4. If you could teach one subject in school what would it be? 
Psychology! I love chatting about this topic oh so much.

5. What’s your favorite beverage?
Water, iced Americanos, LaCroix, kombucha

6. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? 
Ones related to being a mom :)

7. What is your favorite birthday cake?
Vanilla on vanilla with sprinkles

8. What is one thing you still have from your childhood? 
All of my Polly Pockets, Barbies, and Legos — it’s fun to see my nieces play with them now

9. What is your favorite movie? 
Home Alone — I can pretty much quote the whole thing.

10. What is something you can’t do?
Pretty sure I can’t do the splits anymore

11. Window or aisle seat?
I always choose the window

12. What makes you laugh no matter what?
Witty humor

13. What does creativity mean to you? 
Freedom to express myself

14. What are your favorite lyrics of all time? 
No idea

15. What is your favorite holiday? 
Thanksgiving — I have a post about it here.

16. What’s heavily played on your music playlist right now?
I’ve been listening to a ton of Skrillex while doing plyo workouts and also Halsey while driving. Also a lot of violin / classical lullabies in the evenings while rocking Fletcher to sleep

17. If you could raid one woman’s closet who would it be? 
Alyson Haley or Kilee Nickels

18. Must have purse item? 

19. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 12? 
Not sure when I was 12, but during my elementary school years it was an artist or teacher

20. What is something you will not be doing in ten years? 
Changing diapers ;)

21. What is an important life lesson for someone to learn? 
Trust your gut — I can’t even tell you how true this is for me.

22. How do you start your day? 
Shower + iced coffee, always. I’d LOVE to get back into working out in the mornings but in this stage of life that’s just not happening due to breastfeeding / getting up in the night so evening workouts are where it’s at!

23. Would you ever live anywhere besides MN?
Yes! I would love to move to a different state — I’m one of those people that love change. North Carolina is at the top of my list for places to relocate to!

24. What is your favorite dessert?  
Froyo or brownies. Okay, or Rice Krispie bars — the original ones, not the PB ones. Also, my step grandma makes THE best fruit pizza ever. Hi, I’m Laura and I love sugar.

25. Is there a dessert you don’t like? 
Creme brûlée and bread or rice pudding. Also, if you think fruit is dessert, we can’t be friends. ;)

26. It’s brunch! What do you eat? 
Waffles with fresh berries + whipped cream. Also a cup of coffee with half and half

27. Where was the best vacation you’ve ever taken? 
We had such a great time visiting Scottsdale + Sedona a few years ago and are talking about going again maybe next year with Fletcher! Rome + Florence were amazing, too!

28. Favorite Disney animal? 
The mice in Cinderella

29. What is a book you are planning on reading? 
So many — I’m always reading.

30. What did you read most recently?
The Mother-In-Law by Sally Hepworth. It was good, not great.

31. Favorite solo artist? 
I love Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, etc. I also love Lorie Line piano music streamed through our house … it’s just so peaceful.

32. What is something you’re tired of? 
Bipolar weather — our seasons keep meshing into each other and it’s kind of a buzzkill

33. What’s a city you wish to visit? 

34. Heels or flats? 

35.  Where does one go on a perfect road trip? 
Colorado! It is the prettiest state I’ve ever been to

36. What do you do on a rainy day? 
Read, nap, clean / reorganize.

37. What’s your favorite exercise? 
Rollerblading, running, lifting. I also love going for walks.

38. What was your worst subject in school? 

39. What is your spirit animal?
The cheetah!

40. What do you usually eat for breakfast? 
Protein shake (protein, greens powder, almond butter, spinach, almond milk, banana, ice)

41. What do you usually eat for dinner? 

42. Cooking or Baking? 
I love to cook but don’t enjoy baking

43. Favorite baked good? 

44. What is something you wish you could be good at? 

45. Skiing or Surfing? 
Skiing, but more realistically, snowboarding

46. First celebrity crush? 
Probably JTT

47. Most recent celebrity crush? 

48. What color was your prom dress? 
Didn’t go to prom

49. How do you manage stress?
Making a list and prioritizing. Otherwise working out or going for a walk. Talking to a friend helps, too.

50. What do you do to relax? 
Work out, read, nap, go for a walk, get a pedicure

51. Age when you were first kissed?

52. Favorite snack?
Popcorn, fruit, smoothies

53. Favorite fashion trend of all time? 
Skinny jeans

54. Best fashion advice you’ve ever received?
Quality over quantity

55. What is your current favorite piece of clothing that you own? 
I’ve been wearing my white skinnies constantly these days!

56. Shoes or Bags? 
Not a huge fan of either

57. How do you know if you’re in love? 
When you know, you know

58. Television show you’ve binged on recently? 
New Amsterdam

59. Who do you turn to when you’re sad? 
Andy / friends

60. Leather or lace? 

61. Vintage or new? 
New — always.

62. What is your Kryptonite? 
Sour, fruity candy

63. What are you most enchanted by? 
Watching Fletcher grow and develop amazes me each day

64. What is your biggest strength? 
My motivation is off the charts

65. What is your biggest weakness? 
Taking on too much at once

66. What are 3 words to describe living in MN? 
Bipolar, seasonal, pretty

67. Cutest thing on planet earth?
I’m biased but I think my baby is the cutest! ;)

68. Favorite color? 

69. Best first date idea? 
Going for a walk around a lake or something — it’s more casual

70. Favorite time of day? 
Early morning — I just love summer mornings when it’s still cool but the sun is streaming through the windows

71. What do you first notice about someone when you meet them? 

72. What’s your guilty pleasure? 
Starbucks + a pedicure

73. Favorite band? 

Pick a few of the questions above and answer in the comments! :)