Fletcher's First Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Fletcher’s first Valentine’s Day and his very first holiday celebration!


We usually go out to dinner each Valentine’s Day evening, but since we had an appointment that night, we decided to have an at-home celebration with the three of us.


Our first stop was a trip to the dentist yesterday morning and then we swung by Starbucks so I could grab a latte before heading home. I added a pump of cherry and a pump of vanilla syrup to my latte for a little something different and it was so delicious!


Once we got home, I fed Fletcher and he ended up spitting up all over his new Valentine’s Day outfit but I was so proud of him for keeping it clean while we were out and about! I tossed it in the laundry so that it would be clean when we headed out later that afternoon and then we spent the rest of the morning playing and reading books before he took a nap.


He’s been super alert lately and has started to follow objects and people with his eyes, which has been so fun to experience!


After more feeds, naps, and diaper changes, we snapped a few pics and then headed out the door to meet Andy at Fletcher’s pediatrician’s office for his one month well visit.


He’s definitely not a fan of getting into his car seat, but once the car starts moving, he’s happy as a clam and then usually falls asleep within minutes.


We were happy to hear that Fletcher went from 6lb 2oz at his last appointment to 7lb 13oz! Way to go, buddy! :)


After his appointment, we all headed home where we ate dinner and then opened cards and gifts from each other.


Andy and I also split this little dessert and it was the perfect ending to our Valentine’s Day!

Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions?
Favorite dessert?

Fletcher James: One Month

Fletcher James is already one month old! Part of me is a little sad about this, but I’m mostly really excited because as he gets older, he can do more and go on adventures with us.


I’m really making it a priority to savor this season and to really live in the moment so although his teeny tiny newborn days are already behind us, I’m loving our sweet time together with our little one month old!

I’m not sure if I’ll do these updates every month since a lot of this is already in his baby book, but for now we’ll roll with it. This monthly template was inspired by the one that one of my favorite bloggers uses for her kids. If you aren’t following her, be sure to check out her blog — she is the cutest, most intentional mama and I find her relationship with her husband and kids so inspiring!


Height + Weight:
He is 21 inches long and 7lb 13oz as of 2/14! Little guy has been packing on the pounds since birth!


Clothes + Diapers:
Fletcher is just starting to fit into his newborn clothes which has been so fun now that things are fitting him well! In the first few weeks, we had to roll a lot of his sleeves up and fold down the waistband of his pants in order to get them to fit. We had a few preemie onesies and those seemed to fit the best since he was just over 6 pounds when we brought him home! As for diapers, we used the newborn size this month, but looking back, I think it would have been a lot easier to buy a preemie pack or two since we had to fold down the waistband of the diapers for a few weeks in order to get them to fit! He’s a little peanut but he is growing so fast!


He’s a great little sleeper and that has honestly made having a newborn so much easier than we were anticipating. The majority of the time, we can put him in his bassinet awake and he will fall asleep on his own — once in awhile he struggles to soothe himself to sleep and it’s usually because his swaddle isn’t tight enough. If he’s swaddled even slightly too loose, he will grunt, wiggle, and cry until his arms are free and won’t give up until he has his hands in his mouth and is happily sucking on his fingers.

I’ve just started doing the whole “babywearing” thing mainly so I can walk on the treadmill in the mornings and he loves being in the baby wrap so, so much! He’s usually out like a light within minutes of me putting him in there and he will sleep in there for a good two hours or so while I go for a walk and then eat lunch. I swear, his best naps are in that wrap! He takes several naps throughout the day — some are little catnaps while others are a couple of hours.


We’re still playing around in this area since he’s still so little, but our day usually is a constant stream of eat, burp, change diaper, play, nap, repeat.


Sleeping on our chests, bouncing, having us sing to him, the hairdryer (this is our magic trick for getting him to stop crying — it literally works within seconds every single time!), reading books, listening to his lambie that plays music, his Pooh bear rattle, car rides, snuggling, getting his hair combed, sitting in his monkey chair, being wrapped up with his blankets.


Being picked up with cold hands, diaper changes, baths, being hungry, being overly tired, having lotion applied.


He can scoot around almost 360 degrees in a circle when he’s laying on the floor and he almost rolled over from his back to his tummy the other day! I couldn’t believe it since he is so young, but he was determined to reach a toy that he had accidentally batted away from him. He’s also started to cry real tears (when they’re a brand new baby, no tears come out!) and his neck is getting stronger every day!

IMG_4176 copy.jpg

Special Memories:
I’ve started a little tradition with him where we have an “adventure chat” before bed. I’ll lay with him on our bed and talk about all the things we are going to do together as he gets older — I started this one a whim one night and thought it was so funny how he looks me in the eyes and listens SO intently, so we’ve kept up the routine.


Pediatrician, chiropractor, Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A drive throughs (haha), pediatric dentist, and a visit with the OB that delivered him.

Simplicity Challenge Week 3 Recap

I’m a little behind on this goal of mine but I wanted to finish it out strong! Here’s a recap of the challenges from week 3! If you’re just catching up, here’s my recap from week 1 and week 2!

Pull out all the formal dresses in your closet that you’ll never wear again and donate to charity.
I did this last year before we moved — one of them went to my cousin and the others were donated.

Clean out your medicine cabinet. Trash anything expired. Restock essentials.
I feel like this is one area that is so easy to get out of control since we don’t use these items often and are therefore just dumped in a basket on a shelf in the linen closet. As part of this challenge, I sorted through everything, tossed anything we don’t use, and then divided items up by category (wellness, sickness, and first aid) into a container that has three drawers.

Quit something today. Just say no.
I could write a whole post on this alone — I recently had a conversation with my friend Gina all about this topic and how we are quitting a few behaviors, obligations, and expectations for 2019 in pursuit of happier, healthier lives.

Write out three simple dinners you can make with the ingredients already in your pantry.
As I mentioned before, we don’t purchase or consume many pantry items, but we almost always have ingredients for homemade stir fry, egg sandwiches, and salads in our fridge.

Detox your social media feeds. Follow inspirational accounts. Unfollow anyone draining.
I completed this earlier this year — click here for the full post!

Clean off your desk and wipe it down. Ditch clutter. Keep only the essentials including your computer.
We have an office off our main level, but I recently moved upstairs to the loft since it’s easier to keep an eye on baby! My desk pretty much only has my planner and laptop on it these days.

Clear the clutter on your computer. Delete unused files and organize important ones. Empty the trash.
This always feels so good once it is taken care of! I’d love to stay on top of this during this upcoming year — it’s so easy for it to get out of hand, especially as a graphic designer! Andy also helped me to set up a folder on Dropbox to organize all of my photos this year, too!

What’s one thing that you need to say “no” to?
What are three of your go-to dinners?

A Snowy Day at Home (Day in the Life)

Last week, we had a few more days of crazy weather except this time instead of negative temps, we were hit with tons of snow! We stayed cozied up inside since it was coming down so hard! I recapped our day at home together to share in this post — I’m planning to do more of these now that Fletcher is here since posts like these are so fun to look back on and see what our life was like during a particular season.

So, our day really began at 3:15am when we woke Fletcher up for a feeding, but since everyone was looking a little rough during those wee hours of the night, we’ll skip that part and start with when we woke up at 6:30am instead! Fletcher ate again, Andy left for work, and then we headed downstairs so I could make breakfast before going back upstairs to pump for a bit.


Fletcher hung out on his blanket while I made breakfast, which was my usual shake since that’s the easiest way to eat something while pumping and occupying a baby. However, I did just get this little gem and it has made my life a MILLION times easier since now I can work on my laptop, read, or eat while pumping.


My mornings always seem to fly by between feeding him, pumping, tidying up, showering, etc. and so I usually make my shakes pretty filling since it’s usually not until 1 or 2pm that I have time to make a lunch for myself.


Once we get back upstairs, Fletcher fusses for a bit at first, so I play this track from my Calm app and it almost always helps him fall asleep. Once he is asleep, I read and sip my coffee while pumping.


Afterwards, I head downstairs and throw a load of laundry in. My sister and her little family visited the other day and brought him these adorable pants so I wanted to wash them so we could add them to his outfit rotation! Also, how cute are those whale washcloths that she gave us, too?!

After awhile, Fletcher wakes up and I feed, burp, and change him — he absolutely hates getting his diaper changed so theres usually a lot of protesting involved but he is calm as soon as we are done! It’s so funny because as soon as I lay him on the changing mat, he immediately starts fussing because he knows what is coming next!


His new crib mattress arrived the day before, so I put his sheet on it and then we tested it out. This outfit lasted all of 7 minutes before his diaper leaked through and it was time for a wardrobe change.


A fresh diaper and outfit feels so good!

We hang out and play upstairs for awhile — he’s been really alert and interested in looking at his toys lately and it’s been so fun to see this side of him come to life! The first two weeks, he really just slept and ate so it’s been fun to see more of his personality come out as he gets a little bigger each week.


He ends up taking a little cat nap so I use this time to unload the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen a bit.


Since he is still sleeping once I get back upstairs, I take advantage of this time to pack up my maternity clothes along with a few other things from our master closet to take down to the basement.


He wakes up shortly after and we look outside at the snow coming down — he got a little startled by how bright it was out there!


After another feeding, we head downstairs and Fletcher hangs out in his swing while I make myself some lunch. I gave him a little mohawk to see what it would look like — it usually doesn’t last long since I don’t use gel or anything yet but I think it’s cute!


Snacky plates are my go-to these days since they’re easy to eat here and there while taking care of him. It’s usually just a mish mash of whatever we have in the fridge on that particular day but I always try to prioritize a variety of food groups so that my nutrition is balanced.


I got to sit down and eat this lunch in one sitting on this day since he was super content in his swing — I read for a bit while eating and then brought him upstairs to change his diaper after grabbing two of these energy bites from the fridge.


Fletcher almost always takes a long afternoon nap, which is so nice since it gives me a chance to work out and get a few things done! I swaddle him and decide to have him sleep in his crib to see how he does in there (he usually sleeps in a bassinet in our bedroom).


Before placing him in his crib, I walk around upstairs and bounce him a little to help him fall asleep. It’s always a delicate balance of knowing when they’re asleep enough to be transferred to a new location — one minute too early and he wakes up!


He did so well in there! I rigged up the baby monitor so that I could keep an eye on him while working out and it was so slick to be able to watch him while going for a run. This was my first day back to running (at 3 weeks postpartum), so I took it slow to start but was surprised at how good I felt and how easily running came back to me! I think not having a pregnant belly just made it SO much easier to run again.


He was still sleeping when I finished, so I grabbed a quick snack and then hopped in the shower and to get ready for the day.

This is hit or miss most days — sometimes I can shower and do my hair / makeup before he wakes up from a nap while other days getting ready is done in 15 minute increments throughout the day due to feeding, napping, changing, etc. Normally I like to shower in the mornings before he wakes up, but I knew I’d be working out during the afternoon so I decided to wait. Eventually I’ll switch my workouts to the mornings but we’re not there yet due to being up in the night with feedings.


Shortly after I finish getting ready, I hear him start to make little noises from his room so I take him out of his crib, feed him, and then change his diaper. Then we rock in his recliner and read books until Andy gets home — he doesn’t understand the concept of books yet but I think he likes having us read to him because he gets to listen to our familiar voices. :)

Once Andy arrives home, he usually spends time with Fletcher while I prep some dinner for us and then we eat while Fletcher takes another nap. Andy and I usually watch a show or hang out while he is sleeping and then Fletcher eats again and we start his bedtime routine before calling it a night! Sometimes Andy and I will take a nap in the evening before bed just because those middle of the night wake up calls come around so quickly!

Have you had a lot of snow days this season?
What time do you usually wake up each day?


On Saturday morning, I drove down the street to pick up my sister so that we could head to the local library book sale together.


We both ended up finding a ton of books and walked out with a huge stack to add our our home libraries. The last time we attended this sale was in July and I didn’t know if our baby was a boy or girl yet, so it was definitely a lot more fun this time around since I could grab a bunch of little boy books to add to his shelf. I also found two cute little Easter books that I plan to put in his Easter basket this year!


After the sale, we ran to Target to do a few returns and shop around for a bit. My sister wanted to look at the nail polish on our way out and I came across this pretty color and loved the name of it, which was “birthday girl”! I’m definitely adding this one to my wishlist!


Then we went out for frozen yogurt as a little treat! This little cup of deliciousness hit the spot even though it was freezing outside! Now that I think about it, my sister and I went out for froyo last year when it was freezing out as well — winter weather doesn’t keep us away! :)

We sat at the yogurt shop and chatted for quite a while and it was SO nice to be out of the house and catching up with my sister! I think I’ve been experiencing a little bit of cabin fever with these cold weather and snowy days that we’ve been having.

Our next stop was the mall so I could make a return at Nordstrom (I swear, I never used to have a lot of returns / exchanges until I had a baby) and purchase some new eyeliner since mine is almost all out. I tried out a new one since my old favorite was discontinued and after trying it yesterday afternoon, I really liked it!


While at the mall, we also swung by a few other stores so I could pick up a few Valentine gifts for Andy and then we were on our way! Also, did you know that if you spend $10 at Godiva, you are then able to choose one free truffle per month? I do this almost every year and it’s always a fun little treat to pop in for a chocolate whenever I’m at the mall.


We swung by Chick-Fil-A on the way home because I had a CFA reward for a free salad so I wanted to cash that in and also pick up a sandwich meal for Andy since he was at home with Fletcher. I went with their southwest salad paired with a chili lime dressing and it was SO good! I’ll definitely be ordering this again soon!

Upon arriving home, I was more than ready to snuggle my little baby since I had been gone for awhile! I fed Fletcher while watching New Amsterdam, which is my newest show to binge-watch! I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, but I’m four episodes in and loving it so much!

While I was chatting with Andy later that evening, I was telling him that my day of random errands and froyo with Andrea left me feeling SO refreshed! It wasn’t really anything out of the ordinary since it involved a lot of returns and random shopping, but it was just what my spirit needed!

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What makes you feel refreshed?
Favorite eyeliner?