Yesterday morning we closed on our first home!


We are so excited to make this house a home filled with lots of memories! We first met our realtors back in November to talk about the home-buying process and fill them in on what we were looking for. We talked about areas we wanted to live in (near my sister, close to work, etc.), types of houses we liked and didn't like, our budget, and how long we planned to live in our first home. We also talked about building vs buying existing since we both prefer new construction.

They set us up with a custom home search to get us started -- we started receiving emails whenever a new home popped up in our budget, preferred location, style of home, etc. 

After the holidays, we met with a loan officer to talk about the financial part of purchasing a home. We filled out some paperwork and within a day or so, he sent over our approval letter. With this approval, we were able to officially start our house-hunting process! 


We looked at a few homes on a freezing cold Saturday morning in January. One of them was a vacant home that had recently been built in a new development -- it had a great layout, but the construction didn't look like the best quality.


Afterwards, we looked at another home just a few minutes away in an existing neighborhood. This particular home had been sold, but there were two lots available just a couple doors down so we decided to check it out to see if we wanted to build a similar style of home down the street.


We LOVED this house -- it was seriously perfect! We talked about going the building route and met with the builder, toured another home by the same builder, and started planning things out. It was all fun and games until you realize that if you want to build your perfect home, the price goes up really fast. We talked it over again and again, and ultimately we decided that now is not the time to build. 

Back to the drawing board! A couple weeks later we found another house that we really liked, put an offer in and it was accepted that evening! However, after the inspection came back with a few worrisome items, we decided to decline. I was feeling a bit discouraged by this point -- we were so ready to get this show on the road!


We looked and looked, but inventory was super low and prices were really high due to the current market. We met with our realtors in April because I was feeling like we weren't going to find anything after months of fruitless searching. They encouraged us by saying that the right house would pop up at the right time.

It was funny, because just a few weeks later, our house popped up! I immediately texted Andy to tell him to keep an eye on the house that they just posted -- it sounded like a great one but there weren't any photos up yet. He texted me back awhile later to let me know that the photos were up -- I was so excited once I flipped through the album online; this seemed like the house for us! 

We made an appointment to see the house that evening, submitted an offer, and our offer was accepted the following evening! I'll be sure to share more once we move in -- it just feels so good to have a home to call our own! 

Have you purchased a home before?
Favorite thing about where you live?

10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 10

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Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 7.41.17 AM.png

1.I'm obsessed with LaCroix (even more so in the summer months) and usually drink two per day. We buy it in bulk from Costco each week and my favorite flavors are cran-raspberry, coconut, and lime.

2. Whenever I'm in the car, I like to listen to the radio but only if it's music -- I flip between stations whenever there's a morning show on. If there's no good music on, I switch over to a podcast or drive in silence.

3. If I don't eat a snack before bed, theres a 100% chance I will wake up hungry in the night.

4. Like hammerschlagen, skee ball is another hidden talent of mine.

5. I love board games but have zero patience for doing puzzles.

6. I absolutely love birthday cake -- especially when its marble cake with white frosting. Also, my preferred frosting to cake ration is 2:1.

7. I love when our carpets are freshly vacuumed and there are vacuum lines on them -- it instantly makes it feel all clean and fresh in the room.

8. I only like mushrooms in small quantities, such as on pizza but can't eat them raw or without them being incorporated with another food.

9. I would love summer if I lived in a state that didn't have humidity.

10. I used to think I would hate kombucha but now I'm obsessed!

What's a random fact or two about you?
Do we have any of the above in common?

Summer Survey

I've seen this little summer survey floating around the blog world and wanted to fill it out! 

1. Walk or Bike Ride?  
I'm more of a rollerblader than a biker, but I LOVE going for walks year-round! In the summer, I usually go in the morning before it gets too hot outside.

2. Favorite Picnic Food?
Sub sandwiches or watermelon! 

3. Pool or Lake?
Definitely pool! I just can't do lakes -- something about not being able to see the bottom.


4. Favorite Flavor of ice cream? 
Oreo or Mint. I also love Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia!

5. Ice Cream Cone or in a Dish?

6. Flip Flops or Slides?
Flip flops

7. Jean Shorts or Jean Capris? 
I don't really wear either. For summer, I usually go with shorts like these.

8. Favorite summer Fruit? 
Usually watermelon

9. Corn on the Cob or Cut Off the Cob?  
Off the cob! 

10. Favorite summertime song?  
I feel like it changes every summer

11. Favorite summertime activity?
Reading by the pool

12. Favorite Berry? 

13. Bikini’s, tankini’s or one pieces?
Bikini -- I love these ones.


14. Dresses or Skirts?
I have a bunch of these skirts in a variety of colors and styles -- they're so comfy!


15. One Word to describe Summer?

June 2018 Goals

First, let's recap last month's goals! 


1. Bible Study
I've been dragging on this! I need to make it part of my weekly schedule so that I can commit to it. My bestie mentioned that she sometimes goes to Panera to grab a meal and power through anything she needs to get done and I was so inspired by that idea! I'm thinking I might do that so that I can get all caught up! 

2. New Pajamas
Done! I ordered these and I'm obsessed with them -- they're super soft and lightweight -- perfect for summer! 

3. Lunch Breaks
I did this as often as I could -- some days work was really busy or it was just too hot out to get out for a walk.

4. Transition to Outdoor Running
This definitely didn't happen! 

5. Book a Brow Appt
Done! I booked this on a whim two weeks ago because I had gotten to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore! It feels SO good to have fresh brows!


1. Consolidate My 401k Accounts
I'm dreading this task, but it's been hanging over me for awhile and I'd love to get both of my 401k accounts rolled into one so that it's easier to manage.

2. Drink More Water
Lately I've felt really dehydrated with our high temps so I'd love to focus on upping my water intake.

3. Get Back Into My Blogging Groove
I haven't been making this little space of mine a priority, but I have missed writing. I'd love to get back to posting regularly this month! 

4. Take a Trip Up to Robertson Ranch
I'd love to head to my parents' place for a weekend of R&R!

5. Hit the Pool Regularly
Now that it's summer, I really want to soak up these days and spend time both reading by the pool and swimming!

What's one thing you'd like to accomplish this month?
Favorite part about June?

May 2018 Books

So many great books were read last month! My creative director brought in a stack of books and I borrowed two of them right away -- one of them ended up being one of the best I've read in awhile! Just a reminder, you may view all of my past book reviews by clicking here.


Girl, Wash Your Face // Rachel Hollis
This book was so good -- I think a lot of times, Christian books like these can be really cheesy or not relatable, but what I loved about Rachel Hollis is that she was so real and down to Earth. Great book for an woman to read!

The Last Mrs. Parrish // Liv Constantine
This book was SO good! It's the story of this girl that befriends a woman at her gym and secretly plots to take over her family and her life. However, the story takes a twist half way through and gets REALLY good! Such a great psychological thriller.

The Joy of Less // Francine Joy
I had high hopes for this book, but definitely enjoyed this one and this one more. None of it really felt like new information to me since I've read a lot of books on this topic in the past couple of years.

I've Got My Eyes on You // Mary Higgins Clark
I'm such a sucker for anything by Mary Higgins Clark -- they keep me guessing and they're always quick, easy reads. This new one was just as good as the rest in her collection.

Lie to Me // J.T. Ellison
This was a quick read and very similar to Gone Girl, which is another favorite book of mine. A man's wife goes missing and he's instantly a suspect -- the end was a little predictable, but overall worth a read!

The Woman in the Window // A.J. Finn
This thriller was good, but a little predictable -- I ended up guessing the ending about 2/3 of the way through the book and I hate when that happens. I love being surprised! This one kind of reminded me of The Girl on the Train -- since it's a story of "did she really see a crime, or didn't she?"

The Wife Between Us // Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen
This book was hands-down, one of my favorites! The story had three major twists and each time I literally gasped out loud. Such a great thriller -- I've heard that there's a rumor of a movie coming out, which I would be super excited about! Would highly recommend if you enjoy a good psychological thriller.

The Courage to Soar // Simone Biles
I always love a good Olympic gymnast story! It was so fun to learn about the background of Simone Biles and her journey to the Olympics -- these types of books always make me feel so inspired!

What book are you currently reading?
Favorite spot to read?
I love reading while laying out by the pool!