My Favorite Beauty Items

Last month, one of my goals was to find a new foundation that I loved. While picking up a few new beauty items last month, I stopped by the beauty counter and had a consult with one of the girls there. She introduced me to a few new products and I have been enjoying them greatly -- much more than my foundation lineup in months past. 

Today I'm sharing a handful of my favorite beauty items that I use daily! I like to keep my makeup routine fairly simple but also like a little more glam than just foundation and mascara. Here's what I've tried and has worked best for me:


Shape Tape // Tarte
I LOVE this concealer so much -- it goes on as a creamy liquid, making it easy to blend. Hands down my favorite concealer that I've ever tried. I use the "light" color.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion // Urban Decay
This primer potion is a lifesaver -- my eyelids get oily by the end of the day, causing my eyeliner and eyeshadow to smear and crease. Ever since I discovered this product a few years ago, I've never looked back. I've always bought the "original" color, but they also have shimmery and anti-aging varieties as well.

Even Beter Foundation // Clinique
My skin has a slight yellow tone to it, and I feel like this foundation matches much better than those that I've tried in the past. It goes on smoothly and is fragrance free, which is definitely a plus for my sensitive skin. I use the "cream chamois" shade.

No-Tug Gel Eyeliner // IT Cosmetics
I've been using this eyeliner for years and although I've tried a few others, I keep going back to this because it goes on so smoothly and is so well-pigmented. I always go with a true black color for eyeliner.

Warm Neutrals Palette // MAC
This palette is everything -- I use it for eyeshadow, highlighter, blush, and sometimes bronzer if I'm out of my usual bronzer. It's easy to create an everyday or an evening look using this warm-hued palette! 

Sponge // Beauty Blender
I switched over to a Beauty Blender this fall and have found that I really prefer it to using a brush. I just get it slightly damp before applying foundation and concealer and it helps to blend everything together really well without leaving any lines.

What is your favorite beauty item that you use?
Are you loyal to one brand or do you like to create a collection of beauty items?

A Quiet Weekend

Things have been really busy at work ever since Christmas, so a quiet weekend felt SO good! 


Despite it being absolutely frigid outside, we headed out for dinner after work on Friday evening. We decided to go to one of our favorite steakhouses; I typically always order the wedge salad at this restaurant but I decided to branch out and order the salmon instead. It hit the spot and I enjoyed the other half of it for lunch the next day.

It felt so good to reconnect before kicking off the weekend. We are both so busy during the week that sometimes it feels like we aren't really home at the same times. Yet another reason why we love our Friday evening date nights! 


Saturday was spent cleaning, enjoying my shipment of tea that arrived the day before, and catching up on the DVR. I typically browse through the listings each Sunday afternoon and record any movies / shows that I want to watch the following weekend -- it's always nice to have a curated selection to choose from.

Since we were home all day on saturday, I was really looking forward to getting out the next day. However, we ended up getting a decent amount of snow starting after lunch, so we opted to stay inside. Andy watched the Vikings game while I breezed through my new book. I’m not normally a big football fan, but I caught the last few minutes of the game and got to see the crazy finish! Looks like the Vikes are headed to the next game! 

We've got a lot on the agenda for this next week, so it felt good to have some downtime before a new week begins! 

Do you enjoy watching football?

Favorite thing to do on a snowy day?

Short Hair Squad

I've been back to the short bob for almost 6 months now and am still obsessed with this sassy 'do! Since my hair is so thick and fine-textured, it takes a little help to get it to style how I'd like it to. The items below are what make the magic happen! 

As far as styling tools go, I use this hairdryer and I've been a huge fan of this flatiron -- I purchased it back in 2013 and it's still going strong! I don't really use curling irons / wands anymore now that my hair is short -- if I have waves or curls, it's done using my flatiron.


1. Nutritive Nectar Thermique // Kérastase
My stylist recommended this product to me -- especially since I use heat on my hair every morning (hairdryer and flatiron). After combing through my freshly washed hair, I rub a dime-sized amount of this product throughout my hair.

2. Sea Salt Spray // Not Your Mother's
Next, I spray this sea salt spray all over my hair to give it a little texture.

3. Root Pump Plus // Big Sexy Hair
This is my favorite mousse of all time -- I just work a generous dollop of it into the roots of my hair before drying it.

4. Texturizing Dry Shampoo // Not Your Mother's
After drying my hair, I'll flat iron it to get it styled how I want -- then I add this texturizing dry shampoo to my roots to give it a little more volume / texture.

5. brilliant™ Humectant Pomade // Aveda
In the winter, my hair gets staticky, so just a dot of this pomade on my palms does wonders for taming the fly-aways. This product is also a dream in the summer if you live in a humid climate.

6. Spray & Play™ // Big Sexy Hair
This hairspray is perfect for spraying everything down because it holds things in place but still allows movement so your hair doesn't look stiff.

7. Spray & Stay™ // Big Sexy Hair
I use this stronger hold hairspray for teasing sections of my hair or if I need to hold a partial updo in place.

What are your favorite hair products?
How often do you wash your hair? 


Setting goals has always been a part of me that I attribute coming naturally to me thanks to my top strengths. I like getting things done and making progress -- therefore, I can't envision my life without having some sort of goals that I'm always working towards.


Even though goalsetting comes very naturally to me, there are still actions that I need to take to work towards and accomplish the goals that I set.

1. Write It Down
I blog about my goals every month, and doing so not only helps me to be intentional about choosing and accomplishing them, but it also holds me accountable since I check in on the previous month's goals at the beginning of the next month.

2. Break Larger Goals Down
Some of my goals take longer than just a day to finish, so I like to break those down throughout the month (or year, depending on the size of them) to make them more manageable. For example, when I set the goal of renewing and changing my name on my passport, one week I stopped by the DMV for the application and to have my photo taken. The next week I sat down with a cup of coffee and filled out the application. It felt a lot more manageable to break it down since it was a goal that wasn't too enjoyable.

3. Have Grace with Yourself
Some months I nail all of my goals, while others slip away from me. Other times, I realize I've set too lofty of a goal for myself in too short of a period of time (I'm looking at you, Christmas cards), so I like to look at the bigger picture. Does this absolutely have to be done this month while I'm feeling spread too thin? If not, I'll often bump that goal to the next month and carry on.

PS I'm linking up with Shay today!

What's one goal you'd like to accomplish this year?
What's the hardest thing for you about setting / accomplishing goals?

10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 6

I'm back with more random facts for the month! You may check out past versions of this blog series here, here, here, here, and here.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 12.09.36 PM.png

1. Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays -- this always surprises me so much because I'm really not a sentimental / romantic person. I think it's just the pink, red, hearts, and glitter that makes me so happy!

2. On that note, Halloween is my least favorite holiday and I'm still undecided on whether or not I want to do the whole dressing up / trick-or-treating thing with our kids.

3. I can't wear sneakers without socks -- even if they are little slip on sneakers, I have to wear little shortie socks underneath. My feet just feel so weird without a buffer!

4. One thing that I was I was more adventurous with is my taste buds. For example, I love traveling, but ethnic foods are just not my thing. I eat a very simple diet and am really weird about textures in foods, so I tend to stick with what I know.

5. I put my hair up in a half-up messy bun every evening upon arriving home from work -- it doesn't bother me when it's down all day at work, but for some reason the second I get home, up it goes!

6. I don't love super chunky salsas, but pico de gallo is probably my #1 favorite taco topping. How's that for an oxymoron?

7. Doing dishes is my least favorite chore, but I usually enjoy doing the laundry -- I always feel so productive once it's done and put away!

8. My least favorite word is "nummy" as in, "oh, isn't this so nummy?" It just makes me think of someone gumming their food and the mental image of that grosses me out so much.

9. I've had glasses since 2nd grade and contacts since 7th -- however, once I switched to contacts, it's very rare that I will wear glasses for the day. I just don't feel like myself wearing glasses and they always feel like a hindrance. 

10. My hands and feet are almost always freezing cold no matter the season -- it's been like this all my life.

What's a random fact or two about you?
Do we have any of the above in common?