Life Lately Vol. 3

Whew! I still feel like we haven't slowed down for awhile because not only did we move, but I also started a new job three days after we got keys to our new house! I definitely miss my friends at my old job (our creative team was seriously the best!), but am so excited for this new opportunity! More to come!

Speaking of my old job, the fall collection for Caribou Coffee (one of my main clients) recently launched -- I plan to purchase these so I can get better photos than what is on the website, but I designed / illustrated this mug, this tumbler, and these mugs! 


I can't remember if I already mentioned this already or not, but I purchased shoes similar to these slip-ons a few weeks ago and literally wear them every other day -- they're my favorite color and I love the style! They're super comfy, too! I linked to a similar style because mine are actually the kids version of them since I'm forever on team little foot. They come in a variety of colors and are currently on sale so check them out! Also, if you haven't tried AG Jeans yet, you are missing out -- I scooped up a new pair (similar) for fall and this brand is always a favorite! 

It tends to be a pattern for me with having a move coexisting with another major life event. In the past, I've moved the same weekend that I've ran a half marathon, moved right before getting married, and a few years ago, I moved the day before starting a new job. Luckily, this time around I was able to push my start date out a few days so I could unpack, get groceries, etc. before starting a new routine!


I swear, once August hits (okay, let's be honest -- it's more like after the 4th of July), I am SO ready for all things fall. I have friends that want summer forever, but I'm all about those crisp mornings, vibrant-colored trees, delicious soups, and pumpkin spice everything right about now. I did make some pumpkin bread a few weeks ago, but other than that, I'm trying to make myself hold off on most of the fall festivities until the temps cool down. 


I've been on a cooking kick ever since we moved in and it makes me feel so good to be back in the kitchen! The kitchen in our last place was really lacking -- the appliances didn't work well and there was zero counter space. This new environment has been so inspiring for me to get back into whipping together new things, which is something I am so passionate about! 


We hosted our first "dinner" in our new house last weekend when my bestie came over for a girls' night! Dinner is in quotes because we still need to find a dining room table, so things were pretty casual, but that's usually how we roll anyway! I put together a little spread of snacks and threw together a Thai chopped salad to enjoy while we caught up on life. Nights like these are always my favorite! 

What's your go-to menu when you host guests? I love putting together appetizer spreads! 
Ever moved alongside another big life event?

Moving Tips + Tricks

I've come to learn that I love enjoy the end result of moving (hello, new space aka blank canvas!), but don't love the actual, physical act of moving everything from one home to another. 

Our recent move was a bit of a doozy because our rental had two huge flights of stairs leading up to it and both of them were really tight, making it hard to maneuver furniture around the sharp corner angles. We also had half of our belongings in a storage unit since we knew our last rental would be temporary until we purchased our house.

The plus side was that half of our items were already packed in boxes since they were in the storage unit; the down side was the fact that we had to move items from two locations into our new house. All I can say now is, I AM SO GLAD IT IS OVER.

I thought I'd compile some of my favorite moving tips, along with some that friends shared with me both in person and online -- hopefully a few of these will help your next move go a little smoother! 

My number one tip is to take some time off if you can -- back in 2015, moving day fell on a Sunday and I had to work the following day. It was awful -- I was digging through boxes that next morning looking for socks to wear and had zero groceries.


Unpack one room at a time -- it's so tempting to hop all over the house and unpack in bits here and there, but it's so much easier if you unpack your kitchen, main bathroom, and bedroom / closet first.

Plan on grabbing takeout or stocking up on some easy to eat meals so that you can still fuel yourself even if your kitchen isn't all the way unpacked.

Use bags (duffle bags, suitcases, backpacks, etc.) that you have on hand if you run out of moving boxes.

If you're packing a really heavy box (such as dishware), tape the bottom of the box twice so it doesn't pop open under the weight of the items inside.


Label your boxes really clearly -- not just by room, but also by contents. This will help you prioritize which boxes to open first and also help you find specific items that you're looking for.

While packing, create a "first few days" box containing items you know that you'll need those first few days at your new place. I put my toiletries, bath towels, toilet paper, etc. all in one box so we would be able to shower and get ready each day before we had a chance to unpack everything. This helped so much! 

Pack necklaces between "Press and Seal" Saran wrap to keep them from getting tangled.

Move fragile items (lamps, home decor, etc.) in your own car -- things get so jostled around in moving trucks! 

Pad items in the moving truck with furniture pads -- even things like white towels or folded up blankets work, too! 

Don't take your clothes off of hangers -- instead, place them on a bedsheet and wrap the bedsheet around them. This makes setting up your new closet SO much faster since you don't need to re-hang every item of clothing.

Only pack items that belong together in the same box -- otherwise you will be running around putting things back in rooms where they belong.

Hire movers if you can -- we moved all of the small items ourselves but hired movers for the furniture.

Utilize new garbage bags for items such as blankets, pillows, comforters, etc.

Do you have any moving tips and tricks?
How long have you lived in your current home?

Moving Day(s)

We are all moved into our new house! I'm blogging from our new office and it feels so nice to have a designated office again instead of a corner of the living room! We still have some boxes to unpack in this room, the basement, and master closet, but we've been enjoying setting up and living in our our new place!


Last Saturday, we prepped a few final things for moving since our final walk through was at 7am the next morning. It felt surreal to get to stay in the house after our sellers, their agent, and our real estate agents left that morning after we did a final look through all of the rooms. Once they left, we immediately starting bringing in boxes -- I stayed at the new house while Andy went back to the old house to grab another load. 

I got to work unpacking while Andy was loading up the car with another round of items and it was so fun to plan out the cabinets and decide where everything should go! Packing is kind of a pain, but I really enjoy unpacking since it means you're in a new place and you get to be creative with everything! 


After awhile, my sister and my nieces came over -- they brought this amazing housewarming basket for us, along with some sprinkle donuts! We are so excited to have Andrea and her family living just down the road -- seriously, best neighbors ever! 

Once Andrea left, I continued unpacking boxes as quickly as I could so that I could be ready to unload the next round that Andy was bringing. Shortly after Andy brought another load, his brother arrived so that he could help Andy with some of the bigger items. 


We unpacked all day and although we made a lot of progress, there was still a lot left to do. We were both exhausted and it felt SO good to finally rest at the end of the day. My feet and back were killing me, so I decided to test out our new soaker tub. This was one of the many features we were really excited about when we put an offer in on this house!


We had to be back at the old house the next morning since we hired movers to move the furniture that day. Bless their hearts, because our last place had so many steep staircases and they carried all of our heavy furniture like champs! 


The rooms felt like they were starting to come together once the furniture arrived! The bedroom in our rental was so tiny, so this large master suite definitely feels like a luxury to us.


Around lunchtime, I took a quick break from moving / unpacking to make a dash to the grocery store so we'd have some food for the week. It felt SO good to do a little meal prep in our new kitchen! 


Ever since we moved in, I've been maximizing our new kitchen and cooking all kinds of new things! It's been SO nice having a large center island to prep and prepare food! I've started sharing some of my daily eats over on my fitness Instagram -- be sure to check it out if you're into that sort of thing! 


I also made it a priority to scoot over to the DMV last week to update my license with our new address since they aren't open on weekends and I just wanted to get it over with. Isn't the DMV one of the worst errands? It's right up there with running to the post office or the bank.

When's the last time you moved? 
Do you enjoy unpacking?

August 2018 Goals

I feel like we've been waiting for this month for forever! We have the keys to our new house and are so excited for all that this month has to offer, such as settling into our new home, being neighbors with my sister, the MN State Fair, and Andy's birthday!

Andy also goes back to teaching this month, so I'm planning to be intentional with the nights that I'm flying solo. Last fall, I was really good about coming home, making myself a healthy vegetarian meal, and then taking time to recharge by giving myself a manicure, watching a favorite show, or reading a book.

You may read about last month's goals here, and my progress on those goals is below:

1. Pack up the house! 
Done! Now we just need to finish unpacking! 

2. Go for more walks
Done! I went for walks in the early mornings and on the cooler days.

3. Find a new Bible Study for the fall
Didn't accomplish this, but will probably wait until next month to look into new studies since this month is going to be a little chaotic.

4. Start researching small groups for the fall
Didn't accomplish this -- might look into it still, otherwise will wait until spring.

5. MOVE INTO OUR NEW HOUSE, no big deal!
Done! We are so happy to be in our new place!


1. Paint!
We for sure want to repaint our office, fireplace accent wall, dining room, and master bathroom. All of the other rooms are different shades of gray, so they are good to go! I'm hoping to have my mom or sister help me since they're pros and I've never painted a room before! 

2. Focus on an Intentional Evening Routine
I really want to create a new routine for myself that helps me to unwind before bed. Our new house has an awesome soaker tub and I'd really love to use that often, in addition to doing things I've been slacking on such as moisturizing my face before bed.

3. Tap! 
Andy found my old tap shoes and I am itching to take them down to our basement and practice some of my old techniques and routines! 

4. Unpack
Now that we're in our new house, I really want to focus on getting unpacked and settled before fall! 

5. Start Shopping for a Dining Room Table
Our new house is an open-concept layout and has an open-air dining area where we plan to put a dining room table. I'm looking forward to eating dinner together with Andy and hosting friends / family for meals around this table.

What is one thing you'd like to accomplish this month?
What's one thing you're proud of accomplishing last month?

Friday No. 20

It's moving weekend! We'll be cleaning, moving, and unpacking so things might be a little quiet on the blog for a few days next week until we get internet at the new house! 

Have a great weekend!