Our Wedding Ceremony

Six years ago, we got married in the Bigelow Chapel inside of the United Theological Seminary in New Brighton, Minnesota. 


We considered countless other venues such as the Arboretum, the Carlson Towers, and The Landmark Center but ultimately chose this modern chapel because of the gorgeous sunlight that streamed through -- illuminating the space.


I will admit, I did not love wedding planning -- I quickly realized it was just not my thing. My mom chose and arranged all of our flowers based off of our wedding color scheme.


Andy and I designed our wedding invitation suite together and even printed and trimmed them all ourselves! There were some late nights sitting around my in-law's dining room table to get this done! You can see the collection along with our video here.


It meant so much to us to have family and friends surrounding us on our special day.


Our musicians were family friends and they were incredible. I chose to walk down the aisle to "Interlude" by Shane and Shane, but the song wasn't long enough. I chose this song because I wanted something that was pretty, but also different from the typical wedding song. This talented family wrote their own music to extend the song and it was so perfect! 


As music played and guests rolled in, the wedding officially started. Andy walked my grandparents down the aisle to be seated, which was so special to us especially now that my grandma (photo above) and grandpa (below) are no longer with us.


Next, the moms were walked down the aisle to be seated -- Andy's mom is on the left, and my mom is on the right.


Our wedding party followed shortly after! This is Andy's brother Tory, and my sister, Andrea, who served as our best man and matron of honor.


I only have two cousins and it meant so much to me to have them as part of our special day! It's crazy looking back at this photo because they are now almost 16 and almost 19!


After Marissa and Karlie walked down the aisle, I started my entrance.


This moment felt so surreal and is one that I'll treasure forever.


Andy and I met at the front of the chapel and our officiant, Pastor Tom Gilman welcomed everyone.


My aunt is such a rock in my life and it meant so much to us to have her read a few passages of Scripture aloud.


Afterwards, we all sang "In Christ Alone" before Pastor Tom began his message for the afternoon.


To be honest, I don't remember much of what the message was about -- the whole thing felt so surreal and passed by so quickly! Luckily we have it all on video! 


After the message came prayer and the exchanging of vows. Below are our wedding vows:

Laura... I give you my life this day... In the presence of God... and according to His will... I leave my father and mother... and now cleave to you... I will love you as Christ loves the church... giving my life for yours... I will lead and protect you... as we share our life in God... who gave us one another.

Andy... According to the will of God and my desire... I give myself to you... to be your wife... and your friend... and to stand by you... as we share our life together... leaving my father and mother... I now commit myself to you... and love you... and believe in you... from this day forward.


Afterwards, we lit our unity candle together -- which was a little tricky since the lighter didn't work! We eventually got them lit and we all had a good laugh! 


Next came the kiss! We were officially married!


Pastor Tom then presented us Mr. and Mrs. Kaupang! 


We walked down the aisle, hand-in-hand as a married couple! Next it was off to the reception! 

What's your favorite part of a wedding?
Where did you or hope to get married?

Eating Out

When Andy and I first started dating, we ate out a lot -- mainly out of convenience. We were living 45+ minutes apart at the time, so it was easier to just meet halfway for dinner. However, once we got married, we really reigned in the restaurant visits and started meal planning more intentionally.


Now, we typically go out to eat for three different occasions: 

1. It's some sort of birthday / celebration / the occasional date night
2. We're out and about for the day / evening and need to eat
3. Out with friends (happy hours with girlfriends, lunch dates with my auntie, etc.)

Other than that, we typically eat at home because it's a lot healthier. We buy groceries once per week and that lasts us until the next week. We also bring our own lunch to work 95% of the time.


I don't like leaving a restaurant or evening out feeling stuffed nor do I enjoy waking up the next morning with feelings of regret. Sticking to my typical diet while out is an easy way to stay on track. Don't get me wrong, if it's a birthday or special occasion, I'll have a treat or order something different than usual, but 9 times out of 10, I tend to stick with what I know and like.


I'm also a huge advocate of balance -- and enjoy little treats here and there throughout my week. Sometimes it's a piece of candy after lunch, other times it's a bowl of ice cream while watching a show on a weeknight. I think that because I don't feel deprived during the week, I don't feel the need to "go all out" whenever we eat at a restaurant.


I always order an ice water with lemon whenever we're out; I'm not a pop / soda drinker so it's easy for me to avoid those. I also rarely drink alcohol and when I do, it's usually when I'm out for a happy hour with girlfriends. My drink of choice on those evenings is almost always a glass of pinot grigio. 

Bread Baskets
If there's a bread basket, I'll usually skip it unless I'm absolutely starving. In that case, I'll have part of a piece of bread with some olive oil + balsamic, and leave the rest. On the other hand, if we go out for Mexican and there's chips and salsa, you'd better believe I'm participating in that because that's one of my favorite things. When we go out for Mexican, I like to enjoy the chips and salsa and then order a lighter meal -- like the veggie tacos or a salad. Since I had chips, I'll typically just eat the insides of my tacos and leave the shells behind. It's really all about balance.


When it comes to ordering an entree, I like to still stick to my usual way of eating, which is clean and vegetarian with some treats thrown in for good measure. I almost always order a salad or soup unless it's somewhere like Lagos Tacos, where I'll order the vegetarian tacos. If we go out for pizza, I'll usually get a salad and then enjoy one slice of veggie or cheese pizza -- depending on where we are.

It's rare that Andy and I will order dessert unless it's a birthday / anniversary, but if we do, then I'll be more conservative with my meal, if that makes sense. 

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What's your approach to eating out?
Favorite restaurant?

Back-to-Back Date Nights

This past weekend was spent celebrating our anniversary! 


Six years ago yesterday, we got married! 


We've been through a lot together and have grown, laughed, and shared so much over the nine and a half years we've been together. I'll have a wedding recap post this week, so stay tuned! 


Speaking of weddings, my bestie just received her wedding photos this last week and it has been so fun looking back and reminiscing about her special day! Since we're all from different states, we talked about doing a bridesmaids reunion sometime in a next few years and I'm really hoping we can make this happen! The wedding weekend spent with Allie and the bridesmaids was one that I will always cherish -- such a great group of girls in that photo above! 


On Saturday, I woke up early and hit Target for a few groceries before coming home to grab a quick lunch and head to the gym for a shoulders + triceps and cardio workout. 


Afterwards, I showered and got ready before swinging by our gym's cafe for my favorite shake. Ordering this shake immediately reminded me to reorder a bag of mocha java powder online so I can make these shakes at home! It's just half a scoop of the mocha mix, one scoop of vanilla protein, ice, and unsweetened almond milk. IT'S SO GOOD.


I had a pedicure scheduled at 2pm, so I headed down the hall to the LifeSpa for my appointment. It felt so good to relax, read my book, and sip my shake while getting my toes done! I almost always choose a light pink whenever I get a pedicure -- I just love the neutral look.

By the time I left the club, it was raining pretty hard -- I drove to another location of Life Time (which is literally 6 minutes away) for my hair appointment with Krista! It was definitely an afternoon of pampering and it was much needed! I got my sassy little bob all cleaned up and she styled my hair in fun little 'do for my date night with Andy! 


Upon arriving home, I quickly changed clothes and we headed back out in the rain for our dinner date!


We decided to go to BLVD and it did not disappoint! I loved the atmosphere, service, and menu! Such a unique place that we plan to visit again! 

By the time we left, it was a total downpour outside! We huddled under our umbrella as we dashed out to our car -- laughing because we were still getting wet due to the parking lot having huge puddles all over. We decided to swing by the mall on the way home to walk around for a bit before heading back.


Side note, B&BW has a few of their Christmas candles out already and we were more than happy to make a pitstop to check them out! They all smell SO good, but I think this one and this one were my favorites.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 7.44.45 AM.png

On Sunday morning, I was up before the sun and worked on some blog posts while sipping coffee and enjoying some homemade apple cinnamon oatmeal. I also did some research on essential oils and ordered a few new ones to add to my collection.

1 (2).jpg

Later on, after some laundry, cleaning up, and meal prep for the week, I headed out for a walk. I think we've officially reached the point in the season where gloves are a necessity for walking outside! My hands were SO cold by the time I arrived home! The leaves on the trail were spectacular and it felt so good to get some fresh air while listening to an audiobook on my walk.

1 (4).jpg

Later that afternoon, we exchanged cards and gifts for our anniversary and then headed downtown for dinner! I'm excited to see what this next year of marriage brings -- it's hard to believe it's already been six years! 

I'm heading out for a dental cleaning and then am off to work for the day. I'm grabbing dinner with my auntie tonight and I'm really looking forward to catching up with her. Hope your Monday is off to a great start! 

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How long have you been dating / married to your significant other?
What's your favorite essential oil?
I love Stress Away and Christmas Spirit by Young Living!

Friday Favorites #16

Friday Favorites are coming at you on a Saturday this week! This past week has been SO full and I can't wait to share more about it but for now, let's chat about some of my favorites from the week! 

Since it's been such a crazy week, today is going to consist of hitting the gym, running a few errands (we desperately need groceries!), a pedicure, and a haircut! We also might be heading out on our weekly date this evening since we didn't go last night! I'm really looking forward to picking up a Starbucks and then having a relaxing afternoon at the spa -- it is much needed! 


October is definitely our best month in Minnesota and we have reached the peak of fall foliage, crisp mornings, and sunny afternoons. It's been the absolute best and I've been soaking it all in by taking lots of walks around the lake after work!


I'm still obsessed with that tea I found the other day and am contemplating buying a tin now that it's marked down 50% due to the Teavana stores beginning to close. I enjoyed this while browsing around Nordstrom in search on an anniversary gift for Andy. Our anniversary is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to going out to celebrate with him! 


While browsing the mall, I swung by Williams Sonoma on my way out. I just love visiting this store around the holidays -- it's so inspiring to see all of their beautiful tablescapes. They also had their signature spiced apple cider on tap for sampling and it was amazing, of course!


Earlier in the week, I decided I wanted to add another pair of skinny denim to my closet since a lot of my jeans have a lot of distressing which can sometimes be a little chilly in the winter months! While searching for jeans, I couldn't help but try on this adorable quilted downtown field jacket while I was there! I ended up going with this pair of denim; they didn't have my size in the store, so I'm excited for them to arrive on my doorstep next week! 


I've been on a frozen mixed berries kick for the last 2-3 weeks and have a bowl of them over some plain greek yogurt (with a swirl of pure maple syrup for some sweetness) or cottage cheese. It's the perfect before bed tv-watching snack! 

Where do you buy jeans? I almost always get mine at Nordstrom and J.Crew!
Favorite tv-watching snack?

10 Random Facts About Me Vol. 3

I'm back with another round of 10 Random Facts About Me -- you may check out past versions here and here. 


1. Popcorn is my all-time favorite snack and we make it at home on the regular. Growing up, my family used to always make homemade popcorn whenever we'd watch a movie and I always loved it so much! We used to use one of these, but after a close encounter with some popcorn landing on our flat-top stove and starting on fire, we switched to this handy little popcorn maker.

2. My favorite months of the year are all of the ones that end in 'ber! September through December is my absolute favorite time of year -- it's filled with cooler temps, fall leaves, cozy evenings, snow, and the holidays! 

3. I love ice cream but don't like any flavors that have a chocolate base. My favorite ice cream flavor is moose tracks, with cookies & cream and mint chip being close runner-ups. I also don't enjoy fruit-flavored ice cream because it reminds me too much of yogurt, which I enjoy -- but not as a dessert.

4. I used to chew gum constantly and then gave it up cold turkey a couple of years ago mainly due to the amount of artificial sweeteners in it.

5. Board games are one of my favorite things to do with others and I love a good game night! Some of my favorites are Clue, Scattergories, Monopoly Deal, and Backgammon.

6. I don't like drinking cold beverages without a straw.

7. I prefer wearing jeans compared to any other type of pants; I also only buy quality denim, which makes a huge difference in the fit and comfort level. I rarely wear leggings as pants because they make me feel so frumpy! 

8. I've recently realized that I don't like delivery / takeout pizza but love other kinds of pizza. 

9. As a child, I was allergic to red dye #40 and #5 and once had to be rushed to the hospital because of it. I later grew out of the allergy which now makes me think that is really odd or I was misdiagnosed. 

10. I was burned by a sparkler one 4th of July and have been afraid of them ever since -- I haven't touched one in over 20 years.

What are some random facts about you?
Do we have any of these in common?