Events of Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas!

Last night, Andy and I headed down to my parent’s house for a Christmas Eve celebration with our immediate family. We’ll be celebrating with the extended family next weekend–double the fun!

We packed up the car and headed down for a delicious dinner, gift opening, and Christmas movie.

Some time playing with little Hurley was thrown in for good measure, too!

I seriously can not get enough of this dog! How cute is his little Christmas sweater that my brother in law put on him?

We took him for a walk and I kept making him run with Andy and I; therefore, by the time we got home, he was exhausted and pretty much slept the rest of the night. Aww.

As usual, my mom put out quite the spread–complete with fancy table decorations and my grandma’s special dinnerware.

It’s always so fun to see the festive decorations!

The dinner was phenomenal! We had almond-breadcrumb crusted chicken stuffed with pesto, feta, and sun-dried tomatoes, squash, peas, popovers, and wild rice. Everything was so delicious and I was completely stuffed after the meal!

Our gift-opening session was a blast, too! It was both me and my sister’s first married Christmas, so it was fun to start new traditions this year!

My mom included a small batch of her homemade caramel corn in our gift, and Andy and I demolished it in about 5 minutes flat–it was that good!

It was such a fun evening spending it with family to celebrate Christmas and our Savior’s birth. Now I’m off to go put the cinnamon rolls in the oven and wake Andy up so we can open gifts before heading to my in-law’s for the afternoon! Enjoy the day!

Do you ever give homemade treats as gifts?
Ever dress your pet up?
Favorite part of the Christmas dinner? 

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6 Responses to Events of Christmas Eve

  1. Allie says:

    I CANNOT get over how cute Hurley is in the sweater.. omg! LOL :) Your eats look wonderful! Merry Christmas<3

  2. I gave homemade treats as gifts last year, but that’s when I wasn’t working and had a Christmas break. I couldn’t find the time this year! I’m glad you enjoyed your first married Christmas- that’s exciting!

  3. That tree looks so perfect! :)
    Yes, I love making homemade treats as gifts!

  4. I love your new blog layout AND that your pictures are big! So pretty!

    My favorite part of Christmas dinner was probably dessert – homemade apple pie and countless sugar cookies!

  5. Kelly says:

    Looks great!!! :) I am glad you had a great Xmas!

  6. awww that dog is so cute! i love how he is laying in your lap..exhausted haha.

    and i love giving homemade treats as gifts. and everybody else loves them too :)

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