7 Things I’m Loving Lately

It’s a snowy day in these parts and I am so excited to see the ground covered in a blanket of white! I just hope that it sticks around this time.

I’ve had an ongoing list in my phone of things I’ve been loving lately and have compiled a collection to share with you. Perhaps we share some of the same?

1. Sketching characters. Lately, my early Saturday morning routines have consisted of listening to Pandora while sketching–this is something that I used to do quite often and have really enjoyed getting back into. I have a new sketchbook that has been laying around and I’d love to start filling it on a more regular basis.

2. Organization! Ever since we moved in, I still feel “unsettled” since I haven’t had time to completely organize things. After a trip to IKEA last week with my sister, I picked up a ton of these bins to help organize the bathroom cabinet, linen closet, and kitchen pantry–it’s so nice to have everything sorted into bins so it can easily be found on busy mornings.

3. Healthy, homemade dinners. I always feel so much better when I eat healthy options instead of unhealthy foods in a hurry. I also tend to forget how easy it is to pull together a tasty, healthy meal. For this stir fry, I quickly poached some chicken, added frozen stir fry veggies (way cheaper and more convenient than buying them fresh and then washing them before slicing them all up), added some pineapple chunks, frozen edamame, and drizzled with teriyaki marinade. Start to finish: 25 minutes (because of the chicken) but still, not bad!

4. New stations on Pandora and more specifically–flashbacks from my favorites in highschool. Anyone remember these bands/singers? I used to be obsessed with Jump5 and had all of their CDs, DVDs, tees, etc.

5. Frozen berries! Last week, Andy mentioned that he could go for some raspberries so I picked them up at the grocery store. I forgot how much I love these; my new favorite thing is combining a dish of them with mini dark chocolate chips–perfect post dinner treat.

6. Tiny Zoo Friends. I got hooked on this game and now play it every day on my beloved iPhone–it’s basically like a scaled down version of Zoo Tycoon and you earn money by expanding your little zoo and breeding new animals. It’s somewhat embarrassing how much I love this game…

7. New cereal idea. Awhile back, I purchased some corn Chex cereal to munch on as snacks since I love the flavor. Well, the other day Andy came up with the brilliant idea of drizzling it with honey before adding some milk–seriously, best thing ever. I’ve enjoyed this concoction all week for breakfast!

Time to start my day! Enjoy your Friday and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

Ever add anything to your cereal?
Favorite phone or computer game?
Best organization secret? 

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11 Responses to 7 Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. Alexandra says:

    Oh my word I used to love jump 5 and zoe girl!! Brings back good memories :)
    Love your doodling and chex honey idea too!
    Happy Friday, Laura!

  2. christina says:

    I always love all your lists! I need to be better at organizing my stuff. I just need to get rid of a lot of crap!

  3. Katie says:

    I am totally going to buy those dark chocolate chips and frozen organic berries today! Good idea! We have been eating healthier the past few weeks but the sweet cravings are hard to satisfy with healthy options. This looks great!

  4. Happy Friday! :)

    Dont you just love frozen raspberries? They are so delicious! And I love adding some chocolate chips..such a great snack! :)

    I usually add some fruit and raw oats to my bowls of cereal. Makes it heartier and more filling. :)
    Have a nice weekend, Laura!

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  6. Allie says:

    Mmmmm I love your cereal idea! And being organized ;)

  7. and of course more amazing simple ideas! stealing the chex and honey idea.. have to get rid of that christmas cereal still! :)

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