Halloween Goodies

Even though I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, I couldn’t help but design a few graphics for the upcoming holiday. Speaking of which, can you believe that it is seriously only a week away?

However, before I get too ahead of myself, I wanted to share some of these cute Halloween graphics I’ve been working on this past week to use for some personal projects.

For me, Halloween is more of a milestone than a holiday; it means I can start listening to Christmas music, think about putting up our Christmas trees, and getting into the holiday season that I love so much.

Does anyone remember getting Happy Meals during the month of October and using the plastic Halloween-themed pail as a trick or treating sack? This cheery little Frankenstein reminds me of designs that were on those buckets.Also, I must admit, the only thing I really like about Halloween is the candy. Sour Patch Kids, mini bags of Sweet-Tarts, and Bit-O-Honey chews are my favorites of the bunch!

What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
Favorite memory of Halloween? I remember always looking forward to sorting through all of my candy as soon I got back from trick or treating in hopes of my favorites being among the treats!

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16 Responses to Halloween Goodies

  1. Allie says:

    Your graphics are so cute and non-scary. I like that :) . I don’t remember the McDonalds buckets! Totally sad! Maybe if I saw a picture… I’m going to try and look that up right now haha!

    It’s almost time to start the Christmas countdown :D

  2. Cute graphics!! I’m not a huge Halloween person either. I think it’s fun for little kids to dress up, but that’s about as far as I take it. And of course I love the candy. My favorites are definitely the snack size Reese’s PB Cups, Butterfinger, & Snickers. Obviously I’m a fan of the chocolate. ;)

  3. All of your designs are adorable and show that Halloween doesn’t have to be all spooky but can be cute, too! Seriously, you’re such a talented designer!

    As for Halloween candy or memories I don’t have much to share. It just isn’t nearly as well-known over here. I do remember having hosted a Halloween party with a friend when being younger, though. We even had popsicles with gummy worms in them and an edible jelly hand with jelly “blood” poured over. Making Halloween food from scratch can be such fun.

  4. I’m not a Halloween person either! I love your graphics though. So cute!! My favorite part about Halloween is all the kiddos coming around. My favorite thing as a kid was to slowly go through all my candy and then my parents would exchange my candy for things I could actually eat. Dang milk allergy… :) Actually, I thought I was getting special treatment! lol

  5. I’m not a big fan of Halloween either, but I love these cute graphics! And yes, I remember those Happy Meal pails! Actually, when we were driving to Michigan, we stopped at a McDonald’s and they had those pails! Brought back memories.

  6. Leigh says:

    You are listening to Christmas music already?!?! Woah! Lol… I have to wait till after Thanksgiving! But I totally agree that Halloween is a milestone! It’s the start of the Holiday season!

  7. Beth says:

    I love how everyone is saying that they’re not big fans of Halloween, either… definitely the case for me, as well! BUT what I was actually going to say is: I think you out-do yourself every single time you post design-related content! It seriously just keeps getting better and better; this was fabulous :)

  8. I always (try) to make myself wait until the day after Halloween to listen to Christmas music, too. Just one more week! ;)

  9. I love your graphics!! Can I tell you how envious I am of your expertise? Every time I see your illustrations, I think of how amazing my scrapbooking would be if I had your skills :-)

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