Stops Along the Way (Bluefin Bay Part III)

On Sunday morning, we watched one last sunrise, snapped a few more pics of the view, and then packed up our bags to begin heading home.

We had many stops along the way, with the first being Gooseberry Falls–a beautiful hiking trail that we both really enjoy because of the variety of scenery along the route.

As soon as we arrived at Gooseberry Falls, we headed out to the trail–taking in the view of the gorgeous falls area.

Not too long into our hike, we wound up at my favorite spot–the shoreline of Lake Superior!

With the big rocks, crashing waves, and pebble-filled beach, it felt so good to stand by the shore and take it all in.

After leaving the shore, we hiked a bit longer before heading back to Duluth. There, we stopped by Caribou Coffee to grab a drink and meet up with my friend Kelsey and her boyfriend, Matt! They gave us the local’s tour of the city as we chatted about everything from weddings to Crossfit.

Once we circled back to where we had parked, we parted ways to continue our journey home. However, our stops along the way didn’t end there–we ended up swinging by my parents’ new place for a tour and then stopping at Andy’s parents’ house to say hello! I was wiped by the time we arrived home but already miss the North Shore!

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2 Responses to Stops Along the Way (Bluefin Bay Part III)

  1. Lauren says:

    Gooseberry Falls is so pretty! I’ve been there a few times with my parents waaaay back in the day, and it still looks just as gorgeous!

  2. So happy you and Andy were blessed with such beautiful weather on Sunday – it was an amazing day (and my allergies kicked in for some reason!). Can’t wait to see you soon!

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