Counting Down

I’ve always been a planner, a do-er, and achiver. I was joking with Andy a few nights ago about how I may overextend myself at times, but stuff always gets done!

I think more often than not, we tend to get wrapped up in the “counting down”–the waiting, anticipating, planning, and preparing. In the midst of this, we usually lose sight of the now–what is happening around us, while we wait for the next big thing.

Over the past few years, many exciting milestones have happened, but to be honest, once in awhile I find myself reminiscing of simpler days–summer break, more time with friends, a slower-paced day, and less stress.

However, then I look back on what I have now–a marriage, a place for us to live, confirmation that I chose the right career, etc. and I’m reminded how far I’ve come, even if we don’t have a dog, kids, or a house that looks like it could belong in Better Homes & Gardens…yet. Those things will come and I’ll most likely find myself daydreaming of “simpler days” every once in awhile when I didn’t have to walk the dog, drive kids all over the place, or clean three floors of a house.

Just a little reminder to enjoy the now and all of the little things it includes–even while you are “counting down” to the next milestone or event in your life.

What are you currently waiting for?
What’s something you miss? 

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5 Responses to Counting Down

  1. Welcome back to blog land, I’ve missed you! The new header illustration is precious… I want that skirt for myself in real life. :)

  2. Not surprisingly, I feel like I could’ve written this myself. I wrote a post about the “in-between stages” a couple of months ago, and this goes along with that perfectly.

    I miss college when Jordan and I were in that newly in love phase. Our only responsibility was homework and we could spend a whole day watching movies and eating takeout. Then again, at that time, all I could think about was getting married! I love being married, but I would tell girls in that stage to enjoy it and appreciate it. Now that kids are on our minds, I’m looking forward to the future again, but reminding myself to enjoy this time, because I know once we start a family we’ll never get this time back as just the two of us!

  3. Allie says:

    Amen! I absolutely love this post. I think about this a lot. I am so guilty of looking forward to the future instead of enjoying the here and now!

  4. Couldn’t be more on the same level.
    I am definitely planning and making sure everything is “happening” but I think I do need to get better about just being in the here + now!

  5. OOh girl! I get caught up in the count down too! Right now, I’m trying to just be content with where God has me.

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