Apple Orchard Adventures

On Saturday morning, we headed out to visit an apple orchard before checking out the last weekend of the Parade of Homes. 


Originally, we were planning on visiting the orchard we usually go to (I've been going there since I was a kid), but changed our minds at the last minute and wound up at a new (to us) orchard.


We were so happy that we decided to go to LuceLine Orchard instead -- there were so many more activities at this location! Also, as a designer, I loved the lettering style that they used on all of their signage!


It's definitely geared towards families since there were kiddie tractor rides, a corn pit, petting zoo, swing sets, apple slingshots, etc. but we enjoyed so many of the other activities during our visit! Also, how adorable is this hand painted map of the orchard?!


There were huge pumpkins available for purchase, along with all kinds of mini pumpkins, gourds, and squash! 


They had a little store where you could purchase candles, baked goods, apples, and all sorts of random crafts and decorations. It was so fun to look around inside! 


After browsing through the little shop, we headed over to the food area and purchased a bag of mini apple fritters, which ended up being more like apple cider donuts with a little slice of apple in the middle. They were SO good and we polished them off while we walked around the orchard.


The weather for our apple orchard adventure could not have been more perfect! After almost hitting record-breaking temps last weekend, 60 degrees and breezy was welcomed with open arms! 


Side note: I'm definitely a "celebrator" in the sense that I have such a passion for celebrating everything -- no matter how big or small it is. I realized that this past week was the anniversary of our engagement, so I suggested that we use this day date as a celebration of that! We got engaged September 25, 2010 and started dating October 3rd, 2008! 


They also had a beautiful trail that went around the back end of the orchard -- it was filled with flowers, swings, and all sorts of fun things to browse! PS this is the other version of that jacket that I found the other day! 


There was a petting zoo up near the front, and towards the back, they had a large fenced in area with these adorable little donkeys and some cows! 


They also had a hay ride and a corn maze, but we decided to save that for next time since we had afternoon plans and we wanted to grab some lunch beforehand, too! 


We left with a big bag of "Sweet 16" apples and headed off to our next adventure -- Parade of Homes, which I'll recap on Wednesday of this week! 

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Do you plan to visit an apple orchard this year?
What's your favorite variety of apple?