Thanksgiving Round Two

After Thanksgiving at Robertson Ranch, we enjoyed a relaxing day at home on Black Friday. It was almost 60 degrees, so I took advantage of the warm weather and went for a walk after hitting the gym and our neighborhood grocery store. 


Later that evening, we had our second annual appetizers, games, and Christmas movies night. I put out a spread of snacks and apps for us and we played a few rounds of backgammon while we ate.

Afterwards, we watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles -- such a classic to watch during Thanksgiving weekend! We also watched Borrowed Hearts, which is one of my childhood favorites afterwards -- it's kind of cheesy, but I love it since it's one of those "feel-good" holiday movies.


The next day was Thanksgiving round two with the Kaupang's! I enjoyed a quiet morning reading by the Christmas tree before getting ready to hit the road! 


Last year around the holidays, I started using a laundry basket to corral everything that we need to bring to gatherings and it works so well! It feels so much easier than hauling a bunch of bags to the car and then into someone's house.


On the way to Andy's sister's house we stopped to pick up a pumpkin pie from Costco, along with some flowers from Trader Joe's as a hostess gift. Trader Joe's had all of their Christmas goodies out, and I left with a glitter-dusted mini Christmas tree for my desk at work! 


Upon arriving at Jen's, we had some appetizers while caught up with one another before lunch.


The afternoon was spent eating a Thanksgiving meal, playing with our nephews, and watching the football game.


Later on, we pulled out the desserts -- I'm not usually a pie person, but the coconut cream pie was amazing! 


We left around dinnertime, and on the ride home we decided to hit the gym. We made a quick pit stop at home to change clothes, and then headed over to Life Time for a workout. I read this book while on the elliptical and spent the rest of the time listening to a true crime podcast! 

Sunday was the usual -- write blog posts, meal prep, laundry, and relax before heading into the work week. We had a 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving, which was so nice -- however, I always find myself itching to get back into my regular routine after more than a couple days off! 

What's your favorite flavor of pie?
Favorite appetizer?