November Books

Another month, another bundle of books! I'm so excited to share my book review today because this month had some winners! For past book reviews, click here.


In a Dark, Dark, Wood // Ruth Ware
Definitely my favorite book of the month -- I flew through this book at lightning speed because it drew me in right from the beginning. The story of a bachelorette party in the woods gone wrong, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat! I definitely enjoyed this one even more than her other book.

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The Breakdown // B.A. Paris
I grabbed this book due to the recent hype about it! It was a really quick read and while the story was good, it started out a little repetitive and I guessed the ending -- I hate when that happens! I love when a book / movie's ending totally catches me by surprise.

French Women Don't Get Fat // Mireille Guiliano
This book was really interesting and definitely worth a read. I have such a passion for learning about French culture and this book all about their eating habits was both informative and entertaining. There were a lot of recipes in this book, which weren't super applicable for me (I'm really picky), but overall was a great book! 


French Women Don't Get Facelifts // Mireille Guiliano
This book wasn't very applicable -- I felt like the majority of the information was either common sense or already covered in other French culture books that I've read in the past.

The Highly Intuitive Child // Catherine Crawford
I was really excited to read this book because I felt like it would apply to my younger self, but it ended up being about intuitive empaths. I'm a high intuitive on the Myers Briggs scale, but I wouldn't consider myself a very empathic person. I skimmed through this fairly quickly and while some of it was applicable, it wasn't as interesting as I had anticipated.

A Stolen Life // Jaycee Dugard
This book was a hard read -- the years of abuse that Jaycee suffered were unimaginable. I feel like reading this book gave me a new sense of compassion for survivors of abusive situations. Just a warning, this book is not for all audiences -- read with discretion. 

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