Spring Break in AZ: Day 4

We woke up early on Tuesday morning ready to hike and spend the day outside after the day before's rainstorm.

We grabbed donuts on the way to hike Pinnacle Peak and just before we got to the trail head, a quick thunderstorm blew through.

We waited it out by making a quick Target run for more snacks and then ended up swinging by a local restaurant for a quick lunch before take two of the hike. In less than an hour, the sun was shining again so we headed out! 

Pinnacle Peak was well worth the wait--it felt like such as "easy" hike after Sunday's crazy climb up Camelback Mountain!

The weather was absolutely perfect--blue skies, puffy clouds, and plenty of sunshine.

Pinnacle Peak overlooked a beautiful golf course and neighborhood with the mountains in the background--the views were so beautiful! 

After Pinnacle Peak, we headed to Cave Creek Regional Park for a sunset hike around the mountain. 

The views along this hike were so pretty--especially with the setting sun leaving a golden cast on all of the scenery. We got back to our car just as the sun went down--talk about perfect timing! 

We grabbed dinner at a local pizza restaurant on the way back to the hotel and it was located in the cutest little neighborhood! One of our favorite parts of our vacation was exploring new cities and trying out new (to us!) restaurants!