Spring Break in AZ: Day 1

This year for spring break, we headed to Arizona for a week in the warm sunshine! We were at the airport by 5am and despite feeling super sleepy, we were excited and ready to kick off a week away! 

I started reading this book while waiting at our gate and really like it so far! Not as good as The Couple Next Door, but worth reading!

It was my first time flying Sun Country (I usually almost always fly Delta), which means we were in Terminal 2 at the Minneapolis airport! Terminal 2 was definitely a lot smaller (no Starbucks!), but also far less busy than the main terminal--which is always a plus! 

Upon arriving in Phoenix, we picked up our luggage and rental car before heading out to explore the area!

We started out in Tempe, AZ to grab lunch and walk around at a park to stretch our legs and soak up the sun! 

We hung around the park for awhile before heading to the Tempe Marketplace for a snack and a quick Target run to grab a few items such as water, snacks to take on our hikes, sunscreen, etc.

The weather was in the upper 60s with plenty of beautiful blue skies--absolute perfection! 

Tempe Marketplace was such a fun area! There were so many shops, restaurants, and outdoor seating areas! 

We grabbed an acai bowl at Nekter, a juice bar within the Tempe Marketplace and it was delicious! My bestie, Allie, introduced me to acai bowl during my first visit to Hawaii and I've been obsessed with them ever since! It's basically a smoothie bowl that is topped with fruit, granola, and honey--so good! 

After our Target run, we swung by the hotel to drop off our luggage, freshen up, and head out to dinner! We ended up crashing pretty early that evening after such an early morning at the airport! 

Are you going anywhere for Spring Break?
Ever been to Arizona?