April Books

In case you missed it, you may check out my previous book reviews here and here. This past month, I discovered a new genre of books that has easily become my new obsession. The French culture is so fascinating to me and I'm looking forward to incorporating a lot of their mindsets into my life. Their ability to succeed in mastering the "art of living" was so inspiring to me! 

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.31.14 AM.png

Lessons from Madame Chic // Jennifer L. Scott
This book was such a light and easy read -- I breezed through it in just a few short days. The book is a recap of Jennifer's experience while studying abroad in Paris for six months -- covering all of the things she learned about the French lifestyle. This book lit a fire in me because it was so intriguing and most of all -- so simple! I was so surprised to hear that the French typically don't snack between meals, eat on the go, don't wear lounge clothes around the house, and walk to the local markets every few days to keep their groceries fresh. So, so fascinating and well worth reading if you think you'd be interested in this type of lifestyle.

On that note, the second book I read this month was:

Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic // Jennifer L. Scott
This book focused more on the art of living a classy, poised life and it was so fun to read -- mainly because it's so different than how most of us live. I flew through this book in less than 24 hours and noticed myself paying more attention to areas of my life that usually went unnoticed. Things such as posture, being a good guest, proper communication, and more were discussed in this quick little read.

Unstuffed // Ruth Soukup
The third book I read was such an eye-opener and I found myself breezing through this book in just a few short days as well. I came across this little gem at the most perfect time -- as I've been going through many of our closets and drawers lately since my sister is hosting a garage sale early next month. Ruth talks about how clutter literally weighs us down and causes unnecessary stress in our lives. The focus on living a simple life -- one that is free of both physical / mental clutter and unmade decisions was the main takeaway, and this is definitely a book that I plan to refer back to every so often! 

Living Well, Spending Less // Ruth Soukup
After finishing Unstuffed, I immediately picked up this other title by Ruth Soukup. While I felt like Unstuffed met me more where I am in life, this book was well worth reading. I felt that the first half of the book (living well) was more applicable than the second half (spending less), mainly because I feel that I'm already good at managing finances and saving money. I loved how this book talked about the importance of living an authentic, well-balanced life. Definitely something that we all need to be reminded of every now and then! 

The two other books that I read this month started off on a high note, but then I wasn't a huge fan of the rest of the book. These books were The Widow by Fiona Barton and Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter. I wouldn't recommend them as they got a little dark by the middle of each book.

What have you read recently?