Yard Sale Weekend

This past weekend, my sister hosted a yard sale at her house! This was our first time pulling one off and whew, it was a lot of work! Her friend, Brooke, also pitched in and between the three of us, we pulled off a 2-day yard sale.

Due to my recent decluttering efforts, I contributed a lot of stuff that I was happy to get rid of! It's crazy how much we hold onto over the years and how good it feels to finally get rid of it! 

I was on baby duty for most of the two days while Andrea and Brooke ran the sale. It was so fun to spend extra time with both of my little nieces! 

Becca surprised us with her social butterfly attitude throughout the sale -- normally she is quite shy around strangers but this past weekend, she walked right up to them and started telling them which items to purchase! It was so hilarious and fun to see the customers play along. 

My favorite part was when two little boys pulled up on their mini 4-wheeler -- Becca flocked over to them so quickly and kept following them around. It was so funny to watch her enthralled with these two little boys shopping our sale! 

After our sale ended on Saturday afternoon, I quickly packed up all of my remaining items and rushed over to drop them off at the local donation center before it closed at 6pm. 

Upon arriving home, Andy and I immediately headed out for a walk to enjoy the beautiful evening! 

A relaxing night on the couch sounded perfect after a busy day at the sale, so we walked to our local Redbox to rent "Jackie" -- a movie about the life of Jackie Kennedy. I was so excited about this movie and it ended up being just okay -- the story was good, but overall it was a little slow.

Sunday was spent relaxing around the house, breaking out my rollerblades for the season, and watching a few episodes of How to Get Away with Murder while enjoying the last of the moose tracks ice cream from our freezer.

I'm off to work on a branding project before heading out to grab a few items at the mall! Enjoy the start of this beautiful week! 

Ever hosted a garage / yard sale?
Best movie you've seen lately?