Walking In Wayzata

Almost every Friday night, Andy and I head out for a date night. Sometimes this is as simple as going for a walk around the lake or watching a movie with homemade popcorn; other times, we head to a local museum, Mall of America, or restaurant. Whatever we end up doing, we always enjoy having that time together to reconnect after a busy week! 

It was nice and cool outside on Friday, so we opted for an outdoor date. We ended up heading to the cute little town of Wayzata to walk around by the lake.

Once we parked, we headed to the main street area for some frozen yogurt! They had Nutella and toasted marshmallow flavors on tap and they were so good! 

Yogurt Lab is definitely one of our favorite froyo spots! 

After our treat, we headed out to explore the area near the lake. We loved checking out some of these old buildings that were covered in vines.

Eventually we ended up down by the lake -- it was fun to walk around the area and see how much more life there was in the summer verses the last time we were there in March

As we approached the Wayzata Historical Society, we came across the cutest little town replica!

It even had a little train track that went through the city! 

I just love this little town! Everything is so quaint and cute! 

We were hoping to browse through Anthropologie once we reached the retail side of the city, but unfortunately they had just closed for the evening! 

As we were heading back to our car, I noticed this cool brick background in the stairwell of the parking area and suggested that we take some pictures! 

On the way home, we decided to swing by Lakewinds, a local food co-op to check it out! My aunt and many of my Life Time friends have recommended this place to me but I always forget to stop in. It reminded us of a small Whole Foods and we ended up leaving with some cheese and crackers to have as a snack once we got home! 

It was a simple date night but we both really enjoyed being outside, walking around, and having a little treat! 

Where are some of your favorite places to visit?
Favorite flavor of frozen yogurt?