What's On My Phone

I'm linking up with some other bloggers today to share what's on my phone! 

I have the rose gold iPhone 6s and my lease just ended this month -- I'm still undecided whether or not I'd like to upgrade to the iPhone 8 when it launches this fall. I might just keep this phone and get an Apple watch instead since I really like this size and version of the iPhone! Plus, I really want an Apple watch for tracking my running! 

I currently use this case on my iPhone and love that it is clear -- making it super easy to pop my Life Time membership card into the back of it. Whenever I rollerblade, I switch to this case for added protection.

This is the home screen of my iPhone with all of my most-used apps in one handy location. The top row has the basics, so we won't discuss those. Moving on to the second row, we have:

This is my FAVORITE navigation app! I have my friends + family's addresses all saved in here and I love how it lets you know when there are accidents and traffic delays along your route.

I'm a bit of a Starbucks snob and proud of it! My Starbucks obsession began at a young age and I'm still going strong. I love this app mainly because it allows me to walk to Starbucks, pay for my drink, and earn rewards without having to bring my purse or wallet along! 

I use this app for so many things -- lists, working on blog posts while I'm doing cardio at the gym, etc. Everything is organized into a cute little list for easy navigation -- I was inspired by this lovely lady to categorize my notes app into a simplified list like this! 

I track my steps each day using the iPhone Health app. I try to walk 10k steps every day, but in the summer I'm usually closer to 15k. The screenshot above was from my run / walk this morning and I'm planning to do walk 2.0 this evening because it's gorgeous outside and the humidity is not as strong as it was last week! 

Moving on to the next row:


We have two Apple TVs and this app is so much easier than using the remotes since you can type out on a keyboard what you're searching for. It's also super handy when you can't find your Apple TV remotes -- aka when it's stuck in the couch cushion for the millionth time!

This is a meditation app that has a bunch of different options for calming your mind. Personally, I like the Calm app (see below) better, but I keep the Headspace one for whenever I need a change.

I love this app and it has helped me take on a more peaceful mindset. I talk more about this app in my Subscriptions + Memberships post.

I LOVE podcasts and listen to them multiple times per week while walking, working out, driving, or getting ready in the mornings. Some of my favorite podcasts are The French Kissed Life by Tonya Leigh, Personality Hacker, and Up and Vanished by Payne Lindsey.

Below these we have:

I use this app for any type of list that is either ongoing or if it has items that need to be checked off. I love that this app makes it easy to sync information between my work computer and my phone! I use this for any lists that don't have a lot of detail -- lists that are more detailed go in my notes app (mentioned a few apps up).

I'm obsessed with checking the weather mainly so I can plan my runs during the coolest part of the day. :)

This is a full-service Bible app featuring tons of different translations to choose from. My favorite part of this app is the ability to choose from hundreds of reading plans with little devotionals that go with them.

This is the app that I use to borrow e-books from our local library. It makes it super simple to download books onto your phone and I love using this feature whenever I travel to avoid loading my carryon with heavy books.

Next row:

This app merges both of my email accounts (both personal and design) into one! I used to also have my work email synced to this app but removed it because I found myself checking / responding to work emails way too much.

This app houses all of my blog subscriptions and makes it easy to flip through them as if it were a digital magazine. If you're looking for some new blogs to read, these are my top five:

Sequins & Things -- This fashion blog is my favorite because I love Haley's personal style
Mix & Match Mama -- Shay Shull is such an inspiring woman -- love her investment in herself and family
Victoria Strader -- I've followed Victoria's blog for years and love her authenticity and consistency
The Hungry Runner Girl -- I've been "friends" with Janae for forever and love her enthusiasm
Emily Ley -- Love this lady's mission, successful business, and style

This app connects with my Squarespace sites (plural, because I have another website in design stages -- stay tuned!). From the app, I can edit posts and approve / reply to comments on my sites.

I love this app because it allows me to easily track blog traffic and compare it against previous days. If you have a Squarespace blog, you need this app! 

In the last row, we have:

This is an app that I use daily for inspiration in my design and personal life. I love how easy it is to organize my collected pins into categorized boards! Check out my Pinterest boards here! 

I mainly use Twitter to promote my blog and stay up to date with what's going on in the design world. This app is the one that I probably use the least! 

Instagram is hands down, my favorite social media app! It makes it so easy to share photos and videos with friends and family! Are we friends on Instagram? If not, you may follow me here! 

This app teaches you new languages but makes learning into a game! I love the cute illustrations and the fact that most lessons take 10 minutes or less! I'm working my way through the French language, but there are dozens to choose from! 

The next page of my phone mainly consists of boring apps like my Sprint app, settings, bookmarks, etc. The first page of my phone is the one that I access most! 

What are some of your favorite apps?
What phone do you have?