Back to the Bob

Happy Monday! It's been a bittersweet weekend over at our house -- on Thursday afternoon, I received a phone call from my mom to inform me that my grandma had passed away unexpectedly.

This was completely out of the blue, as my grandma was a healthy and active 74 year old. I think we are all still in shock since it was so unexpected -- especially since she was so young. Prayers for our family during this time would be greatly appreciated.

Moving on to the next day, on Friday I chopped off my hair! I went back to the inverted bob and I'm so happy with my decision. I've been alternating between this cut and medium length hair over and over again since 2009 and each time I go back to the bob, I remember how much I love it.

I end up growing it out after awhile because I miss being able to wear ponytails, but once it gets past my shoulders, I'm usually over it! I love long hair, just not on me! This short, sassy 'do just fits me better! My stylist (and friend!) Krista, curled it for me before I left the salon, but I'll be sure to snap of photo of it styled straight this week! 

On Friday evening, Andy and I headed out for a walk since it was so nice outside! Blue skies and lots of sunshine! 

Once we returned home, we had a mini "Christmas in the Summer" evening and ate sugar cookies while watching Christmas Vacation. Random, but super fun for something different! 


The next morning, I met up with my friend Jen for a coffee date at our local Starbucks. Jen and I are in the same small group together (which starts up again in a few weeks -- yipee!), and it was so fun to catch up with her while sitting on the patio.

After leaving the coffee shop, I headed over to Ulta to pick up some new styling products for my short hair. I left with mousse, new hairspray, and a texturizing spray. I also picked up a new teasing comb -- I've used these in the past and they are the best!  

I also sent my friend Danielle a message for some recommendations because she's the queen of short hair, and I'm excited to try out those products as well! Once I nail down my new styling routine, I'll do a post on my favorite short hair products; in the meantime, here's a post about my long-hair routine! 

Side note, did you know that Batiste has a larger size of dry shampoo?! I thought the medium sized can was their largest size and was pleasantly surprised! I typically use a higher-quality dry shampoo such as this one for everyday styling (mainly to give my hair more texture / grip since it's so fine-textured), but if I just need a little dry shampoo before hitting the gym or something, I use a cheaper brand like Batiste.

After Ulta, I headed home to hit the gym with Andy. We both did our own workouts while we were there -- it was a lifting day for him and I caught up on texts, emails, etc. while on the elliptical.

I texted this quick pic to my stylist, Krista to show her my fun little 'do for the day! My hair's a little messy since it was a cardio day, but this tiny French braid (actually, I think it might be a Dutch braid since I braid on the outside rather than the inside) with a little messy bun kept my hair out of my eyes!

Once we wrapped up our workouts, we headed to the Arboretum to walk around since Andy hadn't been in awhile! I usually meet my aunt or sister at the arboretum, so it was fun to have Andy join me this time around.

Since Andy hadn't visited the Arboretum in awhile, I suggested we walk to the new honeybee and butterfly exhibit so he could check it out!

They have the cutest red barn next to the new exhibit, so we took a few photos of that as well! We ended up taking the little trolley back to the main garden center since we were hot and hungry by this point! We literally caught the trolley just in time! 

Later that evening, I walked to our local library to pick up a book I had on hold and also grabbed a few new ones. I checked out at 4:59pm and the library closes at 5pm -- living on the edge, I tell ya! 

Sunday was a rainy, gloomy day. Andy hit the gym and then went to hang out with a friend while I stayed home and read this book all afternoon before taking an unintentional nap on the couch. Yesterday's low-key afternoon was exactly what I needed. This book is SO good! I think it was my friend, Janae that had originally recommended it, but if you enjoy thrillers, definitely check it out! 

P.S. I'm linking up with another blogger today -- be sure to check out her site! 

What's your go-to hair product?
I need a new hair dryer -- any recommendations?