10 Random Facts About Me

I just love reading these types of posts about people -- feel free to play along in the comments! 

1. I'm a super picky eater but it has been pointed out to me on multiple occasions that while I don't like a lot of foods that most people like, I like a lot of foods that most people don't like. I think a lot of this stems from the fact that I'm a vegetarian (I eat a lot of veggies and "healthy" foods) and I don't like typical "comfort food." I also have a huge sweet tooth and will choose sweet over savory almost every time.

2. I was so excited to start my career that I graduated with my 4-year degree in two and a half years. I'm still convinced I could have done it in two years if I hadn't worked a part-time job at a public relations company through college.

3. On the topic of food, I also don't like foods without texture -- for example, my ice cream needs to have some sort of topping on it.

3. I absolutely love Thanksgiving and Christmas -- I start getting excited in August for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas music starts in October In our house, and our Christmas tree is always up by the first week in November. However, come December 26th, everything is taken down and life resumes as normal.

4. According to the Myers Briggs personality assessment, I was an INTJ all my life up until two years ago, and now I'm consistently ENTP. I retake the test every few months just to check in on myself because this still blows my mind. The funniest part is, guess who is also an INTJ? My husband, Andy. 

5. I'm a neat freak and can't relax unless I've tidied up around me. I also love cleaning out closets and simplifying -- it just brings me so much joy.

6. I'm generally a very decisive person and usually act on things immediately once I've made up my mind. For example, when we test drove my vehicle, I was ready to sign the papers as soon as I parked. I know what I like, but sometimes act too soon -- luckily Andy balances me out in this area.

7. I had braces twice -- in 4th grade, I had them on just my top 4 teeth to correct my bite, and then I had a full-set in high school. Side note, I loved having braces and didn't want them taken off.

8. My maiden name was very common and I always wished that my last name was more unique. I was so excited to change my name once we got married -- I feel like "Kaupang" is a better fit for my spunky self.

9. I love change and will often rearrange our furniture just to switch thing up a bit. This typically happens more frequently during the winter months when I start to go a little stir-crazy from being inside all of the time.

10. Before we met, Andy always said he wouldn't marry another designer, and I always claimed I'd never marry someone from the university I attended. Funny how that turned out! Also, Andy and I were both in Italy the exact same week without knowing it -- we met three months later.

What are some random facts about you?
Do we have any random quirks in common?