Finding My Strengths

A few years ago, my friend Ashley mentioned the book StrengthsFinder while we were out for a company happy hour one night after work. I was immediately interested and purchased the book shortly after hearing her recommend it. I love anything related to personal development and / or psychology, so this was definitely up my alley! 

Inside of the book, there's a code to take an online assessment and once completed, you'll learn what your top five strengths are. The book discusses the importance of utilizing your strengths, advice for maximizing your strengths, and an overview of all of the different strengths described in detail. This book is a very short and easy read -- definitely one that I like to glance through as a "refresher" every now and then.


I remember being so excited to learn what mine were -- and then feeling surprised at my results. A few of the top five results that I received weren't necessarily words I'd typically use to describe myself, but after reading the chapters about my particular strengths, I realized that they were spot-on! 


Learning my strengths has helped me immensely -- it helps me to understand what types of environments I thrive in and therefore aids in maximizing my potential. Since one of my strengths is "Achiever", I'm all over this! 

I'd highly recommend this book for both personal and professional development -- plus, it's always fun to learn more about yourself in the process! 

Have you ever heard of StrengthsFinder?
What are some of your strengths?