Allie's Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was filled with lots of celebrations to honor Allie and Christian's upcoming wedding! Since Allie lives in Hawaii, this was actually my first time meeting her fiancé, which was super funny if you think about going to your best friend's wedding without knowing their fiancé! 

On Friday evening, Andy and I met up with Allie, Christian, and our friend Colleen for a quick dinner to say hello! Later that evening, Christian's parents met up with us -- they were so sweet and it was so fun to meet them as well! 

The next morning, I headed out bright and early to meet up with the girls for Allie's bachelorette party! We met for brunch at FireLake, which is a newish restaurant located inside of the Mall of America. I ordered the lemon-ricotta waffles with raspberry sauce and they were amazing! I told Andy that we'll definitely have to return there for a date night sometime! 

More friends joined us for the brunch and it was so fun to reconnect with girls I haven't seen in so long! It was so fun to see my Hawaii friends -- Colleen and Erin, as well as Katie -- one of Allie's friends that I've known since we were in middle school! Erin brought her friend, Heidi, and Allie's friend Kelly joined us as well!

After we finished up at brunch, we broke into two teams for a scavenger hunt throughout the Mall of America. I was on a team with Kelly, Allie, and Colleen -- we had so much fun running all over the mall trying to capture moments of random situations! 

Colleen and I dressed up to capture a "Minnesota moment" in the Minnesot-uh! store! Being around all of these girls made me realize how much I had missed them since I last visited Hawaii! I wish we all lived in the same state! 

We also made a pit-stop along the way to get Allie's ring all cleaned up so it's nice and shiny for the wedding! Isn't her ring absolutely gorgeous?!

One of the scavenger hunt photo ops was to find a bed and pretend to be asleep. Allie and I posed for this picture and I love how she totally looks like she's really asleep! 

Having a "magical moment" inside the princess castle within the Disney store! I'm carrying a shopping bag because I got to the mall early that morning and as I was walking past J.Crew, I noticed that they were offering 50% off their sale room. Hello, Tippi sweaters for $14.99! 

We crossed off each and every item on our scavenger hunt list and still had 20 minutes before we were supposed to meet up with the other team, so we took a quick snack break. Cookie cake is always a good idea! 

After meeting the other team outside of Macy's we left the mall to head to our next stop -- manicures and pedicures!  

We headed to a cute little salon near Allie's parents' house, which is also located in the neighborhood that I grew up in! Allie and I used to live a block or so away from each other and I miss being able to walk to each others' houses in the summertime! It's crazy to think we're all grown up and married now!

Our time at the salon was spent catching up with one another while getting our nails done. I opted for my favorite nail color -- light pink! I'm thinking it will go perfectly with my slate gray bridesmaid dress! 

After we finished up at the salon, we headed over to Allie's parents' house for dinner with both sets of families. Katie and I kept mentioning how much we were looking forward to Allie's mom's cooking because everything she makes is seriously amazing. I'm convinced that she should start a restaurant once her kids are older!

She put out such an impressive appetizer spread, and then prepared a full dinner for us as well. The dessert table was all kinds of amazing, too -- there was some sort of pumpkin dessert, flourless chocolate cake, and homemade s'mores ice cream sandwiches. She also had lemon poppyseed popcorn which I need to track down the recipe for because it was so good! Debbie is hands-down, the best hostess I've ever met and I always love visiting their house! 

The next evening, we headed to downtown St. Paul for the wedding rehearsal and groom's dinner. This time, Andy was in tow with me and it was fun to have a date for the evening! 

We ran through the ceremony a couple of times to make sure everyone knew what their role was and when they needed to perform it. The bridesmaids and I kept joking about how we were already tearing up during the rehearsal! I'll definitely be carrying some kleenex tomorrow evening!

Andy was a trooper and took a bunch of pictures during the rehearsal for us! Also, so many of the bridesmaids are obsessed with Kendra Scott and we had to laugh when the majority of us showed up wearing KS jewelry that evening! 

We left the rehearsal feeling so excited about the wedding the next day! I can't believe her big day is already here! 

Her wedding ceremony overlooks the Mississippi River and the views out the window were so pretty! They definitely chose a special and unique wedding location! 


We were all heading out to our cars when we decided we needed a group shot of the wedding party in front of the dinosaur! 

Afterwards, we all met at The Downtowner Woodfire Grill for the groom's dinner and it was SO good! We will definitely be back there for a date night in the near future as well! I am loving all of this time spent with Allie, her family, and friends this weekend! 

How many weddings have you been in? 
Ever done a photo scavenger hunt?
I did one last year at The State Fair with some friends!