Froyo When It's Freezing

This new year has been off to a crazy start! I had a big project due on Friday, so it's been a busy week so far. This past weekend was spent running all over, but it felt really productive and I'm looking forward to this new week. We also start our new small group this week and we are so excited for that!

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Andy had a guys' night planned for later that evening, so I headed home after work and cleaned up a bit before making a bowl of popcorn and catching up on our DVR. I ended up falling asleep maybe 30 minutes into a movie I had recorded earlier in the week and didn't wake up until Andy got home much later that evening. Is it just me or is falling asleep on the couch to a movie / show one of the best feelings ever?


The next morning, we headed out to the gym -- it was so packed and I was not feeling it. All the machines were taken and there were people everywhere; despite this, I still managed to get a decent leg workout and some cardio in. I think I'll be switching to later workouts until all of these January Joiners are gone! 

After our workouts, we hit Costco to grab a few groceries for the week -- I was excited to find a huge bag of cauliflower rice in their frozen section. This has been my new favorite thing -- I've been making burrito bowls (cauliflower rice, black beans, cumin, tomatoes, olives, sour cream, avocado, taco seasoning, fajita veggies, etc.) out of it lately and it's been nice to switch up my lunches a bit! 

After showers and some lunch, we relaxed at home for a bit before heading out to Mall of America for the evening. Apparently all of MN had this same idea because it was packed -- probably due to the fact that it was freezing outside!


We made a return at Nordstrom, popped into a few of our favorite stores, purchased some new teas, and ate dinner at FireLake, which might be one of my new favorite restaurants. I had brunch there for Allie's bachelorette party back in August, and their dinner menu was just as good! I had the butternut squash + apple bisque paired with a puffed wild rice side salad and both were amazing!


As we were about to leave, we walked past a new macaron shop that had recently opened. I had to pop in and grab one before we left -- macarons are one of my favorite treats ever! 

Sunday was spent packing up a few items to take to our storage unit, laundry, meal prep, and blogging. I also read a good chunk of a book that my sister recommended to me -- it's so creepy but I can't stop reading it! 

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Later that afternoon, I grabbed froyo with my sister and little nieces at my favorite yogurt place. It's been SO cold here lately (most days the highs were in the low negatives), but things are really looking up this week with highs in the low 30s! I'm really looking forward to getting a car wash later this week because of it! 

What was your favorite part of your weekend?
Favorite froyo toppings?