October 2018 Goals

This hasn’t been the lovely fall that we’ve been anticipating (it’s been rainy, gray, and damp for I don’t even know how many days straight). We even have some snow in the 10 day forecast but we’ll see if that actually ends up happening!

Even though we didn’t get the gorgeous autumn that I love so much, I am still really loving this new season of slower days, cooler temps, and all of the layers. Speaking of which, I definitely need to get a maternity winter jacket because my North Face is past the point of zipping up since Little Pang is riding front and center. :)

September Goals Check-In:
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1. Baby Registries
Done! These have been updated and are ready to go! Not only will they be great for our baby showers, but it’s a nice way to see what we still need to purchase for our little guy!

2. Apple Orchard Date

We tried so hard to make this happen but our weather in September wasn’t the greatest — we did have one gorgeous fall weekend but that was the weekend that we painted the living room and did a few other house projects so we didn’t make it to the orchard. This might have to happen next fall instead — which is fine with me, because we’ll have a cute little addition to take on the hay ride! :)

3. Utilize My Planner

This helped SO much! I went back to my roots and started using my planner each week to track to-do lists and my schedule. Will definitely continue to utilize this helpful tool as I move forward through the rest of the year.

4. Finalize Baby Shower Details
Done! Invitations are sent, registries completed, and the party is planned for 10/20.

5. Enjoy The Month

I didn’t get outside as much as I would have liked to, but I’ve been enjoying cozy nights at home with my fall tv shows on the evenings that Andy teaches his design class.

October Goals:

1. Baby To-Do List
I’d love to sit down and make a master to-do list of things we need to do before his arrival. This month I’d also like to purchase the following baby items: diaper bag, baby book, and a crib mattress. I’m thinking one of my November goals will be to finalize his nursery — right now it’s pretty bare but our weekends this month are already all booked up so I’m looking forward to decorating his room in the coming month.

2. Infant CPR Class
I’d like to book an infant CPR class for us to take sometime between now and his arrival so that we feel prepared in case of an emergency with our little guy.

3. Celebrate 7 Years of Marriage with Andy
October 15th is our wedding anniversary but we’ll probably celebrate next weekend since it falls on a weeknight. Click here for a recap of our wedding ceremony!

4. Practice Self-Care
I feel like these past few months have been such a whirlwind with moving, being pregnant, starting a new job, etc. and I’ve started to feel a little run-down lately. I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my evenings at home so that I can rest and relax especially as I enter my 3rd trimester next week!

5. Start Thinking about Christmas Shopping
Like last year, my goal for November is to finish up all of our Christmas shopping by December 1st so that we can slow down and savor the month before Christmas. This month I plan to make a list of ideas for everyone that we need to shop for so that next month we can divide and conquer. Click here for my post on how to finish your shopping ahead of time!

What’s something you’d like to accomplish this month?
Favorite thing to do in October?