Following Intentionally

As we kick off this new year, I’ve been doing some thinking, planning, and prepping about how I can be more intentional in the months that are ahead of us. One thing that really came to mind was to really cull who I follow on Instagram — focusing on friends and inspirational accounts.

I’ve realized that following those whose feeds are made up of mostly sponsored or perfectly styled posts just aren’t what I need to soak up right now. In this season of life I’m craving that raw, real life connection and / or inspiration. Last Sunday morning, I sat down with a homemade blueberry waffle and a hot cup of coffee to really think about the accounts that I choose to follow. Since my list is under 100, it was completely manageable to sit down and write down each handle in this post (the rest of those that I follow are real-life friends and are not included in this list) — it really helped me think about whether I wanted to continue following that account or not. I figured I’d post it here as a reminder of why I follow who I follow — my hope is that you can find some new inspiration from this list!


If you’d like to check out my feed, you may do so by clicking here. I also have a health + fitness account that will be getting a bit more love once baby is born and I’m back to my usual fitness shenanigans (right now I’m just walking and running these last few days before he is born).

@nicolevcole - love this girl’s heart for her family
@hungryrunnergirl - I’ve followed Janae’s blog for YEARS and love her honesty and zest for life
@sarahshaneyfelt - I started following Sarah a few years ago and feel like we are pretty similar!
@emilyanndunham - Love Emily’s blog!
@victoriastrader - Victoria is the most adorable mom to her two littles and I love her outlook on life + style
@shopvictoriastrader - I follow Victoria’s shop account now that we have a little boy on the way!
@hannahelizabethhardy - Love Hannah’s blog!
@amycotton - This pretty girl just had twins!
@kylashattuck - I love reading Kyla’s blog posts about living intentionally and living well.
@jamieleakey - Jamie’s feed is filled with her simple approach to parenting their two adorable boys
@simplybeffie - I’ve followed Beth for many years and love her handlettering style
@lauravbeck - I’ve also followed Laura for years and it’s been so fun to see glimpses of her cute little girl!
@pbfingers - Julie’s blog is one of the first I ever read!
@brittanywhitacre - I recently came across Brittany’s blog and it’s been so fun reading about her two boys
@emilyayerthomas - Emily’s blog is filled with inspiration for living intentionally
@kelseympeacock - I really enjoy Kelsey’s honest and open voice on her blog
@michaelanoelledesigns - This girl’s blog is filled with so many fun things — beauty products, style, and home design

Life + Style Inspiration
@emilyley - I order a planner from her every single year and love her mindset towards running a home
@onelittlemomma - My hair inspiration! Plus she’s a rockstar mom of FIVE adorable boys
@alysonhaley - I’ve followed Alyson for years and love her personal style
@shopalysonhaley - I’ve purchased a few items from her shop since I love her style and she’s petite
@jen.daniels.l - Another MN designer — this girl’s feed is full of real life moments with her kids
@lindsey_reed - Love this girl’s transparency and outlook on life
@ginazeidler - Another Minnesotan — Gina is a local photographer
@wisemanmemories - I’ve followed Ashley’s fitness account for awhile and love this personal acct of hers
@amikkoch - Another MN creative — love her cute style and pics of her puppy and little girl
@laurengleisberglately - I love this girl’s style and approach to life / parenting
@whitv - I just love her style and her little baby boy is the cutest thing ever!

Design Inspiration
@jessbruggink - I sit next to her husband at work and love her design aesthetic
@laura_lee_deyoung - This girl has the best illustration style
@whitneyhansenmckenzie - Whitney used to work at the company I worked at
@whitneymckenziestudio - Whitney’s design account
@petitcollage - LOVE this company and their illustrative style for kids’ products
@alyssanassner - Such a fun illustration style
@cariboucoffee - I follow Caribou since I’ve designed a lot of products for them over the past year

Health + Wellness
@amandalynne21 - This mom of twins not only rocks being a mom but she also has a great workout routine
@drmeghanbirt - Such a great resource for healthy / natural living
@ashleylwiseman - Ashley has such a balanced approach to health, nutrition, and fitness!
@allisonwollenhaupt - Love this girl’s approach to clean eating and fitness
@cobb2208 - I follow her for running inspiration — she is a beast!
@sarahdhaglund - Sarah’s my go-to gal for all things health / wellness related
@learning2loveburpees - This girl’s approach to fitness is so inspiring
@laurengleisberg - Love her outlook on nutrition and fitness

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What are some of your favorite accounts to follow in IG?
Do you take inventory of your IG account on a regular basis?