Life Lately

I unintentionally took last week off from blogging -- we literally had something going on every single night last week and coupled with a busy week at work, there was little time left for the blog! 

I met with a trainer / nutritionist at Life Time two weeks ago for a consult -- I shared with her that I've been feeling a bit burnt out on my current fitness routine and needed something to switch it up a bit. She suggested cutting back on the cardio and switching to total body workouts instead since I'm just not feeling the weight room lately. To be honest, it's be hard for me to transition from intense training to a more balanced workout routine. I have such a black and white way of thinking, so I've been trying to focus on the gray. :)

She also took a look at my current nutrition and laughed when she said I definitely have a background in nutrition! The only thing she recommended changing is bumping up some of my protein sources since I'm a vegetarian -- for example, adding an extra egg or two to my breakfast or increasing my beans to 1 cup instead of a 1/2 cup serving.


Below is a typical day of eats for me:

M1: Ezekiel sprouted grain toast with avocado, 2 organic eggs and tomato slices. Coffee with a tbsp of half and half.

M2: An orange and 1/2 cup cottage cheese

M3: Acorn squash plus a salad with organic mixed greens, avocado, grape tomatoes, 1/2 cup combo of black beans + chickpeas, carrots, hard boiled egg, olive oil + balsamic vinegar for dressing. Small piece of dark chocolate after lunch.

M4: Apple w/ almond butter or plain greek yogurt

M5: Vegetarian chili, steamed broccoli, and grapefruit

M6: Protein shake (Life Time's whey protein plus shake + almond milk + ice)


The other night, we were watching a show when Andy said he was in the mood for a treat -- I lept off the couch and we bundled up to head to our neighborhood market. We picked up a piece of key lime pie for Andy and a pint of Halo Top of me. I loved the spontaneity of the trip (helloooo, ENTP personality type), but I must say -- I prefer regular ice cream to this. It's just not the same.


The other day, I took myself on a solo date which involved ordering a venti peach tea from Starbucks and curling up on a cozy armchair to enjoy CCB's newest book. I loved this book and read it cover to cover in one sitting. I just love everything she stands for -- she's such a great role model! 


I can't emphasize enough how much I've enjoyed having a friendship with my Auntie -- we are so similar personality-wise and it's always so fun to chat about life, psychology, and everything in between with her! For the past two weekends, I've met her for lunch and it's been so refreshing! Last weekend, I arrived at the cafe a little earlier than her so that I could pound through a few lessons in the Bible study that I'm doing with my bestie. It's such a good one and I've found myself waking up early each morning just to do some reading before heading out to work for the day! 

That catches us up to the current! What's new with you?
What's your usual treat of choice?