Rest, Relax, Recharge

Whew! This past weekend was just what I needed after a really full week!

On Friday evening, we caught up on some shows from the week and called it an early night. On Saturday morning, Andy headed off to the gym and I did a cleaning spree throughout the house. It felt so good to open a few windows to get some fresh air inside! 


After cleaning and then getting ready for the day, I decided to head to Starbucks to read for awhile. Andy's sister and her husband sent me a Starbucks card for my birthday so I added it to my Starbucks app before heading out the door.


The Starbucks that I went to was SO busy and loud! After awhile, things cleared out and quieted down -- perfect for an afternoon of reading! 

Later that afternoon, I headed to the gym for an upper body workout and finished up with a quick walk on the treadmill so I could finish listening to my podcast. Afterwards, I hit the steam room and it felt SO good! I used to use the steam room twice per week, but then fell off of that train -- I'm thinking it might need to become a regular occurrence again. I took a quick shower afterwards and then headed home.


The sun had come out during my drive home and the temps were in the mid-40s, so I decided to walk to the library to return a few of the books that I had finished this past week (my monthly book review will be up on Thursday this week). It felt so nice to be out in the sun and fresh air! 

Andy was watching two basketball games at once when I arrived home, so I binge-watched a few episodes of The Resident in the other room -- I didn't love this show at first, but now I'm hooked on it! 


Sunday was spent reading this book while working my way through multiple loads of laundry. It rolls Myers Briggs, Enneagram, Strengths Finder, and the Love Languages all into one -- so, so good if you're into personality / psychology! After wrapping up the laundry, I headed to the gym for a workout and then went for a walk while listening to the latest episode of Casefile. 


I swung by Target on the way home to grab a few groceries and spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home! We'll be out of town next weekend for the holiday, so it felt good to have a low-key weekend! 

What are your plans for Easter?
Is it warming up where you live?