Weekend at the Ranch

Spring finally hit Minneapolis two weeks ago, so earlier that week I requested Friday off so that I could head up to my parent's place which we call Robertson Ranch.


It always feels like a mini vacation up there since their spacious house sits on 20+ acres and has beautiful views.


I drove up on Friday and upon arriving, my mom and I headed to the grocery store together. We picked up some food for the weekend and then headed back to her house for lunch.


I brought some treats from Bellecour -- their macarons are simply the best! 


We hung out for a bit and then later that evening, we made some guac and pico to have with our quesadillas and taco salads! This is a meal that always hits the spot! 


Later on, we enjoyed some frozen yogurt while watching a movie -- my mom shares my love for the creepy Lifetime Channel movies, so we watched a few of those over the weekend! 


Before heading off to bed, I used their jacuzzi soaker tub -- I can't wait until we have a bathtub again! Our current house only has a shower and I miss taking a relaxing bath -- especially in the winter! 


The next morning I enjoyed some coffee while reading a book before we decided to head out for the day. 


We headed out to a local park to walk on the trails -- we got a little lost on the way and I was starving, so we swung by Starbucks to grab a snack and a water. It felt SO good to be outside and walking around -- we must have said "it's so nice out!" at least 10 times during our walk.


Our our way to the park, we passed by the cutest little house! The colonial style home is my absolute favorite! 


Upon arriving home, my dad suggested going out to dinner at a little local restaurant. We ordered flatbreads and then a couple of desserts before heading back home.


The next day, my mom and I went for a long walk around their neighborhood -- it's such a different life up there with neighbors spread out so far! 


I decided to take advantage of my parents' in-garage vacuum system and give my vehicle a good detailing! It felt so good to get all of the salt and sand out of the car.


Sunday was much warmer than the previous two days, so we were able to sit out on their porch and enjoy our lunch -- their porch is one of my favorite things about their new house! I stayed out there for awhile to read and then my dad lit the firepit that resides in the middle of the table! 


Of course this called for some marshmallow roasting! 


Later that evening, I packed up and headed home -- I actually had to turn on the AC for a bit during the drive home -- crazy considering the fact that we had almost 20 inches of snow just a week earlier! 

Do your parents live nearby?
Have you turned on your AC yet?