Back-to-Back Easter Celebrations

Easter felt so early this year! I'm looking forward to it being a bit later in April next year so that the weather will be a little warmer! We ended up doing back-to-back celebrations this year which involved a lot of packing but we made it work! Since Andy's brother lives about an hour north of us, and my parents live an hour north of him, we decided to just spend the night at their house to avoid backtracking.


I swung by Target on the way home from work on Friday evening to grab a few items for a dish I planned to make for our Easter celebrations that weekend.


Target was a nuthouse and I quickly made my way in and out fairly quickly -- so many last minute shoppers! I never used to be a last minute kind of person, but ever since switching over to being an ENTP, it happens more often than I'd like to admit.


The next morning, we packed up and headed out to Andy's brother's house for Easter #1. We woke up to a ton of snow (welcome to Spring in Minnesota), so my North Face gloves, Sorels, and winter jacket definitely came with me. Definitely the opposite of Easter last year when it was 65 degrees and sunny!


We enjoyed a lunch together, played with the nephews, and then had some dessert before packing up and hitting the road to Robertson Ranch.


I read the whole way there and the drive flew by! I just started this book last week and finished it super quick -- it was so good! 


Upon arriving at my parent's house, we got settled in the guest room and then headed to the kitchen for some dinner. My mom made her famous homemade tomato soup and it hit the spot! It had pesto, veggie cream cheese, carrots and a bunch of other random ingredients in it -- it's always a favorite of mine! 


Afterwards, we hung out for a bit while Andy watched one of the final four basketball games. Later on, we made some homemade stovetop popcorn (the best!) and watched a show together before heading to bed. The next morning, I woke up and enjoyed a cup of coffee before helping my mom prep the Easter meal. Why does coffee always taste so much better when someone else makes it for you?!


We made some strawberry banana smoothies and then got to work in the kitchen! 


We prepped fruit kebabs, popovers with maple-cinnamon butter, veggie trays, relish trays, a type of broccoli au gratin, and some twice baked potatoes! 


I also made this Greek quinoa salad and it turned out to be a winner! I'm definitely more of a "make it up as you go" type of cook, but I feel like things usually turn out! I combined cold quinoa with chopped cucumbers, roma tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, kalamata olives, fresh mint, chickpeas and a dressing that consisted of lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, s&p, and dill.


Once the food was prepped, I headed upstairs to the loft to play Chinese checkers with Andy while we waited for family to arrive. He beat me five times in a row -- I'm good at strategy games, but he is literally a mastermind at them! 


Once the family arrived, we hung out and enjoyed some snacks before sitting down for a meal together.


Everything tasted so good! We tried out a few new recipes this Easter and they were definitely winners! 


After we finished eating and helping with dishes, we headed back up to the loft (a big game room with a bar, pool table, etc. that overlooks the kitchen / living room) for some more games. I beat Andy at backgammon while my uncle and grandpa played a game of pool. My dad taught me to play this game when I was probably in 2nd grade or so and it's been a family favorite ever since. As seen in the photo above, this game has gotten a lot of love over the years as it's starting to fall apart! 


Afterwards, we dug out our old game of Life from the early 90s and enjoyed playing that for a bit of nostalgia! I always loved this game as a kid and it was fun to play it with Andy this time around.

Shortly after the games, we packed up and started our trek back home to gear up for another week. We unpacked once we arrived home and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing and catching up on some shows.

Favorite Easter food?
Favorite memory from this past weekend?