June 2018 Goals

First, let's recap last month's goals! 


1. Bible Study
I've been dragging on this! I need to make it part of my weekly schedule so that I can commit to it. My bestie mentioned that she sometimes goes to Panera to grab a meal and power through anything she needs to get done and I was so inspired by that idea! I'm thinking I might do that so that I can get all caught up! 

2. New Pajamas
Done! I ordered these and I'm obsessed with them -- they're super soft and lightweight -- perfect for summer! 

3. Lunch Breaks
I did this as often as I could -- some days work was really busy or it was just too hot out to get out for a walk.

4. Transition to Outdoor Running
This definitely didn't happen! 

5. Book a Brow Appt
Done! I booked this on a whim two weeks ago because I had gotten to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore! It feels SO good to have fresh brows!


1. Consolidate My 401k Accounts
I'm dreading this task, but it's been hanging over me for awhile and I'd love to get both of my 401k accounts rolled into one so that it's easier to manage.

2. Drink More Water
Lately I've felt really dehydrated with our high temps so I'd love to focus on upping my water intake.

3. Get Back Into My Blogging Groove
I haven't been making this little space of mine a priority, but I have missed writing. I'd love to get back to posting regularly this month! 

4. Take a Trip Up to Robertson Ranch
I'd love to head to my parents' place for a weekend of R&R!

5. Hit the Pool Regularly
Now that it's summer, I really want to soak up these days and spend time both reading by the pool and swimming!

What's one thing you'd like to accomplish this month?
Favorite part about June?