August 2018 Goals

I feel like we've been waiting for this month for forever! We have the keys to our new house and are so excited for all that this month has to offer, such as settling into our new home, being neighbors with my sister, the MN State Fair, and Andy's birthday!

Andy also goes back to teaching this month, so I'm planning to be intentional with the nights that I'm flying solo. Last fall, I was really good about coming home, making myself a healthy vegetarian meal, and then taking time to recharge by giving myself a manicure, watching a favorite show, or reading a book.

You may read about last month's goals here, and my progress on those goals is below:

1. Pack up the house! 
Done! Now we just need to finish unpacking! 

2. Go for more walks
Done! I went for walks in the early mornings and on the cooler days.

3. Find a new Bible Study for the fall
Didn't accomplish this, but will probably wait until next month to look into new studies since this month is going to be a little chaotic.

4. Start researching small groups for the fall
Didn't accomplish this -- might look into it still, otherwise will wait until spring.

5. MOVE INTO OUR NEW HOUSE, no big deal!
Done! We are so happy to be in our new place!


1. Paint!
We for sure want to repaint our office, fireplace accent wall, dining room, and master bathroom. All of the other rooms are different shades of gray, so they are good to go! I'm hoping to have my mom or sister help me since they're pros and I've never painted a room before! 

2. Focus on an Intentional Evening Routine
I really want to create a new routine for myself that helps me to unwind before bed. Our new house has an awesome soaker tub and I'd really love to use that often, in addition to doing things I've been slacking on such as moisturizing my face before bed.

3. Tap! 
Andy found my old tap shoes and I am itching to take them down to our basement and practice some of my old techniques and routines! 

4. Unpack
Now that we're in our new house, I really want to focus on getting unpacked and settled before fall! 

5. Start Shopping for a Dining Room Table
Our new house is an open-concept layout and has an open-air dining area where we plan to put a dining room table. I'm looking forward to eating dinner together with Andy and hosting friends / family for meals around this table.

What is one thing you'd like to accomplish this month?
What's one thing you're proud of accomplishing last month?