August 2018 Books

Another month, another stack of books! Just a reminder, you may view all of my past book reviews by clicking here.


The Party // Robyn Harding
This book was such a quick and easy read but the story was pretty good! It follows an account of an accident that occurs during a 16 year old's sweet 16 party and keeps you guessing as to what really happened that night. There's a twist at the end that I didn't see coming and it made me appreciate the story even more.

Cure for the Common Life // Max Lucado
This book was just okay -- definitely not my favorite and I didn't really find it applicable. 

The Turquoise Table // Kristin Schell
I had really high hopes for this book, thinking that it would be like this one that I loved. However, it just didn't do it for me! Overall, it was just a little too cheesy! 

Love Your Life, Not Theirs // Rachel Cruze
I picked up this book not realizing who Rachel Cruze is -- there were some good takeaways, but I felt that a lot of what she talked about was common sense.

Let Me Lie // Clare Mackintosh
I felt like this book was a little hard to get into -- I'd have to say that I enjoyed her other books better! 

Body Love // Kelly Leveque
I was really excited for this book but overall felt that it didn't really fit my lifestyle. Kelly is a nutritionist that talks about healthy eating, but her plan is based around three meals instead of many smaller meals. Great concepts, just not for the way I typically eat.

The Light Within Me // Ainsley Earhardt
I LOVED this book! I had never heard of Ainsley before picking up this book and I fell in love with who she is as a person and loved reading about her story to where she is now. Would highly recommend this inspiring book! 

If You Only Knew // Jamie Ivey
This one was just alright -- I've listened to a few of Jamie's podcasts, but her book wasn't my favorite.

What's one book you've read recently?
Any great fall book recommendations?