Fletcher + Mom Flying Solo

Andy went back to work the other day (he still has some paternity days left but we’ll shuffle those around as we need them) so it was just Fletcher and me!


I’ve decided that next week we will focus on getting into our new routine, and we’ll just finish out this week taking things as they come. There have been a few things that have popped up this week that have made me realize what I’d like to both keep and change in our daily routines and rhythms.

For example, Fletcher eats every three hours in the night — I’m not usually a night owl, but for some reason it just feels so much easier to stay up until midnight to feed him, then set an alarm for 3am and 6am as opposed to going to bed around my usual time (10pm) and then waking up twice in the night.

I’ll cover this more in-depth in my postpartum post (trying to decide if I should do this as early as next week or wait until more time has passed?), but showering daily is a game changer for me. The first few days at home, I was in pajamas all day and definitely skipped a couple days of showering which made me feel frumpy and tired. Showering each morning after feeding Fletcher has helped me so much not just in terms of my energy levels, but I also feel like my mindset is so much better which helps me be the best mom I can be.

Anyway, back to our first day flying solo! Things went SO well and honestly, I’m still just so thankful that adding a baby to our family has been such a smooth transition for us. The first day Andy went back to work, he went into the office about an hour later so that I could feed Fletcher and then make a few phone calls to set up some appointments for him.


Once Andy left, I made a shake (these have been such easy breakfasts for me since I can sip them while doing other tasks), and then pumped for awhile while reading a library book with Fletcher snoozing on the bed next to me.

We’ve set up our master bedroom as kind of a “home base” area for the time being and it seems to be working really well for us. We have a diaper caddy stocked with diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, hand sanitizer (we love this one so much!), and a little cloth to use as a “pee pee teepee” after some impressive showers last week. We’ve also set up a bassinet in the corner and have a pump parts washing station on the bathroom counter. My sister is also letting us borrow her mini bassinet that can go right on the bed — this is super helpful when we want to easily move him around to another room while he is sleeping. I bought a little bouncy seat which we’ve dubbed “monkey seat” and it has been so helpful to plop him in there when I want to shower or pump while still having him nearby. He loves this little chair because it not only vibrates, but also plays nature sounds and nursery rhyme music.

One thing of note about having a newborn is that your day flies by so quickly! I swear, most days I don’t eat lunch until 2pm because I’m just so busy between taking care of him, doing a few household chores, and taking care of myself (shower, getting ready, etc.).


After pumping, I quickly showered and applied some makeup and then it was time to feed Fletcher again. He ate, was burped, and then we had a little spa day in the bathroom.


I turned on spa music (mainly for my own peace of mind), filled his baby bathtub in our soaker tub, and gave him his first bath at home (he had one in the hospital last week). After awhile, babies start to smell like dried milk since it gets stuck in the little creases of their neck so it was so nice to get him all clean again!


He was NOT a fan of the bath until the rinsing portion of it was over. Once he was all clean, I dried him off, combed his hair, applied oil with a cotton ball since his skin is still a little on the dry side from being born past his due date, and then filed his little tiny nails. After this, I dressed him in a little onesie and sweatpants before laying him down on our bed for a nap.


I pumped for a bit (I’m both pumping and breastfeeding to help regulate my milk supply) while eating lunch. These snack tray meals are one of my favorites since it’s an easy way to hit multiple food groups (proteins, fats, and carbs) — plus it’s fun to switch them up to keep things interesting.


Once that was done, I finished doing my hair, threw in a load of laundry, tidied up the kitchen, and then folded a basket of laundry that’s been sitting in our guest room all week.


After awhile, I woke Fletcher up to eat again, burped him, and then we headed out for a little fresh air. We took a selfie in Fletcher’s bathroom before heading out and he surprised me by posing with his little peace sign. His little winter bomber hat is too big for him right now but we had fun playing dress up for a few minutes!


Even before he was born, I knew that I was not one of those moms that could sit in the house all day — I just need to get out even if it’s just to run an errand or two. I put him in his carseat and covered him with the little wraparound to keep him warm since it was pretty chilly out.


Our first stop was the Starbucks drive through for an iced Americano for a little treat!


Next, I pulled into an empty parking spot and submitted a mobile order for Chick-Fil-A so that I could grab a sandwich for Andy (I had a CFA reward to use up by the end of the week).


It was my first time using the mobile ordering option and it was so slick — I just swung through the drive through and let them know I had a mobile order, then drove up to the window to claim my meal. We’ll definitely be using this feature again in the future especially when it’s winter!


Upon arriving home, we hung out and relaxed for a bit while waiting for Andy to get home. Once he was home, I ate dinner and then took a hot bath before spending time with my boys for the rest of the evening!

We try to do tummy time with Fletcher every day and since he is so small, that usually looks like him sleeping either on my chest or Andy’s — it’s so funny because he always curls up when he does this just like he probably did when he was in the womb. This is my favorite way to hold him because he just seems so peaceful and content to be laying on me or Andy.

It’s crazy to think that this is my “new normal” for the next few months — it still feels surreal that I’m a mom but I am loving every minute that I get to spend with this sweet little boy!

Are you a homebody or do you need to get out each day?
Favorite item to order at Chick-Fil-A?