February 2019 Goals

I feel like I was chomping at the bit to get to January just so that we could meet our little baby but now that he is here, time needs to slow down because he is getting bigger everyday! My goals for January were a little more lax that usual since I knew we’d be busy adjusting to life with a newborn but now that we’re headed in the right direction of establishing a routine, I’m ready to get back to business in terms of goals for the month of February!

January Goals Check-In:
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1. Have a Baby!
Done! Fletcher James is here!

2. Soak Up this Season
Loving this sweet season of life that involves lots of cuddling, naps, and diaper changes.

3. Participate in The Simplicity Challenge
I completed most of these, just need to finish typing up the recaps — for the sake of efficiency, I might just combine the rest of the recaps into one final post. Here’s a recap of Week 1 and Week 2 though!

4. Have Grace for Myself
I’m so proud of myself for making really great strides in this area. I’ve been prioritizing taking baths, reading, taking naps when Fletcher is sleeping, etc. I’m also surprised by how much grace I’ve had for my body / mind as I recover from birth!

5. Accept Help
I’ve realized that what I’m really longing for is more connection with friends so I’ve been reaching out and setting up some things to look forward to in February to help me get out of the house and get my social fix! So far I have a girls’ night with the neighbors, coffee date with a friend, and a girls’ night with my Mom’s Life group planned and I’m so looking forward to all three of these! I also haven’t seen my auntie in awhile so I’ll probably be reaching out to her soon as well as scheduling some time with my sister and Fletcher’s little cousins!

February 2019 Goals

1. Set Up a Family Calendar
This is something we’ve been talking about doing for forever and February is going to be the month to do it! I want to set up a digital calendar that syncs with both of our phones — especially now that we have a baby and need to coordinate making sure one of us can watch Fletcher if the other person has something going on in the evenings or a weekend.

2. Fill in Baby Book
I’d really like to get a jumpstart on this while everything is still fresh in my mind

3. Establish and Commit to a New Fitness Routine
I was a little worried towards the end of pregnancy because my motivation for working out was so low due to being so uncomfortable, exhausted, etc. However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that I’ve been itching to get back into working out and eating super healthy again now that I’m no longer pregnant! My doctor said I can do anything I did at 9months pregnant so I’ve been using our treadmill daily and will incorporate lifting once I hit the 6 weeks mark at the end of the month. My gym membership also reactivates March 1 and I’m honestly really looking forward to heading back there for some strength training followed by a trip to the steam room and a shower before heading home.

4. Pedicure + Haircut
These are two appointments I’d like to make this month — a pedicure mainly for a self-care afternoon and a haircut because this little bob could use some touching up! I actually scheduled the pedi appt already and am really looking forward to grabbing a Starbucks and heading to the salon tomorrow afternoon during Fletcher’s nap time (Andy will watch him at home while I’m gone).

5. Set a Tentative Cleaning Schedule
Now that I’m home during the week, I’d love to establish some sort of tentative cleaning schedule to help stay on top of things while taking care of a baby. We usually tidy up a little each day (wipe down counters, empty dishwasher, etc.), but I’d love to knock out one bigger cleaning task each day to avoid having to spend a whole morning cleaning the house.

6. Organize Photos
I’m getting a little wild and crazy this month and doing six goals instead of five mainly because I really want to get a good system for organizing our photos in place. I’d love to archive these online using Dropbox or Google Drive so that all of Fletcher’s photos are organized by month / event.

What’s one thing you’d love to accomplish this month?
What’s your least favorite household task?
Mine is the dishes!