January 2019 Books

I whizzed through so many books this month due to being home on maternity leave — two of them were great, the rest were just kind of so-so. If you’re interested, you may view all of my past book reviews by clicking here.


Just Between Us // Rebecca Drake
I loved this book because it reminded me a lot of this one, which was also a favorite! The story covers a group of friends that are trying to help save one of the women in their inner circle that has an abusive husband. There’s a great twist at the end that caught me by surprise!

Refuse to Choose // Barbara Sher
At first, I wasn’t really into this book but then there was something that really caught my eye — the author talks about “scanners” which is term to describe people that aren’t just into one thing, but prefer to dabble in many different interests and areas of life. This was definitely one of those books that gave me an “ah-ha!” moment as this is something I have been dealing with my whole life and never knew that there was actually a term for it. I’ve always said to Andy and my friends that I have so many interests and feel like a lot of them don’t really go together — I want to do everything but also feel like it’s just not possible since many of them are full-on careers.

For example, I want to write an autobiography, counsel people with mind-body disorders, become some sort of personality analyst, work for or own a business that focuses on illustrated products for kids, be a mom, write books and go on a book tour, be a motivational speaker, own a home-organization and catering business, etc. So many things, so little time! One of my main takeaways from this book is that scanners are often big-picture people and love scheming up things, kicking them off, and then are ready for the next big thing. I didn’t realize how true this was for me — as I’ve realized I love the brainstorming of ideas, starting the project, but then handing it off to someone else to focus on the details and wrap it up. In short, the word for this is visionary — which brought so much clarity to my life. This is definitely something that I plan to do some further research on, but it really made me excited to learn this about myself.

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding // Le Leche League International
My friend recommended this book to me and it has been SO helpful! I even reached out to the Le Leche League group in my area for a quick phone consult with one of the leaders when I had a few questions about breastfeeding last week. This book covers so much and is definitely one that I’d like to continue to reference as we figure out this whole adventure of feeding Fletcher.

I Could Do Anything // Barbara Sher
This book was good, not great. Like her other book, I felt like a lot of the info was stuff that I’ve heard before and nothing felt mind-blowing to me.

The Gift of Fear // Gavin De Becker
I had high hopes for this book but it ended up being completely different than what I was anticipating. I was thinking it was more of a psych book, but it kind of had a different vibe to it.

Cultivate // Lara Casey
I feel like Lara’s other book was a lot more relatable for me, but this book was a good read if you’re in a season of life where you just need a jump start in different areas.

Where We Belong // Hoda Kotb
Meh, this book was not my favorite and left a lot to be desired — it was basically a collection of motivational stories but I felt like they didn’t feel too inspiring to me since I couldn’t really relate to any of them.

Chasing Slow // Erin Loechner
I was really excited to read this one and it ended up being kind of strange. I felt like the content jumped all over the place and it was hard to follow — not a fan.

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