March 2019 Goals

I’m a little behind on posting about these for the month, but I’m going to roll with it since I’ve had these goals written down since last month and have already started making progress on them!

February Goals Check-In:
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1. Set Up a Family Calendar
Done! We started utilizing iCal for our family calendar and so far, it is working really well for us. I love that we both can view the calendar on our iPhones, iPad, and Macs! I still use my Simplified Planner as well, but love the digital iCal for easy calendar sharing between Andy and I.

2. Fill in Baby Book
I have the majority of the birth / one month pages done! I ordered a huge stack of photos last week so I’ll be sure to add those to his baby book once they arrive.

3. Establish and Commit to a New Fitness Routine
Done! This feels SO good to be back into my routine — not just physically, but also mentally! I’ve been strength training 3 days per week and using my treadmill throughout the week. I’m really enjoying being back in the gym but am also looking forward to many walks / runs outside once it warms up!

4. Pedicure + Haircut
Done! Both felt amazing and I’ll probably get another trim before I go back to work next month so that my locks are nice and fresh!

5. Set a Tentative Cleaning Schedule
Ha! This definitely didn’t happen especially since Fletcher dropped one of his naps starting at 6 weeks.

6. Organize Photos
I started on this one and then felt kind of overwhelmed by how many photos I had on my iPhone. I’m hoping to sit down and power through this on a Saturday afternoon this month or next.

March 2019 Goals:

1. Introduce Bottles
I’d love to introduce these so that once I go back to work, it’s one less transition for Fletcher to adjust to.

2. Schedule a Dental Cleaning
I was supposed to go in October but ended up canceling it due to being afraid of another latex reaction. I’m going to call around and find a latex-free office and schedule a cleaning so that it’s one less appointment for me to schedule around once I’m back at work.

3. Enjoy Maternity Leave
I’ve got a month and a half left and I’d like to really soak up this special time when it’s just Fletcher and I at home!

4. Look into Infant CPR Class
I’d love to have Andy and I complete a class on this in the next month or so!

5. Get Back into Blogging Routine
Like anything, whenever I fall out of my routine it’s always tricky to get back into the swing of it! I took some time off the last few weeks but have really missed blogging! I’m hoping to get back to my regular posting within the next week or so!

What’s something you’d like to accomplish this month?
What’s one thing you love about the month of March?