Fletcher James: Two Months

Height + Weight: 

I’ll update this after his pediatrician appointment this week!


Clothes + Diapers: 

He’s pretty much out of the preemie clothes and his newborn clothes finally fit, so it’s been super fun to dress him in little outfits! He’s still in newborn diapers and probably will be for awhile still.



Fletcher dropped one of his morning naps, but still takes multiple naps per day, including a few long ones (3ish hours). He still only wakes up once in the night to eat which is so nice for Andy and I! I usually use his nap time to work on the computer, clean up the house, or do a quick treadmill workout.



We’re still following the wake, change diaper, eat, play, sleep cycle and we’ve gotten a little more regular with it this month. This seems to work really well for him because it keeps him from hitting that “hangry” point.



Looking at books, his Mamaroo swing, napping on Andy and I, car rides, playing with his plastic ring toys — he has started holding them and bringing them to his mouth on his own now, being bounced, listening to us sing silly songs, and doing tummy time on the floor.


Being cold (post-bath or being picked up with our cold hands), being hungry, being set down when he wants to be held. Whenever he is being very adamant about what he wants, we jokingly call him “Lord Fletcher” since there’s a restaurant here with that same name. :)


On Fletcher’s “two month birthday” (3/13/19) he rolled over from his tummy to his back! It was so fun to see and since then I’ve seen him do it one other time! He also has started smiling socially and making cooing noises which we think is the cutest thing ever!


Special Memories:
Fletcher met my parents a couple weeks ago!


Pediatrician, chiropractor, Target, Trader Joe’s, out to lunch with my friend Jayme, a road trip to Robertson Ranch to meet his grandparents, and the library.