Fletcher James: Four Months

Height + Weight:
He’s been packing on the pounds lately and clocking in at 12lb 4oz at his 4-month appointment early in May. I believe he was around 25 inches tall, too.


Clothes + Diapers:
Fletcher is wearing some 0-3 months (mainly anything from Target — I’ve found that theire Cat & Jack brand runs a full size larger than what the label states). Everything else he wears is typically 3 months or 3-6 months. He’s long and lean just like his daddy, so he tends to run out of room in the length before things get too tight width-wise! I really want to find him a pair of swim trunks but I think I’ll wait until we get his little pool to purchase those since I’m not sure what size he’ll be in come July.

As far as diapers go, he is still in size 1 but we are thinking of bumping him up to size 2 once we run out of those. We also switched to the Costco brand of diapers and surprisingly like them SO much better than the Pampers Swaddlers that we were using. Way less leaks and blowouts!


He’s been a little spotty with naps mainly due to teething. Some days he takes awesome naps, other days he won’t nap except for a few catnaps here and there but then will sleep all evening. I foresee this pattern continuing for awhile since his pediatrician said his top teeth look like they’ll be joining the party soon.


We’re still on the same schedule, but still let Fletcher let us know what he’s ready for next (we don’t force feedings at certain times and aren’t super strict about naps at this point in time, either). We’ve also started doing a lot more with Fletcher now that it’s finally nice out and he’s a little older. He typically runs errands and attends more events with us — which has been really fun to include him in all areas of our life! :)


Books, all toys, trying to steal my food while I’m eating, people watching — especially his cousins and the neighbor kids, trying to sneak peeks of the tv, being outside, going for walks, and playing with his Little People playsets. He pretty much likes everything at this point except for being hungry, overly tired, or in pain from teething.


Fletcher cut another tooth this month and it’s so cute to see two tiny little bottom teeth whenever he flashes his cute little grin! He’s also SO close to rolling from back to tummy — he’s done it once but only because he was laying on the furry rug in his room so he was able to grab the fibers and use those to grip and pull himself over. ;) We’ve also stopped swaddling Fletcher at night because of this.


Special Memories:
We hired a new full-time nanny for a couple of reasons — 1. my sister is PREGNANT with her third and is due in November! We are SO excited to gain another little cousin this fall! 2. The number of hours that we need nanny coverage will be increasing in the next couple weeks (more on this later). We miss having my sister and her girls here with Fletcher but we’ll continue to do cousin outings and swapping babysitting for date nights so the kids can spend time together! Fletcher’s new nanny is the absolute sweetest and we are so grateful for her — Fletcher loves spending his days with Nanny Katy as well!


Many walks to the park on these gorgeous summer-y evenings we’ve been having! Also, Fletcher has attended a friend’s grad party, random errands like Home Depot, the Arboretum with daddy and grandma, and a funeral for a family friend.