September 2019 Goals

Woohoo for September! According to the blog, it seems like I’ve been slacking on goals but in all reality, I’ve been accomplishing a lot, just not documenting it! I did a quick look back to see when the last time I touched on my goals and it was June — let’s recap those quickly before breezing through my new goals for this brand new month.

June 2019 Goals:
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  1. Order Updated Pictures of Fletcher
    Didn’t get around to ordering photos yet, but I made a ton of progress in organizing ALL of Fletchers photos from birth until now. I can do a post on photo organization if you guys are interested — I feel like I have a solid process down now (almost 8 months later, ha ha).

  2. Update Fletcher’s Baby Book
    Still need to work on this — I’m going to make this one of my goals for this month.

  3. Work Out Five Days Per Week
    Done! I’ve been doing three days of strength training and then walking (with Fletcher in the stroller) as much as possible — we have been taking advantage of this gorgeous weather.

  4. Weekly Manicures
    This only happened three times or so throughout the summer. Our summer was so crazy — I’ll touch on this more in an upcoming post … still recovering from it! ;)

  5. Update My Library Request List
    Done! I’ve been back in my reading groove and will have an updated book review post this month as well!

September 2019 Goals:

  1. Really Solidify our Routines
    Now that we have Fletcher’s nap + bedtime routines down, I’d really like to work on setting up routines for our days / weeks. For example, hitting the gym, meal prep, cleaning schedule, etc.

  2. Start a New Tradition of a Fall Baking Day
    My sister and I talked about doing this with the kids sometime early this fall before her sweet little baby arrives in early November! We’re hoping to make all kinds of treats like Chex Mix, cookies, and of course our favorite pumpkin bread!

  3. New Makeup
    I want to switch my makeup products this month — my dermatologist gave me some suggestions so I’m hoping to try those out.

  4. Update Fletcher’s Baby Book
    I want to get all caught up on this, stat!

  5. Participate in Our Favorite Fall Activities
    I have a post prepped for Thursday that covers our fall bucket list and I want to prioritize doing these activities this year especially since our fall weather last year was a bust — it was SO rainy the whole month of September! We hit the first apple orchard of the season yesterday and tonight I’m looking forward to one of my favorite fall traditions — watching You’ve Got Mail! I always watch this movie at the start of the season as a “kick off” to fall. ;)

What’s something you’d like to accomplish this month?
Favorite thing about September?