Yesterday morning we closed on our first home!


We are so excited to make this house a home filled with lots of memories! We first met our realtors back in November to talk about the home-buying process and fill them in on what we were looking for. We talked about areas we wanted to live in (near my sister, close to work, etc.), types of houses we liked and didn't like, our budget, and how long we planned to live in our first home. We also talked about building vs buying existing since we both prefer new construction.

They set us up with a custom home search to get us started -- we started receiving emails whenever a new home popped up in our budget, preferred location, style of home, etc. 

After the holidays, we met with a loan officer to talk about the financial part of purchasing a home. We filled out some paperwork and within a day or so, he sent over our approval letter. With this approval, we were able to officially start our house-hunting process! 


We looked at a few homes on a freezing cold Saturday morning in January. One of them was a vacant home that had recently been built in a new development -- it had a great layout, but the construction didn't look like the best quality.


Afterwards, we looked at another home just a few minutes away in an existing neighborhood. This particular home had been sold, but there were two lots available just a couple doors down so we decided to check it out to see if we wanted to build a similar style of home down the street.


We LOVED this house -- it was seriously perfect! We talked about going the building route and met with the builder, toured another home by the same builder, and started planning things out. It was all fun and games until you realize that if you want to build your perfect home, the price goes up really fast. We talked it over again and again, and ultimately we decided that now is not the time to build. 

Back to the drawing board! A couple weeks later we found another house that we really liked, put an offer in and it was accepted that evening! However, after the inspection came back with a few worrisome items, we decided to decline. I was feeling a bit discouraged by this point -- we were so ready to get this show on the road!


We looked and looked, but inventory was super low and prices were really high due to the current market. We met with our realtors in April because I was feeling like we weren't going to find anything after months of fruitless searching. They encouraged us by saying that the right house would pop up at the right time.

It was funny, because just a few weeks later, our house popped up! I immediately texted Andy to tell him to keep an eye on the house that they just posted -- it sounded like a great one but there weren't any photos up yet. He texted me back awhile later to let me know that the photos were up -- I was so excited once I flipped through the album online; this seemed like the house for us! 

We made an appointment to see the house that evening, submitted an offer, and our offer was accepted the following evening! I'll be sure to share more once we move in -- it just feels so good to have a home to call our own! 

Have you purchased a home before?
Favorite thing about where you live?

Life Lately Vol. 2

Okay, so I definitely didn't intend on falling off the earth. Most of my blog posts are written on the weekends and then scheduled for days of the week; however, once the weather switched over to spring / summer, I've been trying to spend more time outside! 

I've missed blogging regularly though, so I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things here! On that note, let's take a look at life lately! 

Memorial Day weekend means the pool at the club opens for the season, and you'd better believe that I'm one of the first ones there every year! Andy hit the pool with me on Memorial Day and I swear we had to jump in every 20 minutes or so because it was that hot outside!


While at Costco last weekend, we came across these gorgeous succulents -- I can't wait until we have a porch / deck to put these on! 


There's been lots of Target runs lately -- the Legos in my basket were for our little nephew, Graham, who just turned four! Speaking of Target, I'm sure I've said this before, but I just don't enjoy it as much as I used to. Most of our groceries come from Costco, but there's always a few things that we need from Target each week because sometimes you just want four bananas, not 14.


We've been going for lots of walks on these nice days -- the photo above was from Memorial Day morning and it was already super hot and muggy out by 8am! I swung by our neighborhood Starbucks to grab my favorite drink to stay cool while I listened to a podcast.


Speaking of walks, one of my favorite areas to stroll through is down by the lake -- it's always so pretty and relaxing! 

I've read SO many books this month and I can't wait to share them with you this week! Be sure to check back if you're a fan of thrillers, because I found some winners this month.

What's your favorite part about summer?
What do you grab on a typical Target run? We almost always pick up bananas, avocados, yogurt, and cereal.

Girls' Day with My Mom

Another beautiful spring weekend is in the books! 


After work on Friday, Andy and I met at the mall to run a few errands before heading home.


We were both starving by the time we arrived, so we grabbed a pretzel to eat while we shopped -- not sure if it was this particular place or what, but I remember these tasting better when I was a kid.


Afterwards, we did our weekly Costco haul -- we were out of a lot of items, so our cart was a lot more full that usual! 

Since we were with Andy's side for Mother's Day, my mom and I spent the day together this past Saturday. We celebrated Mother's Day and her birthday since it always falls during the same week! 


We started out by going to the arboretum -- it was surprisingly really cool on this particular morning but once we started walking around, we warmed up a bit! 

Afterwards, we headed to Wayzata so that I could go to my eye doctor appointment. My eyes have been SO dry this year and after not having success with wearing glasses and using eye drops, my doctor suggested punctal plugs, which are little stoppers that go into your tear ducts to help your eyes retain more moisture. I got fitted for them and then he put temporary ones in until my semi-permanent ones come in.

Since we arrived in Wayzata a little early, we headed to my favorite little French bakery / restaurant to grab a macaron! The ones at Bellecour are seriously the best! 


After my appointment, we headed down the street to Crisp & Green for lunch! I'd been wanting to try this fresh salad spot for awhile now, and this day felt like the perfect opportunity! I went with the "Yacht Club" salad with black beans in place of shrimp and it hit the spot! It had a jalapeno-lime vinaigrette and it was so tasty! My mom ordered the fiesta grain bowl and it looked equally as delicious! I'll definitely be stopping by here again! 

Afterwards, we did a little more shopping and then went our separate ways. I ended up taking a nap when I got home and then finished my recent library book before watching some tv with Andy.

What are your favorite girls' day activities?
Favorite spot for salads?

Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend, we headed up to Andy's parents' new house to celebrate Mother's Day and Andy's sister's birthday! 


The fact that we were also celebrating Jen's birthday was a surprise, so we all got there a little earlier than she did!


On our drive there, we stopped to pick up some fresh flowers and a few things for the party -- this little bouquet smelled so good! 


I also picked up this eyeshadow palette to include in Jen's gift -- these rosy neutrals are so pretty! 


While at Ulta, I also picked up another tube of my favorite concealer -- you guys, this is seriously the BEST! It covers and blends SO well! 


After lunch with the family, we headed down to the lake where Andy, my brother-in-law, and nephew were skipping rocks.


Graham decided to try his hand with bigger rocks -- he had us cracking up!


The following day, I went for a long walk and then started a new book down by the lake -- I ended up finishing it just a few days later and it was SO good!


After reading for a bit, Andy met me down by the lake so we could grab ice cream and walk around together for a bit. We are just loving these spring weekends so much -- the weather is literally perfect right now! 

What did you do for Mother's Day?
Favorite concealer?

Spring Things

This weather that we've been having has been SO refreshing and it's been so encouraging to see flowers starting to bloom!


I've been taking advantage of this new spring season by going for walks during my lunch break -- feels so good to get some fresh air!


It's been so fun to pull out my spring and summer wardrobe after having it in the very back of my closet for the past who knows how many months! I own so many of these sidewalk skirts in different colors -- they're so great for warmer months and still work in cooler months when paired with tights! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 5.27.39 PM.png

Speaking of spring clothes, my friend Gina recommended these pants to me and I am obsessed! So comfy for weekending but also cute enough for work! I also ordered these joggers and am excited to put together a few outfits using them as the base. 


Lately, things have been so busy at work! I'm just wrapping up a collection for one of our main clients and am so excited about how it's turning out!


Last Friday, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous evening and go for a walk before heading to dinner.


We went to our favorite taco place and started off with the chips and dips app. This little trio is probably one of my favorite parts of dining here -- everything is so fresh and delicious! 


I ordered the veggie tacos for my entree -- definitely a favorite!


The next day, I met up with my sister to hit Target before going for a walk at the Arboretum! We split up and I took Becca in my cart while she took Chloe -- it was fun to have a little helper as I picked up a few groceries. 


After my time with the girls, Andy and I made our weekly Costco run. I'm definitely a seasonal eater and now that it's warmer out, I'm craving fresh smoothies! I picked up this huge bag of organic strawberries to make strawberry banana smoothies each morning before work.

I think that brings us up to speed since last week! 

Favorite smoothie ingredients?
Any spring / summer clothing staples you'd recommend?