Fletcher's First Trip to the Library

Yesterday morning, I met my sister and my nieces at the library for the baby story time. I was originally planning on taking Fletcher to the library for the first time this week just to grab some books, but then when my sister told me that there was a special baby story event, we decided to attend that in addition to browsing the kids’ section of the library.


Fletcher dressed up for his first book club meeting and was very enthusiastic about having a special morning out with his cousins!


This was Fletcher’s first time attending anything like this and he LOVED it so much!


I was honestly surprised at how into it and attentive he was!


I was so proud of my little dude!


We sat in a circle with a bunch of other babies and followed along with our own copies of the books while the children’s librarian read them and did actions / sounds to go with them.

My friend Jenna and her adorable two-month old daughter, Lily, were there too — it was such a fun surprise especially since it was her first time attending this event as well.


We read three books and then there were some little games and things before they brought out a tub of toys and all the babies were living their best lives.


Becca and Chloe did the honor of entertaining Fletcher with the toys and he was enjoying it so much!


At one point, I looked down and saw that Becca had reached out and was holding Fletcher’s little hand. So sweet!


After the story time event was done, we headed into the children’s library area to check out a few books and then head out! Fletcher was getting really tired by this point — hence the look on his face, ha ha. He’s holding one of his very favorite toys — his godparents gave him this sweet little rattle toy and he just loves it so much!


Afterwards, we stopped for froyo since we were in the area, hung out for awhile, and then headed home.


We spent a good chunk of the afternoon reading some of the books that we checked out that morning.


It’s so fun to see this little bookworm getting so excited whenever we turn the page! This was the first of many library trips for Fletcher — I can’t wait to bring him again!

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Donuts with Dad

My start date for my new job got pushed out a week so I have been enjoying a few days off with Fletcher! Yesterday, we decided to go visit Andy at work so that we could show Fletcher his office and also introduce him to his coworkers.

We stopped to pick up donuts for everyone on the way there — Fletcher loved looking all around the grocery store as we walked through the aisles and then had the cutest smile on his face when we put the boxes of donuts in the backseat with him.


Once we arrived, we headed inside to meet the team! A flock of people instantly crowded around Fletcher ooing and awing at him and he was LOVING the attention!


It was the cutest thing to see him take everything in.


Sitting at dad’s desk like a big kid!


Fletcher loved checking out the toy that dad had on his desk!

We had so much fun visiting Andy at work and hope to visit again sometime soon!

Fletcher James: Four Months

Height + Weight:
He’s been packing on the pounds lately and clocking in at 12lb 4oz at his 4-month appointment early in May. I believe he was around 25 inches tall, too.


Clothes + Diapers:
Fletcher is wearing some 0-3 months (mainly anything from Target — I’ve found that theire Cat & Jack brand runs a full size larger than what the label states). Everything else he wears is typically 3 months or 3-6 months. He’s long and lean just like his daddy, so he tends to run out of room in the length before things get too tight width-wise! I really want to find him a pair of swim trunks but I think I’ll wait until we get his little pool to purchase those since I’m not sure what size he’ll be in come July.

As far as diapers go, he is still in size 1 but we are thinking of bumping him up to size 2 once we run out of those. We also switched to the Costco brand of diapers and surprisingly like them SO much better than the Pampers Swaddlers that we were using. Way less leaks and blowouts!


He’s been a little spotty with naps mainly due to teething. Some days he takes awesome naps, other days he won’t nap except for a few catnaps here and there but then will sleep all evening. I foresee this pattern continuing for awhile since his pediatrician said his top teeth look like they’ll be joining the party soon.


We’re still on the same schedule, but still let Fletcher let us know what he’s ready for next (we don’t force feedings at certain times and aren’t super strict about naps at this point in time, either). We’ve also started doing a lot more with Fletcher now that it’s finally nice out and he’s a little older. He typically runs errands and attends more events with us — which has been really fun to include him in all areas of our life! :)


Books, all toys, trying to steal my food while I’m eating, people watching — especially his cousins and the neighbor kids, trying to sneak peeks of the tv, being outside, going for walks, and playing with his Little People playsets. He pretty much likes everything at this point except for being hungry, overly tired, or in pain from teething.


Fletcher cut another tooth this month and it’s so cute to see two tiny little bottom teeth whenever he flashes his cute little grin! He’s also SO close to rolling from back to tummy — he’s done it once but only because he was laying on the furry rug in his room so he was able to grab the fibers and use those to grip and pull himself over. ;) We’ve also stopped swaddling Fletcher at night because of this.


Special Memories:
We hired a new full-time nanny for a couple of reasons — 1. my sister is PREGNANT with her third and is due in November! We are SO excited to gain another little cousin this fall! 2. The number of hours that we need nanny coverage will be increasing in the next couple weeks (more on this later). We miss having my sister and her girls here with Fletcher but we’ll continue to do cousin outings and swapping babysitting for date nights so the kids can spend time together! Fletcher’s new nanny is the absolute sweetest and we are so grateful for her — Fletcher loves spending his days with Nanny Katy as well!


Many walks to the park on these gorgeous summer-y evenings we’ve been having! Also, Fletcher has attended a friend’s grad party, random errands like Home Depot, the Arboretum with daddy and grandma, and a funeral for a family friend.

Fletcher's First Memorial Day Weekend

It was a gorgeous MDW over here! Today’s a bit of a washout, but the last two days have been nothing but clear blue skies, tons of sunshine, and 70 degrees.


On Friday evening, the clouds and rain cleared off to reveal a beautiful evening so we ate dinner outside on the deck and then Andy put out our new American flag that he purchased on the way home from work.


We made mini pizzas out of these little gems that I picked up from Costco the other night and paired them with salad and watermelon. Side note, the above photo of my trunk was the result of going shopping while super hungry, ha ha!


We also headed out to the local trail for a walk — it was so refreshing after such a gray, cold, and rainy week!


We love this trail because it feels like you’re out of the cities and really out in nature.


The next morning, I headed out to a local garden center to purchase flowers! This activity, paired with the bright sunshine made my heart so happy. Upon arriving, I chatted with one of the gardeners on site to ask about which flowers would be best for my front porch based on sun / shade cover.

After learning some tips and tricks, I walked around and started adding plants to my cart. While shopping, my auntie called me and she ended up joining me at the garden center! It was so fun to catch up for a bit while looking around at the different types of plants!

While I was plant-shopping, Andy and Fletcher headed to the arboretum with my Mother-in-Law and then went out to lunch. Fletcher had so much fun with Grandma!


Upon arriving home, I immediately started planting. I ended up rearranging the pots a couple times, but am quite pleased with how they turned out.


Now I just need to keep them alive until the end of the summer. :)


Later that afternoon, we went on another walk and this time we stopped for an ice cream cone along the way.


It’s always so fun to see Fletcher’s reaction when we go for walks — he just soaks it all in.


He got another tooth this weekend so he’s been chewing on all the things lately! Poor little buddy!


On Sunday, we spent the morning cleaning up around the house before heading out to run some errands and walk around one of our favorite lakes.


It was Fletcher’s first trip to Home Depot and he slept the whole time! We didn’t really find what we were looking for, so we headed to the lake to walk around.


On the way to run another errands, we decided to swing by Starbucks for a refreshing drink after our walk!


Andy ordered their Strawberry Acai Lemonade and it was SO good — literally the perfect summer drink!


I went with my usual venti iced americano. :)

We stopped at another store to look at their mulch and house numbers selection (we’ve been doing some minor updates to the front of our house since we moved in towards the end of the season last year) but didn’t see anything we loved. I read on the front porch for awhile and then we made dinner before Andy headed out for a bit.

While Andy was out running an errand, Fletcher and I went for a long walk. While Fletcher snoozed in the stroller, I caught up on a podcast.


Fletcher also got a new seat this weekend and it was all fun and game until he tried to climb out of it. He is constantly surprising us because he just seems so much older than his four months! :)

We’re enjoying a lazy day at home today since it’s pouring rain and we go back to work tomorrow!

What did you do for MDW?
Twist, chocolate, or vanilla cone?

Life Lately Vol. 8

Spring is in full-force over here and we have been soaking up every minute of it! I’m doing a life lately post today because I have so many random pictures to share from our last few weeks. Still trying to get back on a regular blogging schedule but between work, Fletcher, hitting the gym, etc. it’s hard to sit down and blog at the end of the day, especially when I’ve been on the computer all day at work.


My sister and I hit some garage sales a few weeks ago, and I found so many great things for Fletcher! Janie & Jack clothes that were new with tags on, Melissa & Doug toy cars, and tons of Fisher Price Little People playsets!


We also scored an awesome playmat for his playroom!


He just loves hanging out up there! He’s also been SO into books and toys lately, so that’s been fun to see him start to “play” and interact with things. He’s also recently found his voice and screeches / talks constantly — especially if we mimic the sounds he makes or read him books.


Allie came to visit us a few weeks ago and it was so fun to have her meet Fletcher! She brought us lots of goodies and we spent the morning / afternoon catching up.


I treated myself to a pedicure the other night to get these toes ready for flip flops, sandals, and wedges now that it’s nice outside!


I recently tried this flavor of kombucha and I think I like it even more than my previous favorite, gingerade! Our local co-op has so many more flavors than the grocery store, so I usually pick up a new one each time I swing in there! They also have a pink lady basil one that sounds amazing — I’ll probably grab that one next time.


Last weekend, Andy, Fletcher, and I headed to a local park to go for a walk. We swung by Starbucks on the way there for a little treat! It had been SO long since I’ve had a frappuccino and I went with the s’mores one!


We walked about 3 miles and really enjoyed this park — it’s one that’s kind of off the beaten trail a bit and really feels like you’re out in the woods rather than in the suburbs!


We’ve also been frequenting the arboretum — Fletcher and I met my auntie there a couple of weeks ago and things were just starting to bloom! We headed back there yesterday and all of the tulips were in their glory and I was living my best life strolling through the gardens with my boys and my favorite cherry almond latte from a local coffee shop!


Fletcher and I went up to Robertson Ranch not too long ago to bring my mom a birthday gift.


He’s always such a trooper on the long car rides — we stopped to pick up some ice cream on the way there and he had so much fun looking around the store as we walked around — it was so funny to see him take it all in!


My parents gave him this little train set and he is obsessed with it! It’s so fun having a little boy that is into all things with wheels and sounds!

We’ve started collecting these Little People playsets for him and he loves looking at them and watching us act out stories with the people!

Alright, Fletcher just woke up from his nap so I’m going to go feed him before we head out for a walk!