Mother's Day Weekend

Last weekend, we headed up to Andy's parents' new house to celebrate Mother's Day and Andy's sister's birthday! 


The fact that we were also celebrating Jen's birthday was a surprise, so we all got there a little earlier than she did!


On our drive there, we stopped to pick up some fresh flowers and a few things for the party -- this little bouquet smelled so good! 


I also picked up this eyeshadow palette to include in Jen's gift -- these rosy neutrals are so pretty! 


While at Ulta, I also picked up another tube of my favorite concealer -- you guys, this is seriously the BEST! It covers and blends SO well! 


After lunch with the family, we headed down to the lake where Andy, my brother-in-law, and nephew were skipping rocks.


Graham decided to try his hand with bigger rocks -- he had us cracking up!


The following day, I went for a long walk and then started a new book down by the lake -- I ended up finishing it just a few days later and it was SO good!


After reading for a bit, Andy met me down by the lake so we could grab ice cream and walk around together for a bit. We are just loving these spring weekends so much -- the weather is literally perfect right now! 

What did you do for Mother's Day?
Favorite concealer?

Spring Things

This weather that we've been having has been SO refreshing and it's been so encouraging to see flowers starting to bloom!


I've been taking advantage of this new spring season by going for walks during my lunch break -- feels so good to get some fresh air!


It's been so fun to pull out my spring and summer wardrobe after having it in the very back of my closet for the past who knows how many months! I own so many of these sidewalk skirts in different colors -- they're so great for warmer months and still work in cooler months when paired with tights! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 5.27.39 PM.png

Speaking of spring clothes, my friend Gina recommended these pants to me and I am obsessed! So comfy for weekending but also cute enough for work! I also ordered these joggers and am excited to put together a few outfits using them as the base. 


Lately, things have been so busy at work! I'm just wrapping up a collection for one of our main clients and am so excited about how it's turning out!


Last Friday, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous evening and go for a walk before heading to dinner.


We went to our favorite taco place and started off with the chips and dips app. This little trio is probably one of my favorite parts of dining here -- everything is so fresh and delicious! 


I ordered the veggie tacos for my entree -- definitely a favorite!


The next day, I met up with my sister to hit Target before going for a walk at the Arboretum! We split up and I took Becca in my cart while she took Chloe -- it was fun to have a little helper as I picked up a few groceries. 


After my time with the girls, Andy and I made our weekly Costco run. I'm definitely a seasonal eater and now that it's warmer out, I'm craving fresh smoothies! I picked up this huge bag of organic strawberries to make strawberry banana smoothies each morning before work.

I think that brings us up to speed since last week! 

Favorite smoothie ingredients?
Any spring / summer clothing staples you'd recommend?

The End of a Week

Sorry to disappear all last week -- there was a lot going on! This past weekend was filled with so many great things and it was just what I needed! 


On Friday evening, we had a random little HH meeting at work with our creative team before going our separate ways for the weekend. Upon arriving home, Andy suggested renting The Commuter from Redbox, so we swung by our neighborhood grocery store to grab dinner and then picked up the movie. I hit the salad bar and then got a piece of salmon from the deli for a little protein! 


The Redbox that we went to was inside of McDonald's so of course I had to grab a cone for the drive home! Also, I'm so excited for this new season so my dry and chapped hands can finally get some relief! Our winters are hard on the body! 

The next morning, I headed out bright and early to help my aunt and uncle pack up my uncle's office since he is retiring. We carried so many full boxes down two staircases out to the dumpster and it was such a good workout! It was fun to catch up with my aunt during the process as well!


Afterwards, she took me to lunch and then I swung by the grocery store on the way home.


I was starving by the time I left the store, so I broke into the box of popsicles on the drive back to our house.


After unloading all of the groceries, Andy and I walked to return the movie from the previous night, and then met our realtors at a coffee shop. We're still house hunting and wanted to meet with them to ask a few questions and get their take on a few things. It was super helpful (they are the BEST!) and we walked away feeling a bit better about the whole process. 

Later that evening, we ate dinner and I caught up on Grey's while Andy worked on a project. I fell asleep reading my book -- all that moving and sunshine wore me out! 


Sunday was super warm and sunny, so I took advantage and went on a long walk while listening to a podcast. On my way home, I texted Andy to see if he wanted to meet me at our favorite little ice cream shop -- 15 minutes later, we were enjoying cones by the lake. I didn't realize that the flavor I chose was a chocolate-based one, but it was still pretty good! It had sea salt, health, and caramel in it! 


It was so strange to see the lake half frozen and half open-water! Such a weird spring we've been having this year! 

What was the best part of your weekend? 
Favorite spot to get ice cream?

Snowed In

Remember last week when I mentioned that it feels like it's been winter forever? This past weekend was no exception with a 3-day blizzard!


We've definitely had snow in April (and flurries in May!) before, but nothing like this! As of Sunday afternoon, we had almost 14 inches of snow and it was still falling at a steady rate!


The winter mix started on Friday -- first it was rain, then sleet, then hail, and finally snow! Since it was cold and icky out, a few of us ordered lunch and it hit the spot! Agra Culture is one of my favorite salad spots! 


After work, I headed home to meet Andy and we decided to brave the storm to hit the Apple store to purchase an iPad. Immediately upon arriving, we ran into Alyssa -- one of my favorite former coworkers from Life Time! We chatted for a few minutes and then tried out a few iPads.


After purchasing our iPad and an Apple Pencil, we decided to stop for dinner since we were starving by this point. I ordered a black bean veggie burger with waffle fries -- it's been awhile since I'd had something like that and it was so good! 


The storm's intensity was increasing by the time that we left -- the wind was SO crazy! 


By the next morning, there was a ton of snow on the ground and it was still coming down really hard. Purchasing the iPad the evening before ended up being a great decision because it gave me plenty of time to play around with it. I breezed through my new eBook from the library in no time at all and then downloaded another one to enjoy.


After reading for the majority of the day, I started playing around with some lettering using the Apple Pencil.


I found a few lettering worksheets to practice on top of, and then started playing around with some freehand lettering.

Sunday was basically a repeat of Saturday -- more reading, more lettering, etc. Cabin fever started to kick in around Saturday evening for me, but looking ahead on the weather forecast is giving me a little hope -- we should be in the upper 50s next week!

We need to get a case for our iPad -- if you have one that you'd recommend, please share below!
Are you still getting snow?

A Shopping-Filled Weekend

After work on Friday evening, we headed out for a date night at the Mall of America. I was so bummed to find out that J.Crew had closed -- my friend Mandy had told me that it was closing soon, but I didn't know that it would be this quickly! 


While we were browsing around, we came across the cutest little candy shop and I just had to take a picture of the adorable Easter illustrations that were in the window! Seriously, how cute are these?!


We also saw this mug at Caribou Coffee that I designed -- it was loosely based off of an existing design (by my friend, Melodie!), so I can't take full credit, but it was fun to see something that I had worked on out in the world. 

Saturday was pretty low key -- I caught up on some shows, finished a library book, and then walked down to the library to return it and grab a new book that was on hold. I also started the show called The Resident on Fox -- I'm only an episode and a half in, but so far, so good! 


On Sunday, I headed out to do a little shopping -- I tried on a bunch of things, but wasn't super pumped about anything.


I found a few things like some basic tees at J.Crew (at another mall) and Madewell, but that's about it. Oh well! Also, since it's been a little warmer out, I'm back to my ripped jeans, which has me SO excited for spring weather! These boyfriend fit ones are one of my fave pairs for spring / summer! 


Afterwards, I headed over to The Galleria and found the cutest outfit -- I'm so excited to wear this this popover and this pair of white denim! Also, I was obsessed with the wallpaper in the dressing rooms -- I love a good pattern!


My next stop was Target -- my niece and I had an auntie date planned and I was so excited for it! Andrea dropped her off with me and we hit the art supply and toy aisles of Target for some browsing!


It was so fun to see Becca enjoying her special date -- she had a blast checking out all of the toys.


After looking around for awhile, we headed over to Starbucks for a cake pop before swinging by Barnes & Noble to read a few Easter books.


After dropping Becca off with my sister and the rest of the family, I headed over to the gym for a quick leg workout -- I've really been enjoying my new workouts! 

IMG_8986 (1).jpg

After wrapping up my strength training session, I hopped on the elliptical for a bit so that I could submit our grocery order for the week. We just started using Shipt and it is THE BEST. They shop and deliver all of your groceries and any other items you may need and they text you if the store is out of anything or if there are questions. It's so slick and such a time saver!

Ever used a grocery delivery service? 
What are some things you'd like to add to your wardrobe for spring?