Snowflakes in October

We had an unexpected "snowstorm" this past Friday! They originally forecasted it as 3-5 inches, but we ended up having consistent flurries throughout the day without any accumulation due to the ground being too warm. However, it was still really pretty to watch the big, fluffy flakes fall outside of our office windows all day. I was hoping to wake up to a few inches that morning, but we have many snowy months ahead of us so it will come soon enough! 


After work on Friday, it was snowy and cold outside so I opted to swing by Yum Kitchen & Bakery to grab some takeout for our date night at home. As I'm typing this out, I realized we hadn't been to Yum since my birthday last spring -- way overdue! We spent the evening watching last week's episode of The Good Doctor and playing a couple rounds of our favorite card game.


On Saturday, we ran a few errands -- including picking up some much-needed groceries. I've been in a bit of a lunch rut lately so I picked up a few salad kits along with fresh pineapple, and mini organic guac cups to mix things up! 


I saw this book at Costco and am definitely going to add it to my reading list -- I loved their other book and have high hopes for this one as well.


On the way home from Costco, we swung by Target to grab a few things that we didn't want to buy in bulk. I ended up running into an old coworker while I was there and we caught up in the produce department for a good 20 minutes or so! I love random things like that!

On Saturday evening, I decorated a pumpkin for my nieces while watching a movie with Andy -- it felt good to have a relaxing evening at home after a busy day.

2 (1).jpg

Sunday was spent doing a bunch of laundry, and then I babysat my nieces in the afternoon / evening.

3 (1).jpg

We made homemade pizza, played trains, and read books -- I always love my time with them! 

It's going to be another busy week around these parts and tomorrow is already Halloween! 
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What are your favorite pizza toppings? 
What's the earliest you've seen snowflakes?