Fall Fashion

’m linking up with Sarah and Emily today to share some of my favorite fall staples and get some ideas for a few new items to purchase this season.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, fall is my season. I swear, my soul just comes alive once there’s a chill in the air and the leaves start to change colors. Give me crisp jeans, cashmere sweaters, and wool socks all day, every day.

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Puffer Vests
I own way too many of these but I wear each and every one of them every fall, winter, and spring. I love how they make it so easy to mix and match with different shirts and sweaters to create a new look. This brand is my go-to for these vests!


I love a good fall jacket — this is my very favorite one, but a close second is a black trench coat that I purchased in Italy a decade ago.

I really need to do a post dedicated to denim one of these days because I’m a huge believer in quality denim. I’ve bought my share of cheap (both in price and quality) jeans in my early twenties and it just doesn’t pay — they never fit right, stretch out, and show signs of wear so early on. I’d rather more upfront for a pair of denim that is going to fit perfectly and last for many years verses buying cheap jeans over and over again. Wearing jeans that fit correctly not only make you look your best, but you also feel so much better since things aren’t sagging or needing to be adjusted all of the time. I purchase most of my denim from Nordstrom and J. Crew and my favorite brands / styles are this, this, and any of the toothpick styles.


My favorite places to purchase sweaters are J.Crew (let’s be honest, 80% of my clothes come from there), Banana Republic, and Nordstrom. Sweaters are one of my favorite things to wear because they’re comfy, cozy, and plain old EASY! Throw one on with jeans and a statement necklace and you’re not only warm, but also feeling cute!

Definitely my go-to shoes come fall! I love the TOMs brand — especially these little cuties.

These socks are my favorites to layer over leggings / pants on a chilly day at home or to wear under my boots to keep my feet warm on my commutes!

What’s your favorite thing to wear in the fall?
Favorite store to shop?

Short Hair Squad

I've been back to the short bob for almost 6 months now and am still obsessed with this sassy 'do! Since my hair is so thick and fine-textured, it takes a little help to get it to style how I'd like it to. The items below are what make the magic happen! 

As far as styling tools go, I use this hairdryer and I've been a huge fan of this flatiron -- I purchased it back in 2013 and it's still going strong! I don't really use curling irons / wands anymore now that my hair is short -- if I have waves or curls, it's done using my flatiron.


1. Nutritive Nectar Thermique // Kérastase
My stylist recommended this product to me -- especially since I use heat on my hair every morning (hairdryer and flatiron). After combing through my freshly washed hair, I rub a dime-sized amount of this product throughout my hair.

2. Sea Salt Spray // Not Your Mother's
Next, I spray this sea salt spray all over my hair to give it a little texture.

3. Root Pump Plus // Big Sexy Hair
This is my favorite mousse of all time -- I just work a generous dollop of it into the roots of my hair before drying it.

4. Texturizing Dry Shampoo // Not Your Mother's
After drying my hair, I'll flat iron it to get it styled how I want -- then I add this texturizing dry shampoo to my roots to give it a little more volume / texture.

5. brilliant™ Humectant Pomade // Aveda
In the winter, my hair gets staticky, so just a dot of this pomade on my palms does wonders for taming the fly-aways. This product is also a dream in the summer if you live in a humid climate.

6. Spray & Play™ // Big Sexy Hair
This hairspray is perfect for spraying everything down because it holds things in place but still allows movement so your hair doesn't look stiff.

7. Spray & Stay™ // Big Sexy Hair
I use this stronger hold hairspray for teasing sections of my hair or if I need to hold a partial updo in place.

What are your favorite hair products?
How often do you wash your hair? 

My Personal Style

My personal style is definitely one that has evolved over the years and it wasn't until a year or two ago that I feel like I've defined my personal style. I remember as a kid, I went through a phase where I refused to wear jeans and only wore stirrup leggings. Remember those?! 


I feel like my style is classic with a hint of preppy thrown in there. I tend to stick to this and really don't purchase anything that is considered a "trend." For example, the ever-popular cold shoulder sweaters are just really not my thing!


I view my wardrobe as an investment, and would rather spend $200 on a perfect-fitting pair of jeans than to purchase 10 shirts for that same price that will only last a season or two.

A year ago, I started dressing intentionally each day and it changed my life for the better; if you're interested in reading more about that, start with this post.


I'd say that the vast majority of my clothes come from the following retailers mainly due to sizing / style:

J.Crew (my all-time favorite)
Banana Republic 

If I wear a pattern, it's almost always gingham or stripes. I tend to stick to neutrals with a "pop" of color somewhere in my outfit -- where it be a pair of earrings, a bright vest, etc. Most of my wardrobe is gray, white, pink, and mint. I never feel comfortable in super feminine details (lace, too many ruffles, etc.) so I tend to avoid those types of items.


I love layers -- especially when it involves a gingham button down under a classic crew-neck sweater. Fall / winter are my favorite seasons not only for the changing leaves and multiple feet of snow, but also for the clothing options that the cooler weather brings.


Some girls are obsessed with shoes and handbags -- for me, it's jackets. Denim, leather, military, and the most perfect J.Crew Field Jacket -- I love them all.


Like jackets, sweaters are another closet staple of mine. I own way too many of these ones, also love this one, and just ordered this one and this one last week. I prefer crew-neck sweaters to v-neck and will wear a cardigan on a rare occasion; I tend to stick to pullover sweaters most days.

In the summer, I love wearing a basic tee, statement necklace, and skinny jeans. This outfit is so easy to dress up with wedges and earrings for work, or dress down with casual sneakers or slip ons for running errands. These are my favorite tees ever.


I'm such a stickler for quality denim! There are three brands that I tend to stick to when it comes to denim: AG, J.Crew, and Elliot / Current. I almost always opt for a skinny jean, but once in awhile will wear a boyfriend fit or flared jean depending on the outfit. Favorite jeans that are on heavy rotation over here:

Elliot / The Current in "Stagecoach" -- the perfect skinny jeans to be worn with tall boots!
J.Crew Toothpick jeans in Bryson wash and Lyric wash -- great everyday denim
AG Ex-Boyfriend Slim Distressed Jeans -- these are a favorite for summer

I wear jeans probably 6 out of the 7 days of the week -- I'm just a jeans girl! I always view my denim (and other investment clothing items) through a "cost per wear" lens. Rather than seeing how I'm dropping $150 on a pair of jeans, I estimate how often I'll wear them -- if I wear them 2-3 times per week for a few years, the cost per wear is actually cheaper than than a trendy top that I bought for $45 and only wore once before donating it.

I love J.Crew's black toothpick jeans, and their Minnie pant which is sadly no longer available. I believe the Martie pant is its replacement; however, I have yet to give those ones a whirl. On the Minnie / Martie pant, I really love the side zipper since it keeps a very smooth look from the front. Other favorites are distressed white jeans, and colored skinnies (sage green -- shown below -- is one of my favorite neutral pairs).

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 9.21.26 PM.png

These puffer vests are a must for cold Minnesota winters! I have them in gray, black, navy, and bright pink. I'll wear these to work, as another layer instead of a jacket during in-between seasons, and with athletic wear as I'm running to and from the gym.

I rarely ever wear leggings other than to the gym, and when I do, they are almost always Lululemon, Athleta, or Nike. These are my favorite athletic crops -- they're so lightweight and comfortable! I own them in a few colors, but the pelt color (formally called "black cherry") is probably my favorite! 


A few notes on my style
I'm not a huge scarf person -- I always feel so claustrophobic in them for some reason. I also prefer my clothes to be fitted because I always feel frumpy or like I'm drowning in my shirts if I wear them slightly oversized. I gravitate towards items that can easily be mixed and matched -- tops, jackets, vests, etc. make it easy to make new outfit combinations without needing to purchase anything new.

These days, I lean more towards a capsule wardrobe approach to my clothing -- I take inventory of my closet every 4 months or so -- selling / donating anything that I don't find myself wearing regularly. I prefer to keep my closet and dresser drawers neat / tidy -- making it easy to see all of my options each day.

How would you define your style?
What's your go-to outfit?

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We're coming off of another busy weekend and it was such a great one! I'm typing this post up on Sunday and I've got my essential oils diffusing, playing The Nutcracker soundtrack, and best of all -- our Christmas tree is illuminating the room! We always put our tree up crazy early and it brings me so much joy! 


Backing up to Friday afternoon, I was chatting with my boss in the kitchen while making my shake and by the time I walked back upstairs to my desk, it looked like a snow globe outside! Big, fluffy flakes were falling steadily and it was so pretty! 


Upon arriving home, we ate a quick dinner before heading out to the mall -- I wanted to pick up some warmer sweaters for work since I'm freezing all day!


We headed to Nordstrom first, and I didn't really see anything that I loved -- except for this gorgeous bag! How pretty is this blush color?!

1 (2).jpg

However, upon arriving home, I remembered that I had tried on this sweater a month or so ago and then wished I had purchased it. I'm going to shop around online a bit more today (Sunday) but will probably be adding this one to my closet soon since it's 100% cashmere and so warm + cozy! 


While at the mall, we also browsed through Athleta and Banana Republic without much luck. I loved the cute tie cuffs on this sweater but felt like it looked too big so I left empty-handed.

I also really liked this sweater (in heather gray) at BR, so I'm planning on placing an online order later this afternoon. I left the mall feeling a little discouraged -- a lot of stores don't carry my size so it can make shopping for clothes really tricky. A lot of times I'll try clothes on in stores to see if it's something I'd like, and then either have them ship the items to my house or I'll just place an online order.

1 (1).jpg

After sweater shopping, we browsed through the rest of the mall for a bit before heading out. I do a lot with hand lettering at work, so I always like to snap pictures of pretty lettering to be used as inspiration for my projects. 

After a quick jaunt through Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma (and a few Christmas gifts later), we headed out to swing by Trader Joe's and the grocery store to grab a few items for my Chex mix making afternoon with my sister and her girls the following afternoon.


On Saturday morning, I headed over to my friend Jen's house for small group! We're still working through this book, and while it's been good -- it's not my favorite. I've found that I have a hard time relating to one of the girls so the chapters that she writes are hard to plow through.


Afterwards, I drove over to my sister's house for an afternoon of making homemade Chex mix and muddy buddies! I had picked up the ingredients earlier in the week when I stopped at Target on the way into work. Speaking of which, shopping at Target at 8am on a weekday is the best thing ever -- the shelves are stocked and the store is totally empty! 


We use the same recipe each year (the photo above is the mix pre-baking) and it's our favorite! 

  • 3 cups of Rice Chex
  • 3 cups of Corn Chex
  • 3 cups of Wheat Chex
  • 3 cups of Kix cereal
  • 3 cups of Cheerios
  • 3 cups of holiday-shaped pretzels
  • 2 cups of Trader Joe's Blister Peanuts
  • 12 TBSP butter, melted
  • 2 Chex brand seasoning packets (you can usually find these for free in the cereal / holiday area of your local grocery store)

Preheat the oven to 250 degrees; mix all of the cereal / pretzel / peanut ingredients above in a large mixing bowl. Melt the butter and stir in the seasoning packets. Slowly pour the mixture over all of the dry ingredients -- stirring to coat. Spread on ungreased cookie sheets and bake for an hour -- stirring every 15 minutes.

We made two huge batches and I'm so excited to snack on this throughout the week -- we always make this snack mix each year before Thanksgiving! 


My sister had the brilliant idea to make muddy buddies with the remaining Chex cereal -- I hadn't had this is forever! Such a simple and delicious treat! While the Chex mix was baking, we listened to Christmas music, enjoyed a glass of red champagne, and played with the girls -- such a great afternoon! 


 I hit the gym on the way home from Andrea's, and once I arrived home, we set up our Christmas tree! We had picked up a few Christmas gifts for our nieces the night before, so I wrapped those as well. I just love this time of year! Also, if you haven't tried this peppermint bark from Williams-Sonoma, you are missing out! It's the best!

The rest of the evening was spent watching Home Alone after we put up the tree, which is one of our favorite traditions! 

PS I'm linking up with Biana today.

When do you typically start decorating for the holidays?
Favorite holiday food?

Fall Fashion Finds

This past Friday, I woke up and did some work on the computer before heading off to the gym for a quick workout -- after working out outside for the majority of the summer, I'm trying to transition back to indoor workouts.

Afterwards, I showered at the gym and then headed home to make a shake, style my hair, and apply makeup before heading out again. I needed to run a couple of errands, and wanted to pop into J.Crew Mercantile since I saw this cute shirt online earlier that morning. 


They didn't have my size, so I tried on an XS and am grabbing the extra fabric in the back. I think it'd be cute layered under a sweater, jacket, or vest, but I wasn't sure if I loved the material (it was really thin), so back on the shelf it went.

While I was there, I browsed around for a bit; they had the cutest items in their fall collection -- so many cozy sweaters, cute jackets, and tops! 


Normally, I'm not a ruffles kind of girl, but I thought this sweater would be so perfect with a pretty statement necklace and flats. I also loved the striped version of this shirt! 


This sweater was super cozy and I love the slits on the sides! 


I loved the bell sleeves on this striped top -- this would be so fun to wear to a HH with girlfriends or on a date night out.


Lastly, I came across my favorite field jacket (I own the military green version) in this pretty wine color! This will definitely be going on my wishlist once they add it online! This would be so cute with a navy striped tee underneath! 

In the photos above, I'm wearing these jeans, this basic tee, and these earrings (that match EVERYTHING).

What's one thing that's on your wishlist for fall?
What are your cold weather staples?
Jackets and vests are mine!