Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, and it was one that I'll treasure for many years to come. I woke up to a vase of flowers and a few gift from Andy, including these pretties!

I headed into work for a bit so that I could wrap up a few concepts for a presentation and then do a conference call with our client.


Just before I left for a lunch date with my mom, my creative team gave me a birthday card and a box filled with new bottles to add to my Essie collection! They also gifted me with this top coat, and I'm so excited to try it out -- the name of it is just so fun and clever!


Upon leaving work, I headed to the Mall of America to meet my mom at FireLake, one of my favorite restaurants. We both ordered the puffed wild rice salad (this is my favorite!), and a cup of their veggie soup. Both were so delicious and we especially enjoyed the soup -- it surprisingly had fresh ginger in it, which sounds a little out there, but it seriously made the soup! Would highly recommend it!


After lunch, walked around the mall for a bit before grabbing a coffee from Starbucks -- I had a birthday reward to redeem and went with my usual order while my mom went with a chai tea latte. 


We shopped around for a bit and I saw these adorable pajama pants at Nordstrom -- I may go back and get them because they were so cute, my favorite color, and my favorite print. Also, I got to wear my new shirt and I'm obsessed with it for spring! 


Just as we were about to leave the mall, we made a quick pitstop for some gelato -- we split a small cup of the key lime pie and wedding cake flavors and it hit the spot! 


I haven't seen my mom since my cousin's birthday party last month, so it was fun to catch up. Before we parted ways, I swung by her car to open a few birthday gifts -- she got me an adorable little succulent plant, a bottle of my favorite wine, and some candy. 


She also made me a batch of her famous homemade granola and I'm SO excited for this! This special treat was always a favorite in our house.


Upon arriving home, I worked on this blog post for a bit before Andy arrived home from work and we headed out for dinner.


I had been looking forward to this salmon dinner all day and it did not disappoint! 


We ended the evening with some Bailey's chocolate cake -- such a sweet finish to a great birthday! 

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Running Around The Town

Whew! We ended up being busy the past few days despite going into the weekend without anything on the agenda! It felt like were were running all over town but it was a good one!


We headed out to the Mall of America on Friday evening just to browse around since it was cold outside! There were snow flurries and you'd better believe we were listening to the Holiday station on Sirius radio! 


We grabbed a quick dinner before walking around and doing some window shopping. Freshii for me, Burger Burger for Andy! We strolled through Papersource for a bit so I could take a look at some of the holiday trends to use as project inspiration at work.


How pretty are these holiday papers?!


We made a quick pit stop for some chocolates along the way -- I'm super excited to try the gingerbread one that we got! 


I also love checking out DAVIDsTEA for project inspiration as well -- they always have the best packaging designs full of cute illustrated patterns! 

Speaking of tea, we also picked up a tea from Teavana before heading home -- their white chocolate peppermint flavor is so good! 


Saturday was spent cleaning, working on Christmas cards, and getting a bunch of things done around the house. A friend and I were talking about the old movie, Secrets in the Attic, at work a few weeks ago so I decided it to watch it that evening when Andy was out. It was so much creepier than I remember! 


On Sunday morning, I headed out bright and early to grab a few groceries and pick up a few Christmas gifts! It's been awhile since I've had time to really browse Target and after walking around and sipping my Starbucks, I must say I don't really enjoy it as much as I used to? Kind of weird, but oh well! I left with everything on my list and then headed over to Costco.

1 (1).jpg

Costco was a total madhouse due to the Vikings game being on at noon that day -- I tried to get in and out of there as fast as possible. Then I swung by the house to drop off the grocery haul before heading over to Life Time to meet my friend Jen for a cardio session. 


Later that afternoon, I wrapped Christmas gifts and it feels SO GOOD to be 100% done with my shopping! I have a few online orders arriving this week and then everything will be wrapped and under the tree! Thank goodness for Nordstrom making it super easy to cross off a bunch of people in one order!

The rest of the day was spend doing laundry, prepping some blog posts, meal prepping, and relaxing before kicking off another work week! 

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Our Wedding Ceremony

Six years ago, we got married in the Bigelow Chapel inside of the United Theological Seminary in New Brighton, Minnesota. 


We considered countless other venues such as the Arboretum, the Carlson Towers, and The Landmark Center but ultimately chose this modern chapel because of the gorgeous sunlight that streamed through -- illuminating the space.


I will admit, I did not love wedding planning -- I quickly realized it was just not my thing. My mom chose and arranged all of our flowers based off of our wedding color scheme.


Andy and I designed our wedding invitation suite together and even printed and trimmed them all ourselves! There were some late nights sitting around my in-law's dining room table to get this done! You can see the collection along with our video here.


It meant so much to us to have family and friends surrounding us on our special day.


Our musicians were family friends and they were incredible. I chose to walk down the aisle to "Interlude" by Shane and Shane, but the song wasn't long enough. I chose this song because I wanted something that was pretty, but also different from the typical wedding song. This talented family wrote their own music to extend the song and it was so perfect! 


As music played and guests rolled in, the wedding officially started. Andy walked my grandparents down the aisle to be seated, which was so special to us especially now that my grandma (photo above) and grandpa (below) are no longer with us.


Next, the moms were walked down the aisle to be seated -- Andy's mom is on the left, and my mom is on the right.


Our wedding party followed shortly after! This is Andy's brother Tory, and my sister, Andrea, who served as our best man and matron of honor.


I only have two cousins and it meant so much to me to have them as part of our special day! It's crazy looking back at this photo because they are now almost 16 and almost 19!


After Marissa and Karlie walked down the aisle, I started my entrance.


This moment felt so surreal and is one that I'll treasure forever.


Andy and I met at the front of the chapel and our officiant, Pastor Tom Gilman welcomed everyone.


My aunt is such a rock in my life and it meant so much to us to have her read a few passages of Scripture aloud.


Afterwards, we all sang "In Christ Alone" before Pastor Tom began his message for the afternoon.


To be honest, I don't remember much of what the message was about -- the whole thing felt so surreal and passed by so quickly! Luckily we have it all on video! 


After the message came prayer and the exchanging of vows. Below are our wedding vows:

Laura... I give you my life this day... In the presence of God... and according to His will... I leave my father and mother... and now cleave to you... I will love you as Christ loves the church... giving my life for yours... I will lead and protect you... as we share our life in God... who gave us one another.

Andy... According to the will of God and my desire... I give myself to you... to be your wife... and your friend... and to stand by you... as we share our life together... leaving my father and mother... I now commit myself to you... and love you... and believe in you... from this day forward.


Afterwards, we lit our unity candle together -- which was a little tricky since the lighter didn't work! We eventually got them lit and we all had a good laugh! 


Next came the kiss! We were officially married!


Pastor Tom then presented us Mr. and Mrs. Kaupang! 


We walked down the aisle, hand-in-hand as a married couple! Next it was off to the reception! 

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An Almost Record-Breaking Weekend

It was a hot one this past weekend -- we almost hit record-breaking temps due to highs near 90! Starting today, it looks like we're finally back to the cooler temps and I could not be more excited. I'm working for a bit this morning before meeting my auntie for a lunch date and then heading to a meeting later this afternoon but first wanted to recap our weekend! 

On Friday, I headed out to J.Crew and I'll be sharing my fall fashion finds on Thursday this week so be sure to check back! After the mall, I swung by Trader Joe's to pick up a few items -- including some pumpkin goodies such as my favorite pumpkin butter! This stuff is so good on everything! 


Later that evening, we headed out for our weekly date night -- this time to Mall of America! We decided to hit the mall to walk around since it was so hot outside. 


On the way there, we swung by the Volkswagen dealership to have our new license plates put on our new car. They ran it through the car wash while we were waiting inside, and it felt so good to start the weekend off with a clean car! 


While walking through the mall, I told Andy I needed to stop at Bath & Body Works to smell all of their seasonal candles. 


All of these smelled so good -- especially that cinnamon pretzel one! 


After B&BW, we passed by the Lindt store -- they were passing out pumpkin spice truffles, so of course we had to try one of those! They were good, but I think this flavor is my favorite.


We browsed through the fall collection and sale room at J.Crew (I was at their factory store earlier that day), but left empty-handed. The sale room is definitely hit or miss.


There was also an event going on in the main rotunda to celebrate the launch of Fuller House season 3 -- there were so many bean bags spread out across the floor for shoppers to watch a few episodes. Super random! 


After walking around for a bit, we each grabbed a snack -- I went with my favorite concoction (Birthday Cake Remix) from Coldstone. Not healthy in the least bit, but I enjoy ordering it every once in awhile for a special treat.

We wandered around for a bit more before calling it a night and heading home. It was crazy how hot it was when we left the mall around 9pm -- I told Andy that whenever it's over 85 degrees and humid late at night, it always reminds me of Hawaii! I feel like their temps don't really dip down as far overnight like ours usually do.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty low key -- a few trips to the gym, small group, and dinner at my Grandpa's house. It was hot, so we stayed inside for the majority of the weekend -- here's to hoping that yesterday was the last hot day of the year! 

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Parade of Homes

On Friday night, we headed out for a walk around the lake to take advantage of the gorgeous evening outside!


It was cool, sunny, and a little breezy -- which is perfect weather for walking outside! 


While walking around the lake, we spotted this huge eagle just perched on the corner of a building nearby -- it was so funny to see how many people stopped in their tracks to take pictures of it.


We also grabbed a quick ice cream cone while we were out and about because sometimes a McDonald's cone just hits the spot.


After making our way around the lake, we headed to Costco to grab a few groceries before heading home to eat a late dinner. We ended up tossing this organic chopped vegetable and barley soup in the cart on a whim (I usually buy this soup each week) and it ended up being the best decision! We had some for dinner once we got home that evening and have eaten some for almost every lunch and dinner this weekend as well. It's so good -- especially when paired with some fresh sourdough bread! 


The next day, I was up bright and early for my small group! We took a break over the summer and as of this past Saturday, we are officially back in session. I picked up donuts on the way over to my friend Jen's house and it was so nice to catch up while sipping coffee! We'll dive into our new book the next time that we meet and I'm really looking forward to the discussions that arise from our reading! 


Later that afternoon, we headed out for some Parade of Homes! We've been attending Parade of Homes for so many years and always feel like the fall POH is the best, so we were super excited for it to begin this past weekend! 


It's always so fun taking a peek inside of these gorgeous homes! 


This house was our favorite of the day -- we love the black-trimmed windows on white houses look! 


We always love homes with a light and airy feel to them, and this one did not disappoint! 


Andy and I both really like architecture, so it's always fun to check that out -- along with scoping out interior design ideas for when we purchase our first home! 


This basement in this home was so well-designed -- it didn't have a basement feel to it at all and just felt like another living room! The large windows brought in so much extra light and really made the space work! 


I was obsessed with this hallway! I love the floor and lighted built-in's -- what a fun way to jazz up an ordinary hallway! 


Also, it was super fun to zip around in our new car as we drove from house to house! We are loving this new ride so much! 


After Parade of Homes, we had to run a few errands and also swung by a little festival that was going on in the area -- I was super excited about it, but then realized it was a beer festival, so I soon lost interest. I've never been a fan of beer and am much more of a wine person.

Sunday was the usual shenanigans -- went for a walk, did a bunch of laundry, and relaxed at home. I met up with my aunt later that evening for a coffee date and then spent the rest of the evening watching a movie before calling it a night.

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