Weekending Vol. 2

This past weekend was such a good one!


Lots of family time, little adventures, and relaxation!

On Friday morning, Fletcher and I headed out for some garage sales — it was a cool and beautiful morning, which was perfect for walking around.


We ended up finding so many cute things for our new little niece that will be arriving in November!

I also found two pairs (one for this fall and one for next) of camo pants for Fletcher since his current ones are getting a little small. We ran into a few of our neighbor friends while we were out and about and then after hitting another neighborhood of sales, we headed home so Fletcher could nap.

Later that evening after Fletcher was asleep, Andy and I made some homemade popcorn and watched this movie. It was SO good and kept us on the edge of our seats especially since it was very similar to the show, Prison Break.


The next morning, Andy joined us for more garage sales and we hit the jackpot on fall / winter clothes for Fletcher! Lots of cute long-sleeved tees, button-down shirts, and sweatshirts are washed, folded, and in his dresser all ready for these cooler days that we’ve been having.


Afterwards, we headed home for lunch and then headed back out for Parade of Homes! Fletcher fell asleep in the car on the way there, so we decided to make a pit stop at Starbucks for a coffee date in the parking lot. We sipped our lattes and chatted while Fletcher snoozed in the back seat. I ordered the “Cinderella latte” which is half pumpkin, half white chocolate and it was good, but I think the original PSL is best!


Once he woke up, we headed to some homes in the area!


Fletcher loved looking around at all of the homes and watching the people as always!


We snapped a lot of pics to use as inspiration since we are in the process of decorating our home.

We’ve been talking about painting our banisters white so I snapped this photo for inspiration.


I’ve never really considered shiplap in our home since we lean more contemporary / modern in our decor, but we both really loved this dark statement wall.


Little Gus Gus loved exploring everything!


I loved this little nook for art in the master bath!


We really liked these modern, geometric light fixtures that were in a lot of the homes in the parade.


We loved these modern house numbers and light fixtures, too! Also, we are forever on team black and white — love, love love!

On the way home we did a quick Costco trip and then cleaned the house before relaxing and watching a movie later that evening.


The next day, Andy and Fletcher dressed in their football gear for the game! Andy watched the game but Fletcher took a nap during it. :)


Go Vikings!

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Which football team are you rooting for this season?

Weekending Vol. 1

What a great weekend it has been! I feel like we accomplished a lot in the last couple days, which always feels really nice before starting another busy week!


Andy and I met up for a super quick lunch break on Friday and it was fun to break away from work for a bit to enjoy some froyo from our favorite shop!

After work, we hung out with Fletcher for a bit and then he ended up going to bed earlier than usual due to his recent nap strike. I did a quick workout and then Andy and I had great plans to make homemade popcorn and watch a movie in our loft. However, we both ended up falling asleep ten minutes into it — we were both so exhausted from the week!


On Saturday morning, I headed out to meet a friend for coffee — we met in the neighborhood where we used to live and it was crazy to see how much had changed since we lived there last summer.

Once I got home, I made lunch, hung out with the boys, and folded a ton of laundry. Laundry is one of those chores that always makes me feel super productive once it is done! Ideally, we do a load every other day or so, but this week has been so crazy, so we ended up having three loads worth on Saturday.

I had a pedicure appointment later that afternoon and it was scheduled with my favorite nail tech, which is always a treat. It was fun to catch up with her and it always feels so great to walk out with fresh toes! I went with my usual light pink!


Afterwards, I swung by the co-op for a few things and then picked up Chick-Fil-A for dinner before heading home to see Andy and Fletcher.


Later that evening, we made an ice cream run — Fletcher was eyeing our treats the whole time.


We also swung by HomeGoods, but didn’t find anything that we were looking for — our new office furniture was delivered while I was at my pedicure appointment, so we were searching for a lamp, some plants, and some decor items.


We also made a quick stop at Home Depot so that we could purchase the necessary hardware for hanging some artwork.

While Andy was looking for the parts he needed, Fletcher and I breezed through the outdoor garden center and took pictures of plants that I want to add to our landscaping next year.


The next morning we were up bright and early for the first service at church. Fletcher ended up falling asleep on Andy during the service which was the complete opposite of last week when he was climbing all over us the entire time, ha ha. We ate breakfast at church (they have an awesome spread each week and we both ordered fresh-made waffles with fruit and whipped cream) — it really hit the spot! We ran into a couple of Andy’s friends on our way out, and then headed to Costco to grab our groceries for the week.


Fletcher always loves visiting Costco because there is so much to look at — people, lights, toys, books, etc.


Here’s our haul for the week! The rest of Sunday was spent meal prepping, baking banana bread, cleaning, and working out!

Favorite part of your weekend?
What colors of nail polish do you usually gravitate towards?

Learning to Letter

Whew! It’s been a busy weekend in these parts! I had lunch plans with a friend on Friday but she needed to reschedule for next week so Andy and I ended up meeting up for a quick lunch. Andy’s office recently moved downtown so we are just a few blocks from each other now, which is really convenient!


This pic is actually from the last time we grabbed lunch because I completely forget to snag a pic on Friday! After our little lunch date, it was back to work where I spent the afternoon designing Christmas ornaments while listening to a new podcast. One of my coworkers and I are listening to a lot of the same podcasts so that we can discuss the episodes afterwards — it’s been fun!


Since we ended up leaving around the same time at the end of the day, I walked down to his office so that we could ride home together. There was literally no traffic due to it being a sunny Friday afternoon in the summer; since we were ahead of schedule for arriving at home, we made a quick pitstop for froyo at our favorite place!

Upon arriving home, I quickly threw a bag together and hit the road for something I had been looking forward to for the past few weeks — a brush lettering class with Lauren Ibach! I came across Lauren on Instagram many months ago and loved her beautiful lettering style so when I saw that she was offering a class, I jumped on it!

The class was held at Appleberry’s Attic, a craft studio in Anoka, MN. It was fun to drive through Anoka because Andy lived there for the majority of our dating years — it brought back some good memories! Appleberry’s Attic is run by Jen, a gorgeous lady that loves crafting and connecting women so that they can have a break from their daily duties to recharge and relax! She’s one of those people that instantly makes you feel welcome, loved, and valued — aka the best kind of person! I’d highly recommend checking her studio out if you’re in the area — they offer all kinds of craft classes for people of all ages.


Back to Lauren — her class blew me away! I have a background in handlettering, but it is all self-taught so there are definitely some gaps in my skillset! Her kind spirit, talent, and encouraging personality were so inviting! She answered a million questions for me and also taught me some tricks for lettering on my iPad! It was so fun getting to know her and and the other women at my table — I left feeling so motivated to practice this skill more regularly since it’s something that I love to incorporate into my design and illustration work.


On Saturday morning, we woke up to the BEST thunderstorm — tons of heavy rain, booming thunder, and lightning. It was so cozy inside our house and fun to wake up to a raging storm outside. Once the rain let up a bit, I ran to Target to grab lunch for Fletcher’s godparents, who were coming over later that afternoon to spend some time with him while we snuck out for a date to see the new Lion King movie! I also grabbed this new flavor of kombucha (cherry, coconut + lemongrass) and it was SO good! I also picked up some candy to take to the theatre!


Upon arriving home, I put together a quick little lunch spread for them before they arrived.


We chatted with them for a bit and then said goodbye to Fletcher before we headed out to the theatre! We were a little early so we browsed through Barnes & Noble for a bit. Per usual, I took some pics of books to add to my library request list!


I also came across the cutest little kids books so I snapped a few pics of those to save as inspiration for my illustrations!

Next, we headed to the theatre for the movie! We purchased our tickets ahead of time after experiencing a movie being totally sold out last fall, and it was so slick! All we had to do was scan Andy’s phone and we were on our way. In the lobby of the theatre was a display for the new Downton Abbey movie and it got me SO excited to see this movie with my bestie this September! I kind of want to rewatch the show before the movie since it’s been awhile since I’ve seen it!

IMG_8015 copy.jpg

We LOVED The Lion King so much! The script and music were very aligned to the original cartoon movie (which I totally remember seeing in the theatre with my grandma and my sister when I was about 5 years old!). So, so cute and really well done — I’d highly recommend it!


After the movie, we swung by Hallmark to grab a card for our nephew, snapped a few pics of some unique cards and things, then headed home to kiss our little baby! We played with Fletcher for a bit and then I ended up taking a nap because I was exhausted after battling more sinus stuff all week!


On Sunday morning, Fletcher and I played for a bit while Andy caught up on sleep and then we headed out for a walk through the neighborhood.


It was supposed to be cool outside but it ended up feeling pretty warm by the time we finished our walk. Fletcher was wearing his cute little swim trunks from his friend Colton! :)


After our walk, I organized a few things in the garage while Fletcher watched me with all smiles! The rest of the day was spent cleaning, doing a Costco run, and getting ready for another busy work week!

What was a highlight from your weekend?
Last movie you saw in theatres?

A Date with Fletcher

About a month ago, it worked out that I had four days off between my old job and my new one and it was so fun to spend those days with Fletcher! We spent our time together doing fun activities such as visiting Andy at work and attending Fletcher’s first book club!


On our last day at home together, we headed out for a little shopping date.


First, we shopped for some summer clothes for him since he’s quickly growing out of all of his 3 month clothes, which is what has fit him for the past few months. He was awake while we were shopping, so I held up each item and asked him if he liked it — it was so cute because he smiled each time I did this.


Next, we headed to Barnes & Noble to look at toys and read books in their B&N Jr. section — I had a feeling that he would love this and he did!


He loved looking at the toys — he always gets so excited whenever we show him something new, so I held things up for him and let him hold them as well.

Next, we picked out a few books and sat down in the children’s section to read — this was definitely my little bookworm’s favorite part of the day!


We purchased one of the books as a little souvenir from our special day together and then headed home to meet up with Andy, who was on his way home from work!


We decided to head to IKEA to pick up a few things and we ended up coming home with so many great finds.


Fletcher was all tuckered out from our afternoon adventure so he snoozed in the stroller the entire time!


We purchased an organization system for Fletcher’s closet (I’ll share this on the blog soon), drawer organizers, some bins for organizing underneath the cabinets in our master bathroom, and a few other things!

An On-the-Go Weekend

Whew! It was a busy weekend in the books filled with so many great things! I was all caught up on my work by early afternoon on Friday so I (and the majority of people at work) took advantage of kicking off the weekend a little early!


Since Fletcher was still at home with his nanny, I decided to swing by the gym on the way home for a workout. I’ve been committing to more regular workouts and it feels SO good to move my body — working out is so much more than the physical aspect for me — I just feel so much better, less stressed, and happier when I’m active! I did a shoulders + triceps workout and ended with ten min on the stair mill. Do you want to know what’s longer than a treadmill minute? A stair mill minute because it’s hard to do anything (read, flip to the next song, etc.) without losing your pace / balance.


We had a low-key night at home — it was super hot outside and the gnats are still terrible around our neighborhood so we stayed in and caught up on some shows. Fletcher ended up napping on me which is my absolute favorite — there’s just nothing like holding a sweet, sleeping babe on your chest.


The next morning, we were up bright and early to head out for the day. Since it’s been so hot, this quick breakfast has been on regular rotation over here — organic Greek yogurt + my favorite granola from Costco, and frozen berries.


Once we were all packed up, we hit the road! I whipped up some protein shakes for Andy and I to take on the road — these cups from Costco work SO well because we just toss them when we arrive at work or wherever we are going that day. No more crusty shake / smoothie cups to deal with!


Fletcher was channeling his inner celebrity status by keeping his sunglasses on inside once we arrived at our destination.


Andy’s sister, Jen, invited us over to visit the elderly couple that she cares for — she has been showing them picture updates of Fletcher and they wanted to meet the little guy so we brought him for a visit.


Our time with them was so rewarding — it was so touching to see them so delighted by Fletcher’s visit. Bob said “you made my whole year by bringing this baby to visit us!” Aww!

They also shared that they have been married for 69 years! How cool is that?!


They were so sweet with him and Fletcher loved meeting them (he loves people!) and spending time with them. Fletcher kept touching Barb’s cheek and it was the sweetest thing!


After saying goodbye and promising to visit again soon, we headed over to the mall to shop around for a few things. It was Fletcher’s first trip to a mall and he slept like a little angel the whole time. Andy found some new shorts at Nordstrom, and I picked up these new camo tights and a pair of black crops. My favorite lulu pair are hanging on by a thread so I wanted a new pair of black crops and the camo tights caught my eye on my way into the store.


We also picked up matching 4th of July tees for Fletcher and his cousins so we can start the tradition of taking pics of them in matching shirts.


On our way home, we swung by our favorite froyo place to get a treat — Andy ended up getting a burger down the block instead because we were starving at this point! I never say no to froyo! :)


I hit the gym later that evening for a leg workout and then we had another relaxing night at home.


Fletcher had fun playing with his toys in his crib while I went through some of his dresser drawers to see if anything from the next size up fit him yet. These cute little fox jammies are a little big but it was fun to see him in them!


On Sunday morning, we met Andy’s friend, Adam, at church — it was Fletcher’s first time at church and he did so well! Fletcher and I hung out in the baby room during the music since it was kind of loud for his little ears, but then we joined Andy and Adam for the rest of the service.


We quickly grabbed some lunch after church since we had another errand to run. I wasn’t feeling what Andy ended up choosing, so I ran into Starbucks quick to grab a drink and something to eat. Their spinach + feta wrap was so good — would definitely order this again!


Next up was a stop at CB2 to look around — we ended up ordering some dining chairs and they should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. These six chairs will go around the sides of our table, and then we will get two “statement chairs” for the heads of the table. We’ll eventually swap these side chairs out with something a little nicer, but wanted something more kid-friendly at this point since there will be sticky fingers and spills happening on the regular over the course of the next few years at our house.


Fletcher fell asleep on the way home so I ran into Costco to grab some groceries for the week while Andy and Fletcher stayed in the car.


I was in and out in record time and then we headed home to relax and gear up for another week!

Favorite part of your weekend?