Life Lately Vol. 11

After what felt like the craziest summer we have ever had, it feels really good to be entering this new season of slowing down and embracing new routines and opportunities.


I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we’ve been making some strides towards figuring out what our interior design style is and adding in items that we love as we decorate / furnish the rooms. I had been eyeing snake plants for awhile (I’ve been really into plants lately) and came across some while we were at Home Depot the other weekend. Theirs were on the small size and didn’t look as vibrant as what I had in mind so I decided to hold off on them for now. Well, the following weekend Fletcher and I went to IKEA to purchase a highchair and lo and behold, they had both large and small snake plants so we scooped up two minis and one mama one!

They’re the perfect addition to our home and I love that they not only look edgy and unique, but they also filter the air from toxins — win-win.


Driving home in a crazy rainstorm with three potted plants in the car was a bit of a challenge but we managed with no spills!


Speaking of the IKEA highchair, we love it! It’s very minimalistic and its simple design allows it to fit seamlessly in our dining room without it being a big, bright, eyesore. Fletcher is a big fan of it as well — especially when smoothies are involved!


I’ve been on an acai bowl kick again after picking some more of these frozen organic acai packets from Trader Joe’s! I just toss a packet in the blender with a frozen banana and a splash of apple juice. Once its all whirled up, I top it with strawberries, banana slices, granola, honey, and unsweetened coconut. Once in awhile I’ll add a swirl of peanut butter, too!


It’s been a bit cooler these days so it’s been fun to dress Fletcher in some of the clothes that he doesn’t get to wear very often. These army pants are my absolute favorite! I’m hoping to snag another pair in a larger size for fall and maybe even find a pair of cameo skinnies for me as well! Also, Fletcher has a full head of hair now (most of it fell out in the first few months of his life) and it’s so light! We love styling it into a mini mohawk each morning!


I’ve been loving this new hair serum that I found at TJ’s! It not only smells like a vacation, but it keeps my fine-textured hair from becoming too staticky. Would highly recommend it!

What’s something you’ve been enjoying lately?
Are you ready for fall or on team summer forever?

Life Lately Vol. 10

July was such a busy month for us — it felt like it flew by so quickly, but at the same time, the 4th of July feels like forever ago!


We are still attending Fletcher’s book club on the regular and he is loving it so much!


It’s hard to tell what he enjoys more — the actual storytime / music or just watching the other kids that attend with him. Either way, it is so cute to see him experience this event each time we attend!


Speaking of Fletcher, we started him on a few foods — so far he has had cherries, applesauce, bananas, spinach, and grapes. I picked up some sweet potatoes and avocados for him to try this week as well! So far, he has enjoyed everything!


The other day, BLTs sounded so good so I picked up the ingredients and we made some with turkey bacon for dinner! They hit the spot and although they aren’t really something we think to make often, I think they will be in our regular rotation for the rest of the summer!


Lately, Andy and I have been meeting at Starbucks once a week for a little midday break while we are at work since our offices are so close to one another. It’s a quick break but I swear, getting away from the computer for even just ten minutes helps so much with my creativity and productivity!


My sister and I recently attended the local library book sale, which is where we snag the majority of our kids’ books! You can usually walk out with a big stack for less than $10, which is awesome. This year, we stopped by a local bakery afterwards for a little treat before parting ways.


Last weekend, Andy and I swung by a local coffee shop for a little date after church since Fletcher was contently sleeping in his carseat.


We sat outside and Fletcher snoozed on the porch next to us. Sometimes the most simple and impromptu dates are the very best!


We’ve also enjoyed playing our favorite card game at our dining room table on Friday evenings after dinner — Fletcher always likes to be held while we play and it’s so funny to watch him study and grab the cards in our hands.

What have you been up to lately?

Fletcher's First 4th of July

We’ve never really been big 4th of July people — which I both love and am kinda bummed about at the same time. For one, it’s really nice to just have an extra summer day off but I also wish we had some patriotic traditions to partake in as well.

Here’s a recap of our 4th of July in 2018 and in 2017 (this post makes me miss my long hair!) if you’re interested!


This year, we kept it pretty low-key since Fletcher is still so little but I hope to incorporate some festive activities once he gets a little older so that he remembers Independence Day as one filled with lots of celebration and red, white, and blue!


Earlier in the week, his cousins came over for our first 4th of July photoshoot in matching Old Navy tees! We plan to make this an annual tradition with the cousins!


We’ve gone to the mall on the 4th in years past, so we decided to have Fletcher join us for his first trip to Mall of America.


The verdict? He LOVED it!


He loved the sights, the people, and experiencing things in the shops!


Some of the highlights were the LEGO store, the Disney store, and of course, Barnes & Noble due to the books!


We ran out of time to hit Nickelodeon Universe so we will most definitely be heading back so that he can experience that — we think he would really enjoy walking through the park and seeing all of the rides, characters, and kids.


While we were trying on shoes in Nordstrom, Fletcher added his own little festive flair of fireworks in his stroller! We had already changed him twice due to spitting up so he ended up leaving the mall in a soggy, drool-filled polo and a diaper since we ran out of clothes! Note to self — time to start putting 3+ outfits in his diaper bag when we are heading out for a full day!


All cleaned up and ready to head home!


Speaking of Independence Day, I’ve been enjoying using my lettering skills on our driveway! Here’s a patriotic themed one I did recently!

Do you have any special 4th of July traditions?

A Date with Fletcher

About a month ago, it worked out that I had four days off between my old job and my new one and it was so fun to spend those days with Fletcher! We spent our time together doing fun activities such as visiting Andy at work and attending Fletcher’s first book club!


On our last day at home together, we headed out for a little shopping date.


First, we shopped for some summer clothes for him since he’s quickly growing out of all of his 3 month clothes, which is what has fit him for the past few months. He was awake while we were shopping, so I held up each item and asked him if he liked it — it was so cute because he smiled each time I did this.


Next, we headed to Barnes & Noble to look at toys and read books in their B&N Jr. section — I had a feeling that he would love this and he did!


He loved looking at the toys — he always gets so excited whenever we show him something new, so I held things up for him and let him hold them as well.

Next, we picked out a few books and sat down in the children’s section to read — this was definitely my little bookworm’s favorite part of the day!


We purchased one of the books as a little souvenir from our special day together and then headed home to meet up with Andy, who was on his way home from work!


We decided to head to IKEA to pick up a few things and we ended up coming home with so many great finds.


Fletcher was all tuckered out from our afternoon adventure so he snoozed in the stroller the entire time!


We purchased an organization system for Fletcher’s closet (I’ll share this on the blog soon), drawer organizers, some bins for organizing underneath the cabinets in our master bathroom, and a few other things!

An On-the-Go Weekend

Whew! It was a busy weekend in the books filled with so many great things! I was all caught up on my work by early afternoon on Friday so I (and the majority of people at work) took advantage of kicking off the weekend a little early!


Since Fletcher was still at home with his nanny, I decided to swing by the gym on the way home for a workout. I’ve been committing to more regular workouts and it feels SO good to move my body — working out is so much more than the physical aspect for me — I just feel so much better, less stressed, and happier when I’m active! I did a shoulders + triceps workout and ended with ten min on the stair mill. Do you want to know what’s longer than a treadmill minute? A stair mill minute because it’s hard to do anything (read, flip to the next song, etc.) without losing your pace / balance.


We had a low-key night at home — it was super hot outside and the gnats are still terrible around our neighborhood so we stayed in and caught up on some shows. Fletcher ended up napping on me which is my absolute favorite — there’s just nothing like holding a sweet, sleeping babe on your chest.


The next morning, we were up bright and early to head out for the day. Since it’s been so hot, this quick breakfast has been on regular rotation over here — organic Greek yogurt + my favorite granola from Costco, and frozen berries.


Once we were all packed up, we hit the road! I whipped up some protein shakes for Andy and I to take on the road — these cups from Costco work SO well because we just toss them when we arrive at work or wherever we are going that day. No more crusty shake / smoothie cups to deal with!


Fletcher was channeling his inner celebrity status by keeping his sunglasses on inside once we arrived at our destination.


Andy’s sister, Jen, invited us over to visit the elderly couple that she cares for — she has been showing them picture updates of Fletcher and they wanted to meet the little guy so we brought him for a visit.


Our time with them was so rewarding — it was so touching to see them so delighted by Fletcher’s visit. Bob said “you made my whole year by bringing this baby to visit us!” Aww!

They also shared that they have been married for 69 years! How cool is that?!


They were so sweet with him and Fletcher loved meeting them (he loves people!) and spending time with them. Fletcher kept touching Barb’s cheek and it was the sweetest thing!


After saying goodbye and promising to visit again soon, we headed over to the mall to shop around for a few things. It was Fletcher’s first trip to a mall and he slept like a little angel the whole time. Andy found some new shorts at Nordstrom, and I picked up these new camo tights and a pair of black crops. My favorite lulu pair are hanging on by a thread so I wanted a new pair of black crops and the camo tights caught my eye on my way into the store.


We also picked up matching 4th of July tees for Fletcher and his cousins so we can start the tradition of taking pics of them in matching shirts.


On our way home, we swung by our favorite froyo place to get a treat — Andy ended up getting a burger down the block instead because we were starving at this point! I never say no to froyo! :)


I hit the gym later that evening for a leg workout and then we had another relaxing night at home.


Fletcher had fun playing with his toys in his crib while I went through some of his dresser drawers to see if anything from the next size up fit him yet. These cute little fox jammies are a little big but it was fun to see him in them!


On Sunday morning, we met Andy’s friend, Adam, at church — it was Fletcher’s first time at church and he did so well! Fletcher and I hung out in the baby room during the music since it was kind of loud for his little ears, but then we joined Andy and Adam for the rest of the service.


We quickly grabbed some lunch after church since we had another errand to run. I wasn’t feeling what Andy ended up choosing, so I ran into Starbucks quick to grab a drink and something to eat. Their spinach + feta wrap was so good — would definitely order this again!


Next up was a stop at CB2 to look around — we ended up ordering some dining chairs and they should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. These six chairs will go around the sides of our table, and then we will get two “statement chairs” for the heads of the table. We’ll eventually swap these side chairs out with something a little nicer, but wanted something more kid-friendly at this point since there will be sticky fingers and spills happening on the regular over the course of the next few years at our house.


Fletcher fell asleep on the way home so I ran into Costco to grab some groceries for the week while Andy and Fletcher stayed in the car.


I was in and out in record time and then we headed home to relax and gear up for another week!

Favorite part of your weekend?