Thanksgiving Round One

We had lots of holiday celebrations this past weekend! We headed up to Robertson Ranch on Thanksgiving Day, and enjoyed a dinner at Andy's sister's house on Saturday. 


Backing it up to Wednesday, the work day flew by due to some back-to-back meetings that afternoon. I brought my gratitude journal to work to try to get back in the habit of writing down a short list of things each morning before I start my day. A friend gave me this as a gift a few years ago, but you may find it here.


Before I knew it, it was time to pack up and head over to my sister's house for a Thanksgiving Eve game night! We had pumpkin pie and popcorn while the kids were up, and then dug into a stack of games once they were asleep.


My sister and her husband always have fun new games for us to try -- we loved this Pit game, and Tapple (similar to Scattergories, which is one of my favorite games ever!).


After a few games, they decided to play Catan; I was so tired by this point (I can't hang after 9pm), and so I crashed on their couch while the three of them played the game. They all spoke really highly of it, so I think I need to give it another whirl -- and probably start it earlier than 9pm.


The next day, we headed up to my parent's house, which we refer to as Robertson Ranch since it sits on 21 acres up north.


We helped my mom with a few things and then headed up to the loft to watch the game while the turkey cooked. In the loft, there's a pool table, tv, games, dart board, and a bar.


Andy and I played backgammon while he and some of the other guys watched the Vikings game.


There was Christmas music playing and a roaring fire in their fireplace -- it felt so cozy inside! 


We always joke that my mom's Thanksgiving is like Martha Stewart's and this year's meal did not disappoint! I'm not a huge Thanksgiving foods person, but somehow it's still my favorite holiday! 


After lunch / dinner (we always eat around 2pm), we headed back upstairs to play a few rounds of pool before hanging out on the couches in the living room for a bit.


After awhile, we headed back to the kitchen for dessert and coffee before guests started leaving. I needed to use up a bag of fresh cranberries, so I decided to try out this recipe that I found on Pinterest. They turned out SO well and are definitely going to be a treat that we add to our holiday recipe collection.


After everyone left, we decided to hang around for a bit to watch a Christmas movie downstairs. We also had some of this gingerbread liqueur over crushed ice -- it tastes like Bailey's, but with a seasonal kick! 


We watched Christmas Vacation, which is a favorite of ours! There are so many great quotable lines in that movie! 


We headed out for the long drive home shortly after the movie, and came across some Christmas light displays on the way home! I'm in full-on Christmas mode now that we're just a month out from it! 

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What was your favorite part of Thanksgiving?
Favorite line from
Christmas Vacation?