Favorite Holiday Memories

I'm linking up with Sarah and Victoria for today's blog prompt, and it's a fun one! My mom loves Christmas just as much as I do, so I grew up in house where we went all out for Christmas! Today I'll be sharing some of my favorite childhood Christmas memories -- it was so fun to walk down memory lane! 


First of all, the trees! We always had multiple Christmas trees set up in our house -- one large one, and then lots of medium / small ones throughout the house. My sister and I even had teeny tiny ones on our dressers -- complete with itty bitty ornaments on them! 

We always put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving; my mom would assemble the tree and wrap it with lights while my sister and I pulled ornaments out of the boxes and played with them before helping my mom decorate the tree.

I remember attending The Nutcracker performance many years in a row since my best friend, Kelsey, was in it! 


Going to see Santa at our local mall was always a love-hate situation. I wanted to meet him and tell him what I wanted for Christmas, but I was also painfully shy as a kid. 

We always celebrated Christmas Eve with my dad's side and Christmas Day with my mom's side -- saving Christmas morning for our immediate family. I loved being able to spend Christmas with everyone in just a few short days! 

Each year, we always made homemade Chex mix the week of Thanksgiving. Also, since we were homeschooled, my mom also gave us the week of Thanksgiving off, which was always a special treat! 


The best Christmas gift I ever received was definitely the Playskool Dollhouse -- we walked out of our bedrooms and into the living room that Christmas morning to find it all set up with furniture and the family inside of it. That toy probably got the most use out of anything my parents ever bought for us. Other favorite gifts were Barbies, Legos, Polly Pockets, and art supplies.

Our stockings were also another favorite -- my mom always put foam soap in them, which was always our favorite! I also remember getting stick-on earrings and this perfume too! 

One year, my grandpa gave me these Take Care of Me Twins dolls and they brought hours of enjoyment! I also had a water baby and I LOVED that doll so much! 


We also had these Santa bears that would go under the tree each year -- we always loved playing with them before there were gifts under the tree.

I always remember watching for Santa on our drive home from my Grandpa's house each Christmas Eve.

It was always hard for me to sleep on Christmas Eve because I would be SO excited for the next morning. My mom wrapped all of our gifts in Santa paper and wrote our names on our gifts in cryptic handwriting to keep us  believing longer! 


My mom also played this little elves game with us -- whenever we'd leave to run an errand, she'd hide a piece of candy in these tiny stocking that hung on our closet door handles. She always told us it was Santa's elves leaving us little treats! 

Later on in my childhood, we started going to church, so a candlelight Christmas Eve service became one of our favorite traditions as well.

What are some of your favorite holiday memories?
Best gift you ever received?