Subscriptions + Memberships

There's a few companies that I have invested into via subscriptions and memberships; these are just little things that make my life 1. a little more fun 2. more streamlined. Without further ado, below are my favorite subscriptions and memberships that I'm a part of! 


1. Costco!
This membership saves us SO much money due to their significant savings on bulk items. We switched from Sam's Club to Costco for two reasons: 1. closer in proximity to us, and 2. more organic options. The above photo is when my mentor friend, Jayme, and I, did a Costco run after hot yoga one morning last summer! 

Andy and I typically make a Costco run either every weekend or every other weekend, depending on what we need. I'll do another post on all of our favorite Costco staples, but here's a quick rundown of what we typically purchase each week:

  • Organic Eggs
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Chicken Breasts 
  • Citrus Fruits -- usually oranges or grapefruits
  • Fresh Veggies -- I switch it up, but it usually consists of broccoli, brussels sprouts, or peppers
  • LaCroix Sparkling Water

2. Calm Guided Meditation App!
I love this app so much -- it helps me start my day with more focus, fall asleep faster, and have a peaceful day at work. There are tons of different guided meditations to choose from and they literally have one for every situation you can think of. I used to think meditation was a little kooky, but after giving it a shot, I'm a believer!

Last summer, I was really good at committing to a twice daily practice, but lately it's been a little more stretched out. I'm planning to get back into my groove come April 1st--because I need to start goals on the first of a month otherwise they usually don't stick. 

3. Rocksbox! 
I randomly came across an Instagram post about Rocksbox almost a year and a half ago and was immediately intrigued. Since one of my goals on my vision board was to define my sense of personal style, I felt as though a Rocksbox subscription was the perfect way to test out different styles of jewelry. I signed up that evening and haven't looked back since! I'll do a separate post on how this subscription works, but in the meantime, if you'd like to try it out for one free month, use code: LAURABFF708 at checkout! 

4. Life Time Athletic! 
I've been a member of Life Time for many, many years and to me, it's honestly worth the investment. I may be a bit biased since I also work there, but I love the level of quality, cleanliness, and the resort-like atmosphere at all of their many locations. Life Time isn't just my gym, it's also where I get my hair done, pedicures, massages, personal training, and purchase all of my supplements from! I started out with a Platinum membership many years ago, but was upgraded to LT Athletic when my club was remodeled inside -- LT Athletic clubs are even more elite than the LT Fitness clubs and they're less busy, so it's definitely a win-win situation.

5. Apple Music! 
I used to be a huge Spotify fan, until a friend of mine signed up for Apple Music and convinced me how much better it is! I dropped my Spotify subsciption last summer and haven't looked back since! I love how my work laptop, home laptop, Apple TV, and iPhone are all connected seamlessly with my playlists! 

6. Young Living Essential Oils!
I fought this trend for the longest time, but eventually a few of my coworkers convinced me to jump on the bandwagon. I purchased the starter kit as well as a USB diffuser to use while at my desk in the office. Diffusing oils such as Lavender before bed, Stress Away during the work day, and Lemon while cleaning have definitely made a difference for me! 

7. Starbucks Gold Card!
I've been a Starbucks gold card holder for many years now because my Starbucks obsession is real! I remember one of the very first times that I visited a Starbucks coffee shop. My family and I met up with my auntie Mary for dinner and afterwards, we all went to Starbucks so that the adults could get coffees. I was probably 9 or 10 years old at the time, but I remember that my Aunt purchased a little tin of Starbucks mints for both my sister and I. As time went on, I remember going to Starbucks with my mom for Frappuccino's, and then as I got older, I branched out and started straying from the sugar-loaded drinks and usually stuck to a cafe latte or an iced Tazo Passion tea instead. 

My bestie, Allie, also shares an infatuation for Starbucks, so every time she's back in town, we head to Starbucks for drinks! It's our little tradition, and we've shared so many silly stories, heart to hearts, and countless memories at local Starbucks shops!