Arboretum Adventures

Yesterday morning, I met my Auntie Mary, my sister Andrea, and my two little nieces at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for a walk! There wasn't much in bloom this early in the season, but it was still fun to stroll through the many gardens while catching up with one another.

My little niece, Becca, brings so much joy to my life! Right after I took this picture of her, she said "Lolo sit next to Becca?" She just melts my heart! She's just two years old but she has such a big personality for a little girl! 

She always loves visiting this little playhouse each time we go to the arboretum -- it's just her size! 

This smiling little cutie is Chloe, who will be seven months old next week! Chloe is always in a happy mood and we love her sweet little personality so much! She napped for part of the walk, but later woke up and enjoyed looking around as we walked through the gardens.

After walking throughout the grounds of the arboretum, Andrea and the little girls headed home for naps, while my aunt and I headed to the arboretum cafe to meet my uncle for lunch. They had roasted butternut squash soup on the menu today and I immediately knew that that was what I wanted to order. Nothing like a hot bowl of soup after a chilly walk outside! 

After lunch, my aunt and I headed down the road to the local Starbucks for a coffee date. We tried the new toasted coconut cold brew and I'd have to say it was just okay. I was looking forward to trying this since coconut is my favorite flavor ever, but it tasted a little too sweet for my liking. We chatted girl talk for a couple hours before going our separate ways for the evening.


By the time I arrived back at home, it was after 5pm and I was starving! I grabbed a handful of Easter candy to munch on while quickly assembling a massive salad for dinner. What is it about seasonal candy that makes it so darn delicious?! 

I had high hopes for this salad and it ended up being just okay -- I ran out of dressing as I was pouring it on top, and what good is a salad without adequate dressing, right? 

It was such a pretty evening, so I ended up going for a quick walk down by the lake before heading back inside to tidy up a bit before relaxing and reading for the remainder of the evening. 

Favorite Easter candy?
Favorite salad topping?
Green olives are my favorite!