How I Read Multiple Books Each Month

As far back as I can remember, I've always been a reader. I was one of those kids that was reading well before kindergarten and was usually bored in school. In fact, in first grade, my teacher enlisted me in ELP, an enriched learning program that was for kids that were overqualified for their current grade but didn't want to skip a grade ahead. I loved going to this class each day because it was a more challenging version of what my teacher was teaching in my regular classroom.

You probably would't be surprised to learn that my top strength according to Strengths Finder is Learner! Also, if you haven't read this book and determined your top five strengths, it is worth its weight in gold! 

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All throughout school, I loved reading -- in fact, I'd breeze through the summer reading program at our local library in just a few weeks instead of utilizing the whole summer to read 40 hours (#overachiever). I was also known for checking out the maximum number of books that they'd allow on a child's library account and I would read every single one before returning them a few weeks later.

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Over the years, I've read stacks upon stacks of books and to this day, I typically breeze through at least three books each month. I've often had people tell me they just don't have time to read and I'm always surprised by this answer. I'm a huge believer in having time for the things that you set as a priority, and reading is definitely a priority for me! Below are some ways that I make time for reading even when life gets busy! 

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1. Make Books Available
I always have a book on my iPhone, in my gym or pool bag, on my nightstand, and on our coffee table or end table. By having books around me, I'm much more likely to pick up a book as opposed to finding myself binge watching PLL for the millionth time.

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2. Read Different Genres
I've never really been one to only read one book at once -- I enjoy variety in my reading and am typically working through a few books all at once. Some of my favorite genres are biographies, thrillers / mysteries, self-help books, psychology, and books about French culture.

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3. Don't Force It
If I don't love a book by the time I'm about a third of the way through it, I simply stop reading it. I figure that since I've forced myself through a handful of books I didn't enjoy as part of required reading for school, so now that I'm an adult I only read books that I enjoy. I also feel like my motivation is much lower when I try to make myself read something I'm not interested in -- reading as a hobby should be fun! Don't make it a chore.

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4. Make Idle Time Work for You
I love having a book on my iPhone because it allows me to read whenever I find myself with random pockets of time. For example, rather than scrolling through Instagram for the millionth time while sitting in the waiting room before your dental cleaning, you could power through a chapter or two of your latest book! I also love audiobooks for my commute into work -- it makes me feel more productive than just listening to a bunch of commercials and morning shows on the radio. Read during your lunch break, before bed, or while sitting outside on a beautiful day -- do whatever works best for you!

I'm also one of those crazies that can read while running or walking on the treadmill -- so I definitely make use of that time as well! I go crazy on the treadmill if I don't have something to read, watch, or listen to -- so books definitely help the miles fly by! 

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5. Keep Them Coming
I'd say 90 percent of the books that I read come from the library, which makes always having a new book to read super convenient! I request books from the library almost weekly -- sometimes I'm #53 on a waiting list, but by always requesting books, I have a constant stream of titles becoming available to me. My library system is huge and I'm able to request books online and have them sent to my iPhone as an eBook, otherwise I can have any hard copy or audiobook sent to my local library where I can simply walk in and pick it up off of the holds shelf. 

I also like to browse around through Barnes & Noble, Target, etc. for books whenever I'm out and about. If I see a book I think I might like, I snap a pic of it and then request it from the library. Easy peasy! 

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I've found that the more often I read, the easier it is to make time for reading. When I hit dry spells, it's almost like I forget how much I love to read and it takes me awhile to get back into my groove! 

If you're looking for some recommendations, I review the books I've read each month and you may find all of my past book reviews here. I'll have my August book review up on Thursday of this week so be sure to check back! 

How often do you read?
Do you enjoy reading?